Mutated Tao Chapter 423: Friends


Under the leadership of Nangong Yun, Li Huowang came outside the Liang Mansion where Zhuge Yuan was located. Li Huogan’s excellent eyesight could even see Ge Yuan painting on the second floor. As for the other Daqi people, they did not see it for the time being. I don’t know if he is in another room or if he has gone out.

“Brother Nangong, isn’t this Zhuge Yuan a red criminal in the department? Why are you still letting him stay here? Why don’t we kill him in one fell swoop and steal his powerful magic weapon.” Li Huowang asked Doubts in my heart.

Nangong Yun frowned slightly and shook his head gently. “Now is not the time to provoke him. The official family has an order. Most of the A, B, B, D and D in the department have entered the palace. The manpower is already tight. If we confront Fang Ge Yuan, if Zuo Wangdao takes the opportunity to attack, it will be terrible. The trouble is big. “”But deal with Zuo Wangdao first. At least this storyteller will not help those evil liars.

After saying this, Nangong was ready to go back. “Erjiu, have a nice trip. As long as you don’t irritate Zhuge Yuan too much when you go in, you will definitely come back alive. Generally speaking, you have no ill intentions towards him, and he won’t do anything to you. Remember, don’t show any murderous intent in your body.” “

“Thank you, Brother Nangong.” After thanking Nangong Yun for his advice, Li Huowang turned around and walked towards the Liang Mansion in the distance with a solemn expression. Just as Li Huowang walked through the door with stone drums hanging on both sides, the door behind him slammed shut on its own. Li Huowang swallowed hard, walked through the front yard with heavy steps, and walked toward the house. When Zhuge Yuan’s painting brush flicked and the door and window slammed shut, the two looked at each other and smiled. “How?” Ge Yuan continued to paint the green landscape painting on the table.

“Thank you, Brother Zhuge. It’s settled. It won’t be long before they start fighting. Now I’m afraid that I’ll hear the news and leave for Beijing early.” Don’t worry, Brother Li, they’re not even afraid of returning. Are you afraid of this? Everyone is here, and they won’t do it without making an earth-shattering show. “

“Yes.” Li Huowang picked up the tea beside him and took a sip. As for what Zuowangdao would do next, he didn’t care. If the sky fell, Supervisor Tiansi would hold it up, as long as the target was not him.

“Brother Zhuge, I blamed Zuo Wangdao for everything before. After today, I’m afraid it’s hard for the two of us to see each other again. There are too many informants in the city, and Supervisor Tiansi will definitely think about it. “

“It doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter. Xiaosheng can solve Daqi’s matter alone, but on your side, if you really encounter Beifeng, can you solve it?”

“Don’t worry, this time I’m different from the previous times. I’m not fighting alone. The main force fighting Zuowangdao is Jian Tiansi. I just need to wait for him to sneak up and spin away when he is injured.”

That’s it… Okay, just stretch out your hand and I’ll cover it up. It will be easier when the time comes. “”Huh? How to cover it up?”

When Li Huowang raised his hand, the brush in Zhuge Yuan’s hand was a little bit in his palm, and the three words “Li Huowang” appeared in black ink. As he stroked it with the tip of his brush, Li Huowang’s Li character added a horizontal line and turned it into the character Ji.

Then the pen tip quickly folded a few times on the character “火”, and Li Huowang’s “fire” was added with a dong cover to become the character “disaster”. In the end, Zhuge Yuan even rubbed the word “Wang” on it, and he took it off directly, and used it as a signature on the scroll that was placed on the table. “Okay, this is it. As long as you cover your face, no one will be able to tell that you are Li Huowang.” This was the first time Li Huowang saw this magical power, and he was very surprised.

After Li Huowang looked at the word “season disaster” in his hand, he nodded, “I will never thank you for your kindness. Brother Zhuge, don’t worry. When I find Bei Feng, I will definitely come back to help!”

Looking up at Li Huowang in front of him, Zhuge Yuan asked: “Brother Li, Xiaosheng’s matter is really not urgent. If you encounter trouble in Beijing, remember to give me a divination. Everything about Xiaosheng will be solved.” You can help, but don’t die.”

Hearing this, Li Huowang paused on the spot. His expression gradually became complicated. He thought for a while and then sat down on the Zen chair beside him.

“Brother Zhuge, to be honest, I did encounter something in this business, but I don’t need you to take action. I just want you to use your identity as a good friend to help me judge what I should do about this matter.”

“Oh?” Zhuge Yuan put down his pen. This was the first time he had seen this kind of thing.

Li Huoye’s hands sometimes clenched and sometimes relaxed. Finally, he sighed deeply and said, “Brother Zhe An, do you think it is possible that the world around me is straight?”

In a low voice, Li Huowang expressed the confusion he had hidden in his heart. He also expressed his conjecture that the gold might have been conjured by himself. Faced with the fact that the world over there might be true, he wanted to hear it. How others judge.

Or maybe Li Huowang didn’t expect to get any feedback from Zhuge Yuan, he just wanted to find a friend to talk to.

He couldn’t tell others this kind of thing, because when anyone heard this, their only thought was that they had met a madman, but Zhuge Yuan wouldn’t, because Li Huowang knew that the two of them had the same problem. After Li Huowang finished speaking, the room became quiet. , Zhuge Yuan did not speak immediately, but thought carefully. Then he slowly said: “Brother Li, do you know? I once had a confidante in Xiaosheng, Daliang’s confidante, but in Daqi, she was just a concubine outside the Communist Party of China.”

“I once tried to change myself, forcing myself to think that Daqi was fake and Daliang was real.” Zhege Yuan’s voice had a hint of fluctuation, and he looked at a picture on the wall next to him. Female pictures.

“But things went against expectations. In the end, she left me because Daqi is indeed real. It can’t be fake and it can’t be true.” “But what if? What if it’s true?” Li Huowang Clenched fists.

“The fish is what I want, and the bear’s paw is also what I want; you can’t have both.” Zhuge Yuan started painting again.

“Brother Li, the sage said: You can’t have your cake and eat it too. Don’t talk about me, the great leader of Daqi, and your illusion of reality, which is as high as the commander of the sky, and down to the ordinary people. , all are like this.

Li Huowang stood up from the Zen chair and cupped his hands. “Thank you very much, Brother Zhuge. I feel better if I can talk to you. It’s really uncomfortable for a person to hold it in his heart all the time.” After speaking, Li Huowang turned to face Walking downstairs, “Brother Zhuge, if everything is resolved in the future, I hope we can drink tea and play chess in your bamboo house like before.” After Li Huowang opened the door, Zhuge Yuan’s voice It was passed down from the floor. “You can drink tea, but forget about playing chess. Calling you a chess player is just flattering you.”


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