Mutated Tao Chapter 425: I would rather kill a thousand by mistake


Speaking of this, with a wave of the hand from Young Inspector Si Tian, ​​the people behind him delivered some papers to everyone’s hands. Li Huowang took it and looked closely, and found that there seemed to be some addresses and shapes written on it. “These are all people who are suspected of being ignorant. Bring them here, whether they are alive or dead.”

“As long as you can recognize your true body, you can usually get a head promotion of fifty yang longevity pills with one head, and your official promotion will be half a level. But the heads of Sanyuan and Sixi, one head, three hundred yang longevity pills! You will be promoted to three levels. Level!”

“The one who killed the most people among them will be personally blessed by Lord Si Tianjian!”

As soon as these words came out, everyone exploded with a buzz. Such force was absolutely unique.

Three Jiazi, a total of one hundred and eighty years! Who doesn’t want to live an extra one hundred and eighty years! And it still won’t become the original one hundred and eighty years! Originally, I had a small plan in mind to hide my strength. People immediately put aside all worries and were eager to give it a try. “Go ahead, I wish you all immediate success and promotion to the official position. By the way, remember, this is the most heinous crime in Zuxi Dao. If you wait for this encirclement and suppression of Zui Wang Dao, you are actually doing something for the people and the world.” His Highness has done a great job in upholding justice for heaven, so he would rather kill a thousand people by mistake than let one go! “”Boom”” The four gates in the southeast, northwest and northwest of Shangjing City were closed heavily with a roar.

With the sound of war drums, some soldiers wearing heavy armor climbed onto the city wall one after another. Full of evil spirits, they seemed to have formed four giant walls, sealing everything inside.

The giant dishes and weapons that were supposed to be used against the enemy began to be turned around and aimed at the city.

The snow is still falling, covering the upper capital city into a vast expanse, and some small black dots are like ants, gradually spreading from the direction of Jiantian Si Yamen to the surrounding tombs.

The frowning Li Huowang rode his horse, constantly tapping the horse’s buttocks to make it move towards the dime in the east of the city. Following him were five other people, who also looked at the paper in their hands.

Screams and cries could be heard in the surrounding houses.

A wooden door close to the door **** was knocked open, and a thin woman rushed out with her infant child in her arms. But along with the whistling sound, a ghost-headed sword quickly chased after him from inside the house.

At this critical moment, the baby in the woman’s arms suddenly let out a bad smile, shrank its bones, and slipped out of the swaddling clothes. Immediately afterwards, his thin limbs kicked hard, pushing his mother towards the flying knife, but he used the recoil to escape. “With a pop, the woman was instantly stabbed into the heart by the tip of the knife. The hot blood melted and turned white, revealing the dark floor tiles underneath.

A woman with two scars on her face rushed out of the house angrily, pulled out the ghost-headed sword, and rushed towards the baby running in the snow. “Damn it, sit and forget it, don’t run away if you have the guts

As for the mother’s body that was thrown into the snow like a broken sack, no one except Li Huowang paid attention to it. “A lot of people will die this night…many, many people”

As Li Huowang gritted his teeth, his cheeks gradually puffed up.

All kinds of **** things were unfolded in front of Li Huowang along the way. Both sides were serious about it, and the movement was particularly loud.

There is also individual fighting, and there is also mutual cooperation. The entire Shangjing City is like a pot of porridge placed on a high fire, gradually boiling from the inside out. Unknowingly, he was there too.

Li Huowang suddenly jumped up from his horse, hit the paper window heavily, and rushed into the house.

Looking at the crying and hugging family of three in front of them, when Li Huowang raised the Zisui sword in his hand, he couldn’t cut it down.

Suddenly a ray of cold light shot from the broken window, with a “clang” sound and sparks flying. The thing was directly blocked by Li Huowang. “This is **** mine! Get out of the way.” His eyes began to fill with tears. The bloodshot Li Huowang turned sideways and hissed.

Li Huowang turned around and looked at the wife of the family of three in front of him again. He put away the knife and took out a dagger from the torture bag at his hem. “Don’t worry, I won’t kill you, but in order to make sure you are not in trouble, I need to see your face. After seeing it, I will help you heal it.” After the scream, Li Huowang put a piece of silver in his face, his expression He walked out of the house gloomily. The good news is that the person is not sitting and forgetting, and the bad news is that the person is not sitting and forgetting

Li Huowang stepped on the window edge and climbed onto the snow-covered roof.

Standing on the highest point of the roof, Li Huowang looked at the extremely chaotic Shangjing City in front of him. It could be said that if there were eighteen hells, it would be nothing more than this.

Those Jian Tiansi and Zuo Wangdao who soared between the rooftops, whether it was Jian Tiansi or Zuo Wangdao, they never considered the common people. How could they think about it.

And these unarmed people were hurriedly involved between the two. No matter what they did or didn’t do, the outcome seemed to be destined. Maybe the reason is just because if you block the road, you will be dead and in a different place the next moment.

Li Huowang should have been looking for Xinsu Beifeng at this moment, but when this human tragedy appeared in front of him, he suddenly found that his mind was buzzing and he couldn’t stop at all. “Boom!” A towering building in the distance was suddenly ignited, like a huge torch, replacing the missing moon in the sky, illuminating everything around it. “Human life is nothing in front of you! They are all human beings! Living people,” Li Huowang pointed at the entire Shangjing City and wrote in big letters.

He originally thought that he was indifferent enough, but when these things really appeared in front of him, he still couldn’t look past them. But after scolding him, Li Huowang felt a deep sense of powerlessness in his heart. He couldn’t even control himself, so how could he be qualified to control others?

“Uh-huh…wuh?” A strange voice sounded from beside him. Li Huowang looked sideways and found that it was Jin Shanxun who only had half of his body left. He shed tears of blood, pointed at everything in front of him with a sad and angry expression, and mumbled something that Li Huowang couldn’t understand.

Then there was another cry, this time from a monk. While crying, he clasped his hands together and began to chant Amitabha to save the dead. “Oh! What are you doing? The boss of Hongzhong is so powerful and quick. Leave them alone. Let’s go find the boss of Beifeng quickly.”

Li Huowang looked at Hongzhong who said this, his eyes were colder than ever before, and then he looked at the headless Jinshan Xun. She stood there like a sculpture, silently facing the soldiers on the distant city wall.

Just after Li Huowang clenched his fist and punched his restless self twice hard, three people came rushing towards him. There are two women and one man. Judging from the clothes they are wearing, they obviously come from people of different status.

There were six or seven people chasing behind them, and when they saw Li Huowang, their eyes suddenly lit up. “Boss Hongzhong! You are here! Leave quickly and we will cut you off


After saying that, they suddenly stood still, standing between the Supervisor Tiansi and Li Huowang with a look of determination.


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