Mutated Tao Chapter 419: Godmother


Wait until the next morning, Lu Xiucai was found dead

Woke up with injuries and pain, and had no money to stay in an inn, so he hugged Tao’er and lay under the eaves all night. At this moment, he felt cold and hungry. He now regrets why he squandered the money he won. If he could have saved a little, he wouldn’t be in the current situation. What made him even more desperate was that wherever he went next, he couldn’t go to Niuxin Village, and he had nowhere to go.

“Master, why don’t you take me as your concubine…” No!” Lu Xiucai refused without hesitation. “If I ask you to give birth to a son for another man, where will I put my face!! “

A rare trace of sadness appeared on Tao’er’s face, “I don’t want to be sold, but I will be hungry if I don’t have money to eat. My father sold me because he didn’t have money to eat…” He glanced sideways at the other party. Noodles that are a little yellow from hunger

Kong, Lu Xiucai gritted his teeth, clenched his fist and smashed it **** the ground. If he had the strength of Li Huowang, how could he end up in this situation!


No matter what, he finally pulled Tao’er to stand up and walked towards the inn where Bai Lingmiao lived. When Bai Lingmiao and Chun Xiaoman were about to set off, Lu Xiucai appeared in front of them again.

He really didn’t want to give in to a woman, but when he thought of Tao’er being pinned down by another man, he couldn’t bear it. Lu Xiucai clenched his fists tightly and gritted his teeth and said, “Miss Bai, I can’t help myself before. It was me who made the mistake. Please let me go back to Niuxin Mountain!”

“Is this what you’re asking for? What’s your name, Li Huowang, and what’s your name for me?” Bai Lingmiao stared at the young man in front of him with a hint of amusement. “Li Huowang is my master, I call you…, call,…Master Niang!”

“That’s right. Except for your father, no one else in this world has the obligation to be nice to you. If you want something from an outsider, you have to pay something.” Lu Xiucai nodded vigorously, “Yes!” said the master’s wife. Yes!”

“Okay, let’s go. By the way, where did the wife beside you come from?” Bai Lingmiao focused on the woman next to Lu Xiucai. “I bought it, Master Wife. Look over there. It’s like those people bought it from Ren Yazi.”

Bai Lingmiao followed Lu Xiucai’s finger and saw a few sallow and skinny half-year-old children kneeling on the roadside. There were some dry straw stuck in the back of their collars. Next to them, a tall and thin man was bargaining with others. When Chun Xiaoman saw this scene, he suddenly remembered something, and the expression on his face suddenly became extremely ugly. Bai Lingmiao patted the back of her hand, and then asked Lu Xiucai, “How much money is it for each person?” “Looking at the appearance and head, when I bought Tao’er, it was five taels.”

Bai Lingmiao narrowed her eyes slightly and thought of something, “There are indeed a few people in Niuxin Village…and some of the exercises under the ancestral hall are probably too few if they are practiced by other brothers alone. If you want to be strong enough, it is best to form The scale is what matters, just like my grandfather and my parents did.”

Looking for other people directly from the outside carries the risk of being revealed. These helpless boys and girls have no place to run, and they can be controlled by themselves.

Although he didn’t remember much when he was a child and didn’t know what the Bai family was doing behind the scenes, Bai Lingmiao remembered that for a long time, the life of his people was very nourishing. When he was a child, he had no shortage of meat and eggs every day, and there were still wounds on his ankles. Wearing a gold bracelet.

And they were able to force Li Huowang to the point where his skin was completely burned, which proved their power. Thinking of this, Bai Lingmiao walked over and immediately discussed the price with the man Yazi.

Seeing that Bai Lingmiao had bought them all, regardless of Dong head or appearance, the man suddenly smiled from ear to ear. “Are these people going to be my slaves from now on?” Bai Lingmiao asked Ren Yazi who was weighing the money on a small scale.

“Hey~! What did the girl say? We are not those savages in Qingqiu. The emperor himself issued the decree that slaves are not allowed to be kept and sold in Daliang!” After saying this, then Ren Yazi smiled again on his face.

“These are not your domestic slaves, they are clearly your adopted sons and daughters! Hurry! Kowtow to your godmother!”

The boys and girls, who were so hungry that their faces were sallow and skinny, seemed to have been numb for a long time. They immediately knelt on the ground and prostrated themselves in front of Bai Lingmiao. “Godmother!”

“Hehehe, this girl, this is the contract of sale of your godson and goddaughter. We have settled the money.” Ren Yazi said happily, completely unaware of the coldness in Bai Lingmiao’s eyes behind him.

“Dong dong dong” drums started beating, followed by Bai Lingmiao

Singing the Battle of Moving Soldiers and accompanied by the sound of drums, the two gods slowly walked towards the deserted street.

“I know you hate this kind of person, don’t worry, this guy won’t survive tomorrow.” Bai Lingmiao patted Chun Xiaoman’s hand again. “Thank you…” Chun Xiaoman slowly put the bell in his sleeve back. “This is a big deal, isn’t it? Did we have to say thank you before?”

Bai Lingmiao turned around and looked at the group of boys and girls with sallow faces and skinny muscles in front of them. To be honest, these people did not look very good. They all had cracked melons, cannon teeth and protruding eyes.

The better-looking ones and the stronger ones would have been picked out by others earlier. These are the remaining ones. Fortunately, Bai Lingmiao doesn’t care about these. As long as they are human beings

“Don’t be afraid, everyone. I bought you back because there are many fields in the village and tenants are needed to cultivate the fields. You can keep 60% of the food grown and pay 40% to yourself.”

When they heard this, their eyes suddenly lit up

Come on, you must know that they are adopted sons and daughters. Let alone 60%, even 10% should not be divided. This is a good person! “Let’s go, this place is still far away from Niuxin Mountain. “After Bai Lingmiao said that, he got on the carriage directly. A group of people hurriedly followed.

One of the women with a mole at the lower corner of her mouth couldn’t help but be hungry and said, “Goddess, can you help the stutterer on his way? We just had a sip of millet porridge yesterday, not too much, just a handful of rice. That’s it.”

For these people, of course Renyazi can do whatever they want to save costs, as long as they don’t starve to death.

“What do you mean by a mouthful? Xiaoli is stingy. If you want to eat, you will be full!” Bai Lingmiao threw his hand and threw out a large bag of dry food.

Seeing this scene, Chun Xiaoman immediately smiled knowingly. Although Miaomiao’s character has become more assertive, she is still as kind as before. Seeing the multi-grain steamed buns and Guokui meat jerky inside, these people were so excited that they couldn’t help themselves, and they gathered around and ate hungrily.

“I’m here first! Come on, everyone!” Chang Xiucai squeezed in. After he came out, he stuffed four grains into Tao’er’s arms and ate the meat in his hands.

While chewing, he said to Bai Lingmiao in the carriage: “Master, these little dolls are very messy and have no rules at all. Why don’t you come here and let me take care of them?” He shouted for the first time. After that, the shouting became smoother and smoother.

Now he has figured it out. The other party is right. If you don’t have strength, you are useless. If you have to give in, you will give in. Anyway, you won’t lose half of your flesh. “No, you can’t do anything. , you can’t even hide your dissatisfaction with me.”

Lu Xiucai panicked and quickly denied it. “Master, how can I be dissatisfied with you? You are my master’s wife.” Yes, you are afraid that if you do something, Li Huowang will make your life worse than death. “

These words made Lu Xiucai tremble, and the **** images that came to his mind made him unable to swallow the meat in his mouth.

Bai Lingmiao leaned his head against the car window and looked at Chang Xiucai below, “Are you unwilling to be so useless? I have a way for you to practice your magical powers. Do you want to give it a try?” Lu Xiucai raised his head. Looking at Bai Lingmiao, he recalled in his mind the way the blind man easily took people’s lives that night, and he nodded vigorously. “Okay!” “Who do these royal ladies look down on? What do you mean by being useless! I just have no talent! As long as you give me a chance, I will definitely become more powerful than Li Huowang!!”


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