Mutated Tao Chapter 396: Half Immortal


“Eighty percent?! Isn’t that twice as much?” Lu Xiucai almost cried when he heard Kui Sanjin’s reward.

But just when he opened his mouth to agree, he immediately calmed down.

My own people know their own affairs, this kind of evil thing. Along the way with my master, he has seen a lot of things in the world, some of which are powerful and some are not so powerful.

Although the master told himself that these five copper coins could kill evil spirits, he had never done it himself.

Seeing Lu Xiucai’s troubled face, Kui Sanjin sighed in disappointment. “Forget it, the Sa family doesn’t blame you. It’s true that this kind of thing is not something ordinary people can handle.”

Being so aroused by the other party, Lu Xiucai’s mind suddenly became hot, “Damn it, do it! People are hanging in the sky and will not die for tens of millions of years. I, Mr. Lu, will be afraid of this? Li Huowang is good, why can’t I?”

And if you really can’t fight, with those five copper coins, you should have no problem escaping.

“Okay! Lu Lang is bright! Sajia gives you a drink!!”

Lu Xiucai immediately imitated the action in the storytelling story, pretending not to care and put the wine in his hand on the table

“Don’t be in a hurry to drink! Wait until I kill Xie Sui, and then I can drink slowly with Master Kui!”

Lu Xiucai’s confident look immediately won Kui Sanjin’s thumbs up, which made his face even more proud.

I can also enjoy the treatment that Li Huowang enjoyed in the past, which is really good.

“Okay, Lu Lang, let’s leave now!”

When they got on the carriage, Lu Xiucai, who looked unconcerned, felt uneasy in his heart. He kept recalling how Li Huowang responded to the evil danger.

After thinking about it for a long time, he couldn’t find anything useful. In the past, whenever he encountered danger, Old Bones would always run with him faster than a rabbit. There was really no place to run, so he forced himself to do it. Get under the carriage and don’t let yourself out.

As Lu Xiucai complained, the carriage arrived. When he dismounted and looked around, he realized that he was out of the city.

The surrounding houses were pitch dark, and I didn’t know where it was, but there were only a few villages near Yinling City.

In front of the carriage is the door of a magnificent mansion. It seems that the person living inside has an unusual status.

“Come on, Lu Lang, follow me, my employer lives here.” Kui Sanjin said and knocked on the door.

The door opened with a creak, and an old man leaned out holding a lantern.

After he saw Kui Sanjin’s face, he quickly called the two of them to go into the house, as if he was afraid that something would follow.

“Three Golds, this is”

“Uncle Fang, don’t worry, this man is my brother, not an ordinary person. He has learned magical powers from immortals!”

Seeing the old man looking at him hesitantly, Lu Xiucai coughed slightly, put one hand behind his back, and imitated Li Huowang to pretend to be indifferent.

“Three gold!” Hearing the sound of a solid voice, Lu Xiucai turned his head and saw a group of men approaching him.

Standing in the center of the crowd is a stout, fat man. Although he is wearing brocade silk and has Buddhist beads hanging on his chest, he looks like a member of the military.

But his face was full of flesh, which didn’t match the clothes he was wearing.

The other people nearby were not much better, and they all looked vicious. If there weren’t other residences near the house, Lu Xiucai thought he had fallen into a bandit’s den.

When Kui Sanjin saw them, he immediately shrank his head and hurriedly greeted them.

Looking at what they were saying, Lu Xiucai suddenly felt unsure. “What are the origins of these brothers of Mr. Kui, and why do they feel like they don’t want to be in a serious business?”

This place was unfamiliar to him, and it was also night, so Lu Xiucai regretted coming here.

After talking for a while, Na Kui Sanjin brought the tall fat man to Lu Xiucai. “Lu Lang, this is Mr. Zhao, and the one who is haunted by evil spirits is his son.”

Looking up at the calm and intimidating face, Lu Xiucai opened his mouth and was about to say something. Suddenly he saw Mr. Zhao in front of him hold his hands firmly and said with great sincerity: “Lv Banxian, please Please save my son! He is the only child of our old Zhao family!”

“Easy to say, easy to say.” Feeling that the other party respected him, Lu Xiucai showed a trace of pride on his face. He liked this feeling of being begged by others, which made him feel powerful.

“Lu Banxian, it’s not too late. Come quickly, my son can hardly hold it anymore.” Zhao Tianhu pulled Lu Xiucai and rushed towards the house.

The whole house was very deep and huge, and Lu Xiucai felt a little dizzy. “Mom, I want to buy such a big house in the future!”

Just when Lu Xiucai was thinking this, he was pulled to a bungalow and stopped in front of it. There were no lights in the house, and it looked like there was no one there.

“Lu Banxian, my son is inside. As long as you can save him, you can say anything!”

Lu Xiucai listened carefully and found that there was no sound, and he couldn’t help but feel uneasy. “Master Zhao, is your son the only one in this room?”

“Of course it’s just him, there could be a few more, two book boys were torn apart by him!!” Zhao Tianhu led a group of people and pushed Lu Xiucai towards the door.

“Master Zhao, don’t be impatient! You have to tell me first what kind of evil spirit this is! Is this evil spirit powerful? Him? Is it a male or a female?”

Before Lu Xiucai could get the answer, the locked door suddenly opened and he was pushed directly in.

The next moment, there was a bang and the door was closed.

“Don’t close the door! What are you doing! I won’t run! Open the door quickly!” Lu Xiucai anxiously slapped the wooden door with his hands, but there was no reaction at all.

“Deah, deed, deed~” A strange trembling voice made Lu Xiucai’s body goosebumps.

He turned around tremblingly, facing the darkness in panic, and raised the five copper coins in his hand.

There seemed to be something jumping around in the dim room, but he couldn’t see clearly.

It was already here, and it was useless to say anything else at this time. Lu Xiucai mustered up his courage and threatened loudly into the darkness: “You little evil villain, don’t be ignorant! My master is Li Huowang! You If you dare to touch me, he won’t let you go!”

Lu Xiucai’s threat echoed back and forth in the room, and seeing nothing unusual made him calm down a little.

“Oh, what’s this? There’s this.” Lu Xiucai gritted his teeth and walked towards the house holding the copper coins in both hands.

After groping for a while, Lu Xiucai discovered that this place should be a bedroom. As for Master Zhao’s only son, he searched for a long time but still couldn’t find it.

“This won’t work. It’s too dark. We have to light an oil lamp.” Lu Xiucai groped towards the table. There happened to be a fire sickle placed next to the oil lamp.

As Lu Xiucai kept rubbing the two sides of the fire sickle, sparks kept popping up. Suddenly, a spark jumped on the wick soaked in grease, and the oil lamp suddenly lit up.

At this moment, Lu Xiucai happened to see an extremely slender pale face looking at him through the firelight.



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