Mutated Tao Chapter 417: Bai Lingmiao


“Dongdongdong~!! Dongdongdong~! It’s dark in the west as the sun sets~. Nine out of ten houses have their doors locked. Only one door is unlocked. Let’s burn incense and play drums to invite the gods~”

Accompanied by the rapid beating of the drum, Bai Lingmiao surrounded the naked man with his limbs tied in the center of the room while beating the drum.

A group of people, men, women and children were lying in the corner next to them, trembling with tears in their eyes.

“It is very auspicious to go to Guan today, and the south dipper depends on the north dipper”

“Before you come to the pass, squirt the divine water three times”

“Step forward to the southwest and north, Qian is the sky and Kun is the earth”

“Only the demons and ghosts are far away!!”

As Bai Lingmiao sang the song “Moving Soldiers”, he immediately took off the red hijab on his head, soaked it in the water tank that had been prepared nearby, and covered the man’s face with water drops.

In an instant, the man whose limbs were tied suddenly let out a scream like a ghost crying or a wolf howling.

The water-soaked red hijab kept changing its appearance with the sound of drums, sometimes rising into a split wolf head, sometimes sinking into the skull and turning into a four-headed snake that seemed to be glued together.

The screams became louder and louder, and finally at the peak, the man’s body instantly tensed up like a bow, and he collapsed directly on the ground.

Immediately afterwards, a red mist figure with a vague shape like a lake crawled out from under the red hijab and ran quickly towards the beams and pillars on the side.

Bai Lingmiao had no intention of moving, and waited until the little fog man got into the corner of the pillar before she walked over.

When the two gods inserted their sharp nails into the wooden beam and opened it with force, with the sound of the wood cracking, a small blood-red palace appeared in front of them.

This small palace does not seem to be made first and then put in, but is directly sculpted from the core of the beam.

“Have you offended anyone?”

The two gods quickly pulled their black nails, and the entire small palace collapsed in an instant, and the conspicuous red color quickly dimmed.

When Bai Lingmiao saw the copper coin reward sent to her by the slave owner, Bai Lingmiao raised her head and glanced at the surrounding disciples. She didn’t take it, so she simply turned and left.

“It’s too tiring to hold this small amount of copper coins. You can just repair the pillars. Think carefully about who installed these beams. Remember to stay away next time.”

When Bai Lingmiao came out and got on his carriage, he immediately exhaled, “This job is really hard to find.”

Chun Xiaoman waited until the two gods behind him bent their legs to get on the carriage, then gently shook the reins and let the carriage set off in the direction of Niuxin Village. “Miaomiao, the errands of the Yuexian family should be considered completed this month, right?”

Hearing Chun Xiaoman’s words, Bai Lingmiao nodded, “Well, it’s only for this month, and the calculation will start all over again next month.”

After saying that, she fell back and lay directly on the carriage. She picked up the book on the side and opened it to read.

The content of this book is very simple. There is a word “duck” written on the left side, and a duck is drawn on the right side.

“Duck” Bai Lingmiao took a wooden stick and copied the character over and over again, very seriously.

After firmly remembering the word in her mind, she turned to the second page again, this time it was pig.

This literacy book is not sold anywhere else and was drawn by Gao Zhijian himself.

There are so many books on exercises under the ancestral hall, but they are recorded in words. In order to understand what her people left for her, she must learn to read the words.

With the creaking of the carriage’s wheels, the sky gradually darkened. When Chun Xiaoman opened the curtain, it was pitch black inside, with only a pair of green reflective animal eyes floating in the air.

“Miaomiao, it’s so late, why don’t you sleep here today?”

“You go ahead and do your work, and I’ll take a look.”

Hearing the other party’s reply, Chun Xiaoman sighed softly, pulled down the curtain and went to collect firewood.

Not only has Miaomiao’s personality changed, but her way of doing things has also changed, and she has become particularly accepting of death.

After I decided to learn to read, apart from eating and drinking, I spent the rest of the time immersed in books, as if I would never give up until I learned how to read.

Just when Chun Xiaoman was holding enough firewood to build a bonfire next to the carriage, she saw Ershen holding some wild vegetables in his arms, standing silently in front of her.

“Thank you, I’ll get the pot over. Just keep an eye on it and don’t let the fire go out.”

When two people eat, they don’t need a pot as big as in the past. A normal small iron pot will do. Chun Xiaoman broke the pot helmet into small pieces and threw them into the pot.

When it is cooked until it is semi-soft, throw in some dried meat and wild vegetables, and it will be a simple dinner.

When he saw Bai Lingmiao hugging the book even while eating, Chun Xiaoman shook his head helplessly, and his sister was almost stunned.

“Why bother, doesn’t Gao Zhijian know how to read?”

“It is better to rely on yourself than to rely on the sky and the earth, and his brain is not strong enough. What if he sees it wrong, you don’t even know.”

“Have you forgotten how Li Huowang deceived that scoundrel? I don’t want to make the same mistake again.”

“How about hiring some teachers?”

“Well, this is a good idea. Then let the teachers know that I am a remnant of the White Lotus Sect, and then report it to Supervisor Tiansi.”

Chun Xiaoman frowned slightly. The Miaomiao in the past would never be so sarcastic about herself as she is now.

When the two gods used tachyons to hold two pieces of meat and put them in Chun Xiaoman’s bowl, her dissatisfaction subsided a little.

“It’s better for you.” Chun Xiaoman gently leaned on Ershen’s shoulders and continued to eat his vegetable and meat buns.

After eating, the two of them lay on the bed to rest, one on the left and one on the right, back to back.

With a click, Bai Lingmiao put her hand on Chun Xiaoman’s shoulder, which gradually made the remaining dissatisfaction in her heart dissipate.

She turned around and hugged the other person’s closed eyes as gently as before. No matter how the other person became, Miaomiao was still her good sister who comforted her when she was most vulnerable.

When she was about to close her eyes, another body also pressed up from her back, that was the body of the two gods.

“Oh, you guys” Chun Xiaoman was just lying down sleeping, holding someone in his arms.

When Chun Xiaoman got up again the next day, he found that the carriage under him had moved.

She hit a hatchet and came to the front to take the reins from the hands of the two gods, but the other **** refused to give it to her.

“I’m here, I won’t be tired. I’m just driving a carriage, not walking on my feet.”

Just when the two were arguing, a small county town appeared in front of them, and various tenant farmers rushed in carrying various game bamboo baskets and furs.

“Yes, today is the 15th, time to catch up with the big market.”

The carriage entered the county town, and there was a buzzing noise all around. Both sides of the street were full of sellers and buyers.

There were also many people who came out without buying anything, which made the streets very congested and the carriages moved very slowly.

“Why is it so noisy?” An impatient Bai Lingmiao opened the car curtains, and the bright sunlight almost blinded her eyes.

When she was about to pick up the ribbon that Li Huowang tied on her hand and wrap it around her eyes, she unexpectedly spotted an acquaintance.

“Xiao Man, do you think that person is Lu Xiucai?”


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