Mutated Tao Chapter 418: Meet


“When my magical magical weapon was still there, the money went into my purse like a long leg! I didn’t even look at such a small amount of copper!” Lu Xiucai pretended to be dismissive. The waiter looked at Todoroki as he came out.

“Sir, I’m really sorry. No matter what you say, our store doesn’t accept credit~” the waiter said with a face, put a white handkerchief on his shoulders, and turned around and entered the lobby.

“Hey!” Just as Lu Xiucai was about to say something more, he was stopped by the woman next to him. She was the daughter-in-law Taoer he bought with money.

She took off the bag on her back, took out two vegetable pancakes and handed them over.

“I don’t want it! You can eat it if you are told to! I, Lu Xiucai, am a man, why do I need to eat women’s leftovers?” Lu Xiucai pushed the pancake back. He wanted to go back to Niuxin Mountain to find Li Huowang, but he didn’t have any money. The journey was not far, but he made all the money that day without leaving any money. I originally wanted to find some relief from the brothers who had eaten wine and meat together, but I didn’t expect that these **** turned against each other and refused to recognize anyone. “You are so ambitious. If you are so ambitious, how come you, Chang Xiucai, are so miserable that you can’t even make a living?”

Hearing the ridicule behind him, Lu Xiucai’s face suddenly became angry. He rolled up his sleeves and just turned around when he saw Chun Xiaoman and Bai Lingmiao on the carriage.

“Oh! What a coincidence! It’s you! Are you going back to Niuxinlin Village? I’ll drive!” Lu Xiucai was about to get on the carriage, but was kicked directly in the head. “Did I let you get on the carriage?” Bai Lingmiao looked down at Lu Xiucai by the window. Lu Xiucai stood up with Tao’er’s help and looked at the white-haired woman in front of him in confusion.

The feeling this woman gave me suddenly became very different from the past. If Bai Lingmiao was gentle and quiet in the past, then Bai Lingmiao now has become much more domineering. “What’s wrong with Miss Bai?” Lu Xiucai asked Chun Xiaoman who was holding the tie string. Chun Xiaoman sighed softly, “What else can I do? I’m just like you.” “Oh? She also holds the master’s sword?!” Mu Xiucai’s eyes widened in surprise. “Xiao Man, stop talking, let’s go.” Bai Lingmiao ignored Lu Xiucai and directly pulled down the car curtain. “Hey! Why are you leaving! Take us for a ride! You

Are we going back to Niuxin Mountain? Then we are on the way! Hey! Master, is he going back to Niuxin Mountain now?” Lu Xiucai hurriedly followed and patted the wooden cart, but there was no reaction. Lu Xiucai followed all the way, and finally the carriage was in Stopped at the door of an inn.

Asking the waiter to take the carriage into the backyard, Bai Lingmiao ignored Lu Xiucai and pulled Chun Xiaoman towards the lobby

When Lu Xiucai and Tao Ergang followed them and sat down at the Eight Immortals table, Bai Lingmiao immediately glanced over coldly, “Did I let you sit down?” “Hey! Miss Bai, don’t be so unreasonable. The relationship is all like this–“The scholar is trying to get closer. “What is my relationship with you? Are you my brother who escaped with me, or are you a member of my Bai family?”

Lu Xiucai suddenly felt a surge of karma in his heart. How come this woman who used to be a good person has become so annoying now? “Okay! Just one meal will do. I will starve to death if I skip one meal.” ?”

He immediately pulled Tao’er beside him to the empty table next to him.

Seeing that the atmosphere was a bit tense, Chun Xiaoman opened his mouth to say something, but felt his shoe was kicked by Bai Lingmiao. He stopped talking. Soon the four dishes and one soup were served, and he listened to the people chewing around him. With the sound of drinking soup, Lu Xiu couldn’t help but swallow a mouthful of saliva. “Right.

Hearing Bai Lingmiao talking to him, Lu Xiucai immediately glanced to the other side pretending not to care.

“You don’t have to follow me anymore, go beg for food somewhere else, Niu Xin” village belongs to my Bai family, I want to know who can live in it, and you kid, I feel sick when I see you.” “What? !?” Lu Xiucai suddenly jumped three feet high. “You can’t do this! Then our Lu family class also lives there!” “That’s where they live? If you dare to follow me, I will tell the Lu family class to get out together.”

Lu Xiucai still said something, but when faced with the sudden appearance of two gloomy gods behind Bai Lingmiao, he couldn’t even say a word. He slammed the table hard, grabbed Tao’er beside him with red eyes, and rushed towards the door angrily.

Seeing the other party’s leaving figure, Chun Xiaoman said, “Miaomiao, isn’t it too much? After all, he is the son of Captain Lu.”

“I didn’t hit him or scold him, so why did he get over it? Did you see how this kid treated his own father? Why should I help such a scum who doesn’t recognize his relatives? Besides, Feng Gang Is he begging for help?” After Bai Lingmiao finished speaking, he picked up the fourth bowl of rice and continued to eat.

Finally finding a county town, Bai Lingmiao was not in a hurry to leave, so she planned to have a good sleep at the inn before starting her journey again.

In the bustling market, Lu Xiucai muttered angrily. From time to time, he even gnashed his teeth and cursed secretly.

No matter how hard he scolded, he couldn’t stop the growling in his stomach. He glanced at the woman behind him who was quietly following him with lowered eyebrows, and pulled her to continue looking for food in the county town. But there was no money, and there was no way to find food. When the sun went down, they only had enough water.

“Hey! Men! Come on, come on! Are you short of money?” A man in the dark alley waved to Lu Xiucai. Lu Xiucai walked over in surprise and asked, “What’s the matter?” The man opened his hand and a few pieces of silver appeared.

In front of Xiucai, just when Lu Xiucai’s eyes were shining, the man with two beards quickly retracted his eyes.

When he saw Li Huowang eager to ask questions, he pointed to Tao’er behind Lu Xiucai with his hand. “For three taels of silver, how about letting your aunt serve as a concubine for a year?” “Pawn a concubine?”

“What? Don’t you understand? I’m going to borrow your mother-in-law’s belly to give birth to a son, and then send him back to you with his beard and tail intact.”

“Your grandma’s!” With a bang, Chang Xiucai punched the man in the face with his fist. After being beaten, he naturally had to fight back. The two of them immediately started fighting each other. Lu Xiucai was not as tall as the other person, but he was also smaller. Not as big as the opponent, he was naturally beaten badly.

Tao’er, who was on the side, just rushed over to break up the fight, but was slapped away by the man. Lu Xiucai’s eyes suddenly turned red when he saw this scene. “It belongs to your grandma! I will fight with you!” Mu Xiucai took out a small dagger from his arms and finally stopped the opponent’s fist. He looked at Lu Xiucai’s venomous eyes, snorted guiltily, turned around and left.

After he relaxed, Lu Xiucai felt pain all over his body. His tongue rolled in his mouth. When Lu Xiucai spat out, his two back molars were spat out on the ground with blood. “Damn, why am I so unlucky!”


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