Mutated Tao Chapter 427: North wind


“What? Xinsu Beifeng? Boss Hongzhong, do you have anything to do with him?” an old beggar dressed up like sitting on the road asked in surprise. “Where is Bei Feng now!” Li Huowang’s tone became more serious, and the Zi Sui Sword in his hand was already placed on Zuo Wangdao’s neck.

The pretty daughter-in-law on the side was so dressed up that when she saw this scene, she quickly smoothed things over, “Oh, they are all brothers, what kind of knife are they using? Boss Hongzhong, I know this, Beifeng, they should be in the east of the imperial city now.” I want to go in and see what Emperor Liang is doing, and not only the three bosses from Beifeng, but also the other three Yuan Sixi are basically there.

“East Gate of the Imperial Palace.” Li Huowang clenched the sword in his hand a little tighter, and with a slight flick of his wrist, the beggar’s body separated from his body. Li Huogan looked at the last one, Zuowang Dao, and said again word for word, “Now tell me again, where is Bei Feng now?”

The pretty wife looked at the body lying on the ground, her eyes were wide open, and there were even tears in the corners of her eyes, “Boss Hongzhong, why did you do this, we…we really didn’t want to harm you!

Looking at her pitiful look with tears in her eyes, Li Huowang immediately became angry. He directly lifted her with his kick, and the sharp blade directly opened her face from the chin, revealing the facial features underneath. A twisted flesh orchid,

“Ah! Flower cards, right? Okay! Let’s see what other flowers you can come up with if you sit in Wangdao! I’ll ask you again, where is Bei Feng now!” Li Huogan gritted his teeth and said, holding up his hands. He had already slapped her neck firmly.

“Boss Beifeng and the others are really going to the east gate of the palace, I’m really” Lanhua, who had difficulty breathing, said intermittently.

As the strength of Li Huowang’s hands gradually increased, Lanhua began to struggle, but as she passed the peak, the strength of her struggle became smaller and smaller, but even so, she still did not change her words and beg for mercy.

On the occasion of her death, she gently gave away the orchid head to the back of Li Huowang’s hand that had swollen veins from patting herself. Not only did the twisted face not reveal the fear and despair before her death, , but revealed a trace of reluctant love.

With her last breath, she said silently: “I have wood, and the wood has branches, and my heart is full of joy. You don’t know it.” After saying this, Li Huogan saw this person’s body It became softer, and the orchids on her face gradually withered.

“Huhuhu.” Li Huowang was breathing heavily. Li Sui’s tentacles rolled up the clothes on the corpse next to him and wiped the blood on Li Huowang’s face. “Zi Wangdao was really annoying. You want to make me sick before you die. You pretend to be so real, but my heart is actually shaken!”

After catching his breath, Li Huowang stood up again. He was still dubious about the flower cards, but regardless of whether Bei Feng was at the east gate of the imperial city or not, he still decided to take a look

Now that things are getting more and more chaotic outside, he must hurry up. No matter whether Bei Feng is killed or Bei Feng escapes, it is not what he wants to see. Li Huowang bends down and picks up his face from the ground, and prepares to put it back on his face. on,

But just when he was about to do this, he suddenly stopped, “Wait a minute, wouldn’t it be bad to hit this face with your ears next?” Looking left and right, Li Huowang bent again. Yao picked up the face of the flower card and put it directly on his face like a facial mask. Then he took out some nails from the torture tool bag and nailed the edges. Nuanjian Li Huowang’s appearance completely changed into a different person. …

Since he was going to act, of course he had to perform a full set. Li Huowang quickly burned the red Taoist robe on his body and put on the clothes of the dead person next to him. Li Huowang, who had completely changed his appearance, pushed open the wooden door on the wall while carrying six swords collected from other corpses.

After simply identifying the direction, Li Huowang jumped directly on the ownerless horse on the street and rushed towards the entrance of the Imperial City. “Imperial City… Since it is where the Emperor of Daliang lives, it should be the most strict place in Daliang. Right.

On the way, in order to confirm whether the news was correct, Li Huowang also deliberately caught two other people sitting in Wangdao, but one of them did not say anything, and the other also said they were at the north gate of the palace. Just when he was about to arrive at the imperial city, Li Huowang He jumped directly onto a roof and looked towards the east gate from a distance. It seemed that there was already a fight over there. In the white snow, from time to time, someone would be knocked out of the air and fall.

Li Huowang crawled and approached slowly. Although the abilities and appearances of the people he fought were all strange, it was obvious that the people inside the palace were the imperial guards, while the people outside were Zuo Wangdao.

These Zuowangdao look different and are dressed up in different ways. It is also difficult to guess who is who. It is also difficult to tell whether the Xinsu Beifeng is among them. Zuowangdao is trying to sit cross-legged on the ground and chant. They were looking for something, but an extremely accurate bow and arrow was nailed directly to their foreheads. Facing the anxious situation in the distance, Li Huowang was not busy anywhere, and silently started searching in Zuowangdao

“Is this a lowly person? No, no.” Li Huoshi remembered the information he had received from Sixiang in Supervisor Tian, ​​​​and it was hoped that Sifeng could exchange experience with others

ability. Thinking of this, Li Huowang looked away from Zuowangdao and looked towards the palace.

The Imperial Guards were resisting vigorously, and there were some people wearing green masks who were fighting against the enemy. There didn’t seem to be anything unusual.

While Li Huowang was observing silently, the closed imperial city gate suddenly opened, and a soldier with a shaved head emerged from inside, waving vigorously toward the outside. Zuo Wangdao outside saw the break and rushed in instantly. The battle situation was in chaos for a while.

“Is it him? Is he the North Wind?” Li Huowang’s heart skipped a beat, and he stared at the Jin Yiwei who opened the door in the distance. The Jin Yiwei seemed to have noticed something, and looked towards Li Huowang from a distance. After a glance, Xiangtiao turned around and walked into the city gate. With a “swish”, the white snow around Li Huowang was raised high by him. He was directly out of position and invisible, stepping on the tiles and quickly groping over

When Li Huowang arrived at the east gate of the imperial city, he discovered that this small-scale encounter had obviously resulted in a complete victory for Zuo Wangdao, as evidenced by the wide open half door covered in bloodstains

The person suspected of being Bei Feng must have gone in! Li Huowang quickened his pace and quickly groped in,

Noticing the big commotion here, it was obvious that Li Huowang was not the only one. From time to time, some people quickly rushed in along the **** road full of corpses. As for their identities, whether they were Zuowangdao or Jiantiansi, there was no way of knowing. Got it.

Following these people, Li Huowang quickly arrived at the palace. It was obviously very large and winding, but Li Huowang didn’t need a map. The blood stains and the scattered signs pointed the way

Just like the outside of the palace, huge masks as tall as a person appear on the red walls from time to time. The texture looks like copper, with patina hanging on some places. They have square faces, short, big eyes, triangular nose bridges and wide ears. Under their silent gaze, the entire Daliang Palace looks particularly solemn. As he walked, the blood stains and footprints became less and less, and the corner ahead shone with golden light. When Li Huowang cautiously walked to the corner, what he saw in front of him was extremely shocking.

Gold, a large area is all shining with gold. The Golden Palace in the distance, the gold bricks on the ground and even the Wangzeng, Chuiceng and Youzeng on the roof are all gold.

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