Mutated Tao Chapter 426: Ziwangdao


Listening to their words, Li Huowang, who was still in his own emotions just now, looked at everything in front of him in astonishment.

When he came to his senses, a rush of blood rushed straight to his brain. “This is all because of you bastards.” With a clang, Li Huowang held the sword in one hand, put his feet on the tiles, and rushed towards the three sitting men who had their backs turned to him. Hearing the whistling sound behind him, the attacked Zuo Wangdao bent his body to the left as if his buttocks had been broken, narrowly escaping the attack.

With his head hanging upside down, he looked at Li Huowang in astonishment, “Boss Hongzhong, I want more! They won’t believe you anymore, so hurry up and let’s cut off the rear!”

At this moment, Huan Huan Hongzhong also came over and said with a serious face: “He is right, now is not the time, it is better to retreat.” That’s right, sir. !” Li Huowang swung the long sword in his hand, and the sharp blade scratched his **** and shameless face, but there was nothing abnormal.

At this moment, Supervisor Tiansi in the distance began to move. A purple-robed Taoist took out two fist-sized yellow talisman pennants from his cuffs, thrust them into the back of his neck, and started While chanting a mantra, he drew a huge Bagua array out of thin air. Every time he drew his finger in the air, it would arouse the turbulence of the array.

Following the Taoist’s instructions, he pressed the air array against the tiles at his feet, “Raise your heads to look at each other, bow your heads to listen together. There are Liujia above, Liuding and Sanqing below, and there are orders! Order me to execute them!” The next moment , there was a dramatic breaking sound, and the tiles and beams under everyone quickly broke apart. Everyone standing on the tiles had no point of stress and fell towards the house below.

I saw a huge jet-black Five Elements Bagua appearing directly below, which happened to include the three Zuo Wangdao and Li Huowang. The previous masked Supervisors did not know when they appeared below, standing there. The people around the circle were waiting for death.

At the moment when the hook was launched, one man, Zui Wangdao, immediately gritted his teeth. Danchao used the tiles that had fallen next to him to use his strength, and pushed towards Li Huowang with both hands. “Boss Hongzhong! Leave quickly!”

With a cry of “Farewell!”, Li Huowang raised his knife and cut off his hands directly.

In his eyes, a hand as strong as a copper coin sword suddenly struck out, and the copper coin warehouse stretched out in an instant, cutting off the brain of the forgetful person. Just after finishing this, before there was time to do anything else, the remaining two people, Zuowang Dao and Li Huowang, just landed.

The moment they connected to the Five Elements and Bagua Formation, the formation instantly rose up like a big net, wrapping them together. Seeing that these people were even trapped together with himself, Li Huowang was furious. It turns out that these **** are more likely to fail than accomplish anything.

“What on earth are you doing! I told you! I’m not forgetting the truth!” Bao Li Huowang slammed the nails of his left hand on himself and tore off his entire face. However, such an act of self-proving innocence not only failed to convince the conspirators, but instead allowed them to speed up and continue the attack.

The purple-robed Taoist reached behind his back, pulled out the yellow talisman flag from the back of his neck, and then quickly threw it towards Li Huowang.

The flagpole grew longer and longer in the air, like spear strands, spiraling and turning into the weak points of the three people, entering from the front and exiting from the back, stringing the three of them together in the warmth.

Then, Xiong Yitiansi made a move with his hand, and several dark green talismans flew over and stuck to the foreheads of the three of them. Now the three of them could not move a finger.

Seeing the three people in front of them who were under their control, the six Supervisors breathed a sigh of relief.

Just when the hunchback holding the soul-calling peak was about to say something, he saw that the skewered meat ball in front of him started to move. “How many times did I say that? I’m not sitting down. “Later” Li Huoshi’s murderous Xi Qiji suddenly exploded in the narrow room

While everyone was in shock, black and sticky tentacles emerged from various parts of Liu Huowang’s body, forcibly lifting the three people huddled together. A breeze blew up the talisman cluster on Li Huowang’s forehead, revealing his bloodthirsty eyes filled with murderous intent below, “Kill!”

The hot blood in Li Huowang’s body surged into all of Li Sui’s tentacles, causing those black tentacles to swell a lot in an instant. As the tentacles waved and twitched, the solid meat **** suddenly flew high and headed towards Those supervisors are gone

Just as Jian Tiansi was about to retreat, Li Sui in Li Huowang’s body listened to his father’s instructions, quickly broke his two ribs, crossed each other and thrust into his lungs. In an instant, everyone subconsciously closed their chests and showed a painful expression along with Li Huogan.

While they were suffering the same pain as himself, Li Huowang’s fingers were cut off by Li Sui, and they spirally pierced into the temples of two of them, Jian Tiansi. With the death of the Taoist, the three men’s fingers were like The tattoo-like Bagua array quickly dimmed, and Li Huowang found that he could move.

Not caring about the two people who were stringing him together, Li Huowang, who was furious, tore off the talisman above his forehead, endured the severe pain all over his body, and rushed towards the remaining Supervisor Tiansi,

“How many times do you have to tell me that I am not **** sitting on the road”

Li Huowang was sealed just now, and they were no match. Li Huowang, who had gained freedom in this way, was even more defeated by them. Especially from time to time, when the remaining Zuo Wangdao and Li Sui came to help, these Supervisor Tiansi were defeated. It’s faster.

When he saw that the hat in his hand had been cut off by a blow, the hunchback knelt down and backed away, and suddenly said in a panic: “Haohahaha! You are not sitting down and forgetting! I believe it, I believe it.” Ah

With a flash of white light, the long sword full of evil aura was inserted directly into his mouth while he was speaking, came out from the back of his head, and hit the beautiful earth wall behind. Li Huowang looked at the other party’s eyes full of despair, put all his strength on the hilt of the sword, and was directly pushed out of Lianjian Xiutu Wall.

As the hunchback’s eyes quickly rolled up, the hands holding the hilt of the sword fell down feebly. All the previous supervisors were killed by Li Huowang. “Boss Hongzhong is so awesome!”

“Yes, otherwise why is he considered the boss of the Reds, and the two of us are the pawns?” Two cheering voices came from Li Huowang’s back.

Li Huowang pulled out the sword from the hunchback’s mouth, inserted the sword behind his back with his backhand, then grabbed the flagpole on his body and slowly pulled it out. As the flagpole was pulled out, the flagpole that had been skewered on Li Huowang’s back was Zuowangdao finally regained his freedom.

Just when they were flattering Li Huowang like they were talking in cross talk, he pulled out the long sword from the scabbard again, pointing the **** sword tip directly at the heads of the two sitting men. , “Where is Xinsu Beifeng now!


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