Mutated Tao Chapter 398: Noodles


Standing in the chaotic bedroom, Lu Xiucai stared at everything in front of him in stunned silence. He never expected that the blind man in front of him would actually kill Master Kui and the others like this. Kill them all.

“Isn’t this man a wise man who punishes evil and promotes good? Why does he still kill good people? Why is it different from the story told by the old man?”

At this moment, Blind Chen suddenly turned his head and looked at Lu Xiucai. Although he was blind, Lu Xiucai suddenly broke out in a cold sweat due to the other party’s move.

“Oh, why is there only one room left?” Blind Chen said, raising the mirror towards Lu Xiucai.

Ultimately, Lu Xiucai was frightened and **** himself. He tremblingly raised the copper coin in his hand and shouted with all his strength: “Don’t kill me! My master is Li Huowang!!”

Hearing this, Blind Chen stopped immediately.

As if he had found a life-saving straw, Lu Xiucai hurriedly begged and said to Blind Chen: “Master, do you know my master, right? For the sake of my master, please spare me for once. I will talk to the outside world.” I really don’t know those people!”

Blind Chen walked over and took away the copper coins in his hand one by one. “I don’t know Li Huo Wang or Dog Huo Wang. It’s just that these five copper coins are not bad and have some aura. They can be considered as money to buy your life.”

Blind Chen weighed the old copper coins in his hand, turned around and left with his white flag.

After Chen Xiazi left for a long time, a breeze blew by, and Lu Xiucai shivered and woke up.

He looked at the large pool of flesh and blood outside the window as if he had just woken up from a dream. Master Kui, who had been so powerful in his eyes before, died so worthless. He was not even worthy of an ant in front of the blind man.

The blind man’s actions shattered Lu Xiucai’s complacent attitude.

This is different from his master Li Huowang. Although Li Huowang is cold and a little nervous, he never kills people at will, just like the masters in the old bones. But the blind man is different. He can kill people anytime he wants. Take your own life! !

Thinking of this, a powerful fear enveloped Lu Xiucai’s heart, making his body tremble uncontrollably. Just now, if he didn’t have the five copper coins to buy his life, he would probably end up in the same situation. The same fate as Mr. Kui and others.

After the fear passed, strong unwillingness kept pouring out of my heart. Why, why should I be worthless in the eyes of others. He also wants to be like Blind Chen!

What he didn’t learn from Li Huowang, he learned from this blind man: eating well, drinking well, and playing with women are nothing! You have to become as powerful as that blind man!

When he thought that everyone’s lives depended on his own thoughts, Lu Xiucai’s body kept trembling with excitement.

“I will go back to find the master! I will definitely ask him to teach me magical powers!!” Lu Xiucai clenched his fists, gritted his teeth, climbed over the wall and rushed outside –

“Hey, I’m here to test you. Who founded this Daqi? I’m sorry you don’t know. Let me tell you, when the black natural disaster fell, it was General Qilu who led his people to float. Coming from across the ocean.”

“At that time, this place was a wilderness, with all kinds of Taoist, Buddhist, and Taoist kingdoms in chaos. It was also the general of Qi and Lu who fought in the south and north, and finally completely established the Qi King City when he was ninety-five years old. , and the world was unified by his grandson Qi Heng, who also founded the Supervisor Tiansi.”

“Woo” The steamed bun lying on Hei Tai Sui tilted his head and looked at the clean-faced scholar in front of him. As a dog, he really didn’t understand what the other person was saying.

Except for Hei Tai Sui who occupied most of the entire carriage, all other gaps were filled with Zhuge Yuan’s books, calligraphy and paintings. He didn’t care, sitting in the pile of books and talking endlessly to the steamed buns.

He opened his mouth and hit Haqie. Mantou stood up and was about to leave when he saw a piece of meat in the other person’s hand. Mantou immediately sat down again, sticking out his tongue and listening to the other person continue talking.

Li Huowang, who was driving his horse, listened to the figure in the carriage and sighed helplessly. Of course, Zhuge Yuan was not crazy and wanted to tell the dog history.

He just saw that he was not willing to listen to him, so he used the excuse of telling history books to dogs to tell it to himself.

I don’t know why, but he always wanted to teach me the historical records of Daqi. If he didn’t teach historical records, he would be very eager to teach me his calligraphy skills. He felt really uncomfortable reading my harsh words.

Zhuge Yuan is very easy to teach, and he has a mouth that can’t stop talking, which really doesn’t match his unpredictable strength.

The wheels of the carriage rolled slowly, and gradually a small stall was set up on the dirt road next to it. Some white smoke floated out from it, and it looked like it was selling food.

“Brother Li, why don’t you stop? I’ve been eating this dry food for so many days, it would be nice to have a change of taste.” Zhuge Yuan opened the car curtain and asked in surprise.

Li Huowang was holding the reins, frowning and staring at the diners eating noodles and the old ladies serving them. “It’s not safe. These people are probably sitting there and forgetting the road. They might set a trap to ambush us.”

Zi Wangdao now hates Zhuge Yuan deeply. In order to deal with Zhuge Yuan, he will definitely find every opportunity to exploit him.

“Pretending to be a food stall and drugging someone, this is too petty. Zuowangdao wouldn’t do that.”

“Moreover, Brother Li, aren’t you just looking for Bei Feng to sit and forget the way? How can we find him if you are so wary?”

Li Huowang was stunned, yes, now he was not lying to himself, but he was going to find them.

The reins were pulled and the carriage stopped. Li Huowang, Zhuge Yuan and Mantou got out of the carriage and walked towards the stall.

“Young second-year students want to eat noodles? Our fish soup noodles are very delicious. The whole fish, scales, bones and meat are all cooked in the soup.” The kind-faced old woman came to the table and explained to the two of them. road.

“Here are three bowls of noodles.” Li Huowang said, staring at the old woman’s face word by word.

Seemingly frightened by Li Huowang’s actions, the old woman ran back in a panic and whispered something to the old man who was cooking noodles.

“Brother Li, calm down your mother for a while, and you can eat with confidence. They really haven’t forgotten their way.” Zhuge Yuan, who was wiping his tachyon with a white towel, said.

“Oh? Brother Zhuge, is there any way to distinguish between true and false Zhiwangdao?” Li Huowang was very curious when he saw Zhuge Yuan who was not panicking at all.

“Haha, that’s right. Since those Zuowangdao practitioners are all fake practitioners, as a pervert, if I had been so close just now, I would have seen the clues on them.”

“Line? What line?” Li Huowang listened very seriously. This was related to whether he could deal with Zuo Wangdao in the future.

“Connected to their orders.”

Li Huowang was stunned by Zhuge Yuan’s words. This was different from what he had known before. “They also have orders?”

“This is natural. If there was no Si Ming, where would their magical powers come from?”


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