Mutated Tao Chapter 424: Shao Jian Si Tian


Li Huowang’s current place is the small building with a courtyard that he left for himself in previous photos. I have to say that it is very convenient to have such a house in Shangjing. At least he doesn’t have to stay in an inn, and he is not afraid of getting too old if he puts it in the yard. Others saw it.

At this time, he clasped his hands behind his back and looked at the deserted street with falling snow outside with a frown. There were not many people on the street because there was an early curfew in Shangjing today. And Li Huowang stood by the window without saying a word. , as if waiting for something.

Suddenly, the clear sound of horse hooves sounded, and a group of strong men wearing split leather rode horses towards the capital city.

This was already the third group of people in the past few days. The aura on their bodies and the badges they hung on their waists made Li Huowang understand that these people were Jian Tiansi’s other six men in Daliang. After receiving the transfer order, they all came to Beijing.

Although this was dusk based on the time of day, the sky was gloomy with snow falling in the sky, making it almost like night. Not only were there few people, but the entire Shangjing looked like a storm was about to come at the moment, weighing on his heart like a heavy stone. “Brush!” A black bird flew through the air, then made a large circle in the distance, and landed steadily on the edge of the boat in front of Li Huowang.

Li Huowang knew this bird. It was the bird on the shoulder of the Mo family named Sima Lan. At this moment, it held a folded piece of paper in its beak. When Li Huowang opened the piece of paper and read the contents clearly, his expression suddenly became excited, “It’s finally time to start!”

Hearing the hasty footsteps of his master going downstairs, Mantou, who was huddled under the chair, suddenly became energetic. He just moved closer, shaking his head, but was slapped away by a palm.

“Be honest and guard your home! No matter what you hear later, don’t go out to see it!!” Li Huowang said, turning over and riding on the horse in the yard, and rushed towards the Jiantian Si Yamen at a high speed.

When he walked past the yamen entrance with two stone lions lying on it, and then looked at the secret door and arrived at the main hall full of screens, he found that all the screens had been rolled down and it was already full of people.

But whether intentionally or not, the oil lamp on the wall was not lit, making the entire space extremely dim.

Even with Li Huowang’s excellent eyesight, he could only see clearly the scattered figures in the darkness, but could not clearly see their faces. Only by walking very close could he clearly see their experiences.

Passing through these crowds, Li Huowang felt like he was back on the school playground.

It’s just that these people are different from the students who are full of energy. These people are standing or squatting, and their various strange auras make Li Huowang, who is sensitive, feel uncomfortable.

The low and vague comments of these supervisors were intertwined with each other, and combined with the depressive atmosphere in the hall, everyone inside felt a little breathless.

Going to the Supervisor Tiansi in the capital, Li Huowang didn’t know many acquaintances. He looked around and saw that Li Huowang walked next to Sima Lan, whom he had met once before. The bird that had sent him a letter before had already stood on his side again. On the shoulder.

Such eye-catching recognition is also the reason why Li Huowang can find him smoothly in the crowd. “Coming?” The black bird turned its head and nodded towards Li Huowang.

“Brother Sima, are all these people transferred from other six realms?” Li Huowang looked at the others.

“Not only that, I heard that Si Nei also borrowed some good hands from Qingqiu Supervisor Tiansi through connections. Haha, Si Nei is going to get serious now.”

“Qingqiu?” The old lama with the black sheep flashed through Li Huowang’s mind. After looking left and right, he saw a man wearing a lama’s crown in the distance. , he couldn’t distinguish clearly at the moment.

“Now that everyone is here, what are we waiting for here?” Li Huowang asked again. “Waiting for Master Si Tian, ​​he will be in charge of this matter.”

“Oh? So is this Mr. Si Tian Shao Jian the biggest official in the Tian Jian Division? I’m really sorry, my husband has been outside all the time, so I’m really confused about this.”

“It doesn’t matter, it’s all the same. It was the same when I first came to Beijing. It took me a while to figure it out. In fact, there are five young supervisors in total, but they are not the biggest officials in the supervision department. The largest official in the department is Si Tianjian. “

” After Si Tianjian Li Huowang carefully polished the word for a while, he asked again: “How about dealing with such a big matter as Zuowang Dao, Sir Si Tianjian, and the other four remaining Si Tianjian? Won’t come?”

“Logically speaking, they are coming, but they have already entered the palace. Maybe there is something important.” There was a crisp sound, and everyone present looked in the direction of the sound. .

A light as soft as moonlight came out of nowhere, illuminating a magnificent grand master’s chair, and there happened to be a person sitting on top of the grand master’s chair.

It was a white-haired old man dressed as a scholar-official. His wide cuffs just fell to his feet. Just as different from ordinary people as his cuffs were his earlobes, which were wide and hung like earrings. on his shoulders.

This man looked very aura, sitting there calmly and silently, and the discussion in the hall gradually became quieter.

At this time, Li Huowang looked carefully and found that the old man was sitting behind the Taishi chair, and there was a row of people standing neatly behind him. Also because of the dimness, he couldn’t distinguish their appearances clearly.

“Today Supervisor Tiansi summoned you to come over, I guess I don’t need to say more about what happened?”

As soon as Young Inspector Si Tian opened his mouth, a terrifying aura suddenly came down from him like a mountain, and the entire hall instantly became silent. “Peng”! Peng”! Peng!” From time to time, someone in the crowd became stiff and fell straight to the ground.

Just when Li Huowang thought those people were stunned, he discovered that someone walked up to them, stretched out a rusty iron hook, and directly opened their faces. And the mahjong colors on their faces prove their identities, Zuowangdao.

They were originally summoned to deal with Zuowangdao, but unexpectedly there were five Zuowangdao trying to get involved, but it was normal to think about it. It was impossible for Zuowangdao not to see that Jiantiansi wanted to deal with them.

The gaze of Young Inspector Si Tian faintly swept in front of these Zuowangdao, as if he was not surprised at all.

“It is not difficult to deal with Zuo Wangdao, but the difficulty is that these swindlers hide among the people and cannot come out. But it doesn’t matter, after all, Shangjing is our Shangjing, not theirs.”

“They thought they were perfect, but they were just deceiving themselves. They actually dared to blatantly kill Si Nei Jian Cheng! Humph! They thought they couldn’t use any hands to deal with them!”


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