Mutated Tao Chapter 422: Errand


After listening, Li Huowang was shocked and said: What is the origin of this Hongzhong? Even his head is gone, but he can still run!”

Speaking of this, Li Huogan calmed down slightly, and as if he remembered something, he quickly opened the door of the factory and said, “However, Mr. Jian Cheng, I once saw a military strategist in Houshu who also had the ability to behead someone and survive. Maybe This Hongzhong was cheated from there.”

Hearing what Li Huowang said, the Taoist Supervisor moved his hand, and the head in Li Huowang’s hand flew into his hand again, holding it in his hand like a pagoda. The Taoist opened his mouth, and as the pitted and rotten teeth were exposed to the air, a taste of bad taste filled the air.

“There is no need for the Yubing family’s skills. It’s not surprising that Xinsu can run without a head. What’s strange is that his soul can’t be summoned after he dies. It’s strange. Could it be that he is still alive now? “Li Huowang thought to himself: “Is this the ability of my mind? As long as I feel that I am not dead, I will never die?”

But if you think about it carefully, the ability you used unintentionally is a bit useless. As long as the enemy reminds you, you will fall to the ground instantly.

Just when Li Huowang was thinking about this, the Taoist waved his hand, “Forget it, everyone is dead. Don’t worry about Xinsu or not. Please tell me carefully how Hongzhong deceived you. “?” Upon hearing this, Li Huowang suddenly became very energetic. There is no room for sloppiness in this matter.

However, Li Huowang didn’t have to make it up at all when it came to being deceived by Zuo Wangdao. I just changed some details and directly reproduced the scam that Zai Wangdao had used on me on Xingdao. Only this time, in Li Huowang’s words, Zuowangdao did not fail, but succeeded. “So… those who followed Zhuge Yuan all the way have always been in the red?”

That’s true, but the subordinate was kept in the bamboo forest and couldn’t figure out what Hongzhong said to Zhuge Yuan by borrowing his identity as a villain, and was willing to let him stay with the storyteller. “It’s easy to have flaws if the distance is too close. Li Huowang simply went a step further and said that whatever the person did and said before, it was all Zuowangdao’s fault and had nothing to do with him. Li Huowang suddenly discovered that the identity of Zuowangdao was really Very useful.

After listening, the Taoist nodded slowly. The little head on his neck spoke. “Haha, could it be that what you said was made up to deceive us? Could it be that you are also sitting on Wangdao?”

Li Huogan’s expression condensed, he took out the knife directly, cut it without hesitation along the lower forehead of his mouth, opened half of his face, and cut out the skin, flesh, and bones on one side. Show them the layers. “Okay, okay, we believe you haven’t forgotten the Tao. Oh, the Nestorian people are decisive.” Another Nascent Soul wearing a square Taoist crown began to smooth things over. “Okay, shut up!” As the man’s tone worsened, the two Nascent Souls on his body suddenly shrank into his body, looking like two red moles on steamed buns. The Taoist held his head and walked forward, slowly circling around Li Huowang, his tone slightly softened.

“Don’t worry, Hongzhong’s head is all here, and Si Nei will not suspect that you are sitting on the road. Since you can come back with all your hair and tail, this is naturally a good thing. So, Si Nei will give you an errand. , you go and take care of it.”

“Yes, Lord Inspector, please tell me, Erjiu will definitely go all out!” The Taoist put the head in his hand on the table, and then patted it with his hand. “Si Nei plans to let you get close to Zhuge Yuan and give it a try.” “We tested it before and found that the Liuyaotong Book in Zhuge Yuan’s hand is still there. The one that Hongzhong tried so hard to deceive was a fake. This is lucky. Yes, if Zuowangdao takes that thing, he will be in big trouble. “

“Yes, but Master Jiancheng, since Hongzhong has directly snatched Zhuge Yuan’s Liuyaotongshu, they have become enemies! If I go there again, I will die!” Li Huowang always corrected himself In this position, I don’t know Zhuge Yuan now, and I haven’t even said a word to him. “Since Hongzhong can use your identity to get close to Zhuge Yuan, then you, a Dong master, should give it a try. Maybe you can do it.”

“But…” Li Huowang’s pupils shrank slightly. This was different from what he thought. He thought that Si Nei was going to avenge Zuowangdao next, and he happened to ride on this wind to hunt Beifeng. , and ended up getting involved with Zhuge Yuan again.

“What? Are you saying you don’t want to go?” The man’s tone became cold, and the two Nascent Souls on his neck opened their eyes slightly, with a faint black light glowing inside. “I don’t dare.” Li Huowang lowered his head slightly. “Go ahead, let’s play three poles if there are dates or not.”

“Yes, Lord Lincheng.” He also figured it out. This guy just wanted to give it a try, and Zhiqian Ziyi’s life was completely within his scope of consideration.

Seeing Li Huowang’s attitude, Taoist Lan Ya nodded with satisfaction, then he sat on the stool holding the head and waved casually. “Okay, you go down first,”

Li Huowang was stunned for a moment. Is this the end? What happens next? Zuowangdao killed Jiancheng of Jiantiansi, so provocative, and the result was so light? Feeling that it was inappropriate for him to ask questions on the spot, Li Huowang saluted directly. Turn around and leave.

Walking in the deserted wooden corridor, Li Huowang glanced at Nangong who came out with him. Li Huowang asked angrily: “Our supervisor was killed by Zuo Wangdao. I really don’t want to do anything.” ?”

Just when Li Huowang was thinking about whether he should light more fires next, Nangong spoke.

“It’s not that simple. The department has already transferred manpower from Daliang Liudao. Once everyone is here, we will give them a trap.”

Speaking of this, Nangong Yun’s expression turned cold, “Hmm… Huh! These liars really think that the Imperial Master can do whatever they want if they don’t have time to spare. They look down on the Supervisor Tiansi!” After hearing this, Li Huo breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, his hard work was not in vain. Zuo Wangdao and Jian Tiansi finally started fighting. It would be good if they started fighting. As long as they started fighting, he would be able to benefit.

“Erjiu, Si Nei asked you to get close to Zhuge Yuan. Don’t think this is trying to embarrass you. Don’t forget that Zuo Wangdao used your identity to kill the supervisor.”

“If you really have to follow the rules within the department, it is not so easy to let go of this kind of thing. Fortunately, people in Beijing are tight now. No matter whether you get close to Zhuge Yuancheng or not, this matter is in the past.”

Li Huowang looked suddenly enlightened. “That’s it. Thank you Brother Nangong for clarifying my doubts.”

Li Huowang followed Nangong Yun while walking and chatting. The relationship between the two was not very close, at least they turned from strangers to acquaintances.


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