Mutated Tao Chapter 420: Bingdilian


With the creaking sound of the carriage, Bai Lingqi’s carriage slowly arrived at the end of Niuxin Village. Seeing her return, other brothers and sisters came out to greet her. However, their attention was quickly attracted by Lingsen’s adopted sons and daughters.

“Hey, this is good. I said before that no matter how many cows we buy, we can’t plow all the land around here. Now it’s easy to chew. There are people to cultivate the land.” Gouwa supported his pregnant wife. , pretending to be very understanding and chatting. “Wrong! Which singing! Isn’t that a scholar? How could he–“

However, before he could finish speaking, a huge force knocked him from behind and staggered him. As soon as he stood still, he saw Chang Juren’s sleeves rolled up and Chang Zhuangyuan’s momentum was full of anger. The ground rushed over.

When he saw Chang Zhuangyuan rushing over and slapping Chang Xiucai on the tire with his right hand, Gouwa was overjoyed and said, “Excuse me! It’s fun now!” Then Chang Xiucai was beaten by him. He was **** in a tree in the village, and then Chang Zhuangyuan smoked a cigarette fiercely. The two father and son scolded each other for being useless. “You took the letter money! You actually took the stolen money and ran away!! Okay, okay, our old Lu family has been innocent for generations, but in your generation, a Buddhist book was published! I’ll beat you to death, you little **** !”

“I’m a little bastard! You are the old bastard! Let me go if you dare! I’ll show off to you!”

“Who are you, me! Say it again! Who are you, me!” The cigarette pole in Chang Zhuangyuan’s hand waved up and down, and Chang Xiucai’s mouth was smoked hard.

Seeing the father and son yelling at each other in Ruocuntou, Bai Lingsen just felt a little bored. She stuck her head out, looked around, and said to the tall Gao Zhijian: “Zhijian, can you bring some paper and pens? ?The village needs to sign some long-term workers.”

Gao Zhijian moved his eyes away from Xiaoman, looked at the men and women behind the carriage and nodded. “Okay.”

Soon, the deserted Bai Family Ancestral Hall became popular. People lined up to press red fingerprints on their deed papers. Although none of them could read, their remuneration was written in detail on the deed, without any cheating.

“You Miao, what are you doing?” Rong Xiaoman asked suspiciously, looking at Gao Zhibi who was writing quickly.

“It’s time to sign the contract. This is how my grandfather used to recruit short-term and long-term workers. These people are just the beginning. More people will come later. Although there are many people, it is better to make it more formal from the beginning.” Bai Lingsen tried hard to recall how his Master Pu managed the village.

“You still want to recruit people?”

“Of course, Niuxin Village is very big, at least it needs to be filled up.” If you want to revitalize Niuxin Village, this is not enough, and Brother He also has to eliminate some people with bad temperaments. When he saw that everyone had done their fingerprints, Ziling looked at them in front of him and said: “Since you call me godmother, we are a family. We have worked **** the road. Let’s kill the pig tonight and let everyone have a good meal.”

As soon as they heard that pork was available, these people immediately forgot about their uneasiness in a foreign land and began to salivate instinctively. Some of them had never eaten meat even in their entire lives. They had only heard that pork was delicious.

For dinner that night, Yang worked very hard. A black pig weighing more than 100 kilograms was made into a dish except for the bones and hair, and he ate it cleanly. Then these people were assigned to unoccupied houses in the village, and the originally deserted village began to become a little angry.

At night, in the dark room of the Bai family ancestral hall, Zilingqi held a lantern and lightly traced some White Lotus Sect exercises with his hand, with a trace of longing in his eyes. “Tell me, among all the good things, have they solved our problems with the Immortal Family?” The two gods behind her, covered with red headscarves, followed silently like a twisted soul.

Er God thought for a while, and a familiar and disgusting face appeared in her mind. “Senior Brother Li said that we can find a balance with big votes.” He said it, but he said it lightly, just relying on a name, how can we find it?”

Four lines of clear tears of different sizes soaked Er Shen’s red hijab, and a strong sense of longing filled her heart. “I miss him… When I heard this, I felt a little emotional. “Think about it! You know how to think about it! Would you die without him?”

“Shengsheng’s crying and dying look is exactly the same as when you committed suicide in the ancestral hall. Just looking at it makes you angry!”

The two gods choked, and took out a white jade pendant from their arms and stroked it gently. This was what Li Huowang gave her as a gift. She originally wanted to change it to Panwei, but in the end, they all went home, and the jade pendant has not been spent yet. .

Bai Lingmiao said as he walked: “Don’t you realize that we can’t get involved in the things around him now? If you want to avenge your parents, kill him

If you are the enemy who killed your father, you can go to him and hold him back as a favor. “

Hearing this, Zi Lingmiao suddenly felt no movement behind him, and then a long cry came from the dark corner. Hearing this voice, Zi Lingsen rolled his eyes and continued to patrol the entire darkroom.

After looking at the inheritance left by the Bai family for a while, Bai Lingsen was really greedy, so he found a book and opened a page. She read it with difficulty, but the content was still too complicated for her now.

While she was rubbing the **** on her shoulders, a faint light next to her flashed and caught her attention…

Bai Lingsen looked at it in surprise and found that it was the huge white jade lotus flower on the cabinet. It no longer emitted soft light evenly as before, but shone brightly and dimly.

Zi Lingmiao was curious and leaned over to take a closer look, but she had no clue.

Bai Lingsen has no idea why this thing is placed here, but since it can be hidden in such a hidden place, this white lotus must be valuable.

However, based on speculation, she felt that it should be related to the Inanimate Old Mother. According to the translation, the magical powers of the White Lotus Sect were all rewarded by the Inanimate Old Mother.

“Why does it flash? Does this mean something?”

Suddenly a hand patted Bai Lingsen’s shoulder. She turned around and saw Er looking up at the mural on the wall.

When Bai Lingmiao also looked up, her pink pupils opened slightly, and she saw that the white lotus flowers held by the six white donkeys began to overlap, because the density of the flowers was too high and they did not look like the same. The white lotus flower looks like a hollow onion. Suddenly, a strange menstrual sound suddenly came from the left side, covering everything.

“In the Daqian Manna Realm, at the Qinghua Changle Gate, in the Wanzhen Ring Arch of Dongji Miaoyan Palace, there are nine-color lotus seats, tens of billions of auspicious lights, jade and pure soul treasures, catastrophes have fallen on Tzu Chi, and the Seven Treasures Fangqian Forest, Yinghua Xuan Yuanshi.”

There are men, women, old and young in this kind of menstruation sound. They keep layering and changing into some kind of extremely weird sound.

This feeling of Sanskrit music filling her ears made her whole body tremble, and she even felt that the energy in her heart was about to be dissipated. “Not only the evil spirit, but also my various emotions and sufferings!” Various emotions appeared on Bai Lingsen’s face, and she struggled bitterly.

Almost instinctively, the spiritual weapon moved towards the white jade lotus. As the flickering light enveloped her whole body, she felt better.

Fortunately, this feeling came and went quickly, and it did not last long. When Bai Lingqi was shocked and looked up at the mural again, he found a lotus mural on the wall being dragged by six white donkeys. , now becomes salty and needs lotus.


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