Mutated Tao Chapter 395: Lu Xiucai


Surrounded by these people, Lu Xiucai came to Zuixian Tower shouting.

He didn’t care that it was still morning, and seven plates and eight bowls of vegetables were served. As soon as the withered flower wine arrived, a man with good eyesight immediately poured wine for Lu Xiucai.

Lu Xiucai picked up the bowl and took a big sip, which again attracted bursts of applause from all around.

You can’t see the disdain and dissatisfaction of other diners at all.

“Master Lu is powerful! Master Lu is mighty!!”

“Oh my, I don’t have such a good drinking capacity. Mr. Lu, can you teach me how to practice?”

“What is this? Back then, I and my master Li Huowang went to help Emperor Qingqiu exorcise ghosts and catch monsters. Did you see that there was such a high jar of wine? I, Mr. Lu, lifted it up and drank it all! ”

“Master Lu, tell us how you and your master caught the monster in Qingqiu!”

“Speaking of that in Qingqiu, although there are no evil spirits outside, it is very dangerous under the grass. If I hadn’t been there to take care of the master at that time, he might have died!”

While eating and drinking, Lu Xiucai told stories about what happened on Qingqiu. Most of them he heard from Gou Wa, but he just placed himself on the protagonist.

Amidst the bursts of applause, Lu Xiucai’s face turned red and his tongue became less stringent, but he still felt it was not enough.

When he was almost done eating, Lu Xiucai, who was in high spirits, waved his hand again, “Let’s go! Go to Rouge Alley! The whole debt will be on me!!”

For a time, the cheers became even louder, almost tearing down the roof, and the people around him became even more attentive, almost considering Lu Xiucai as his father. This made Lu Xiucai feel more satisfied than ever before.

It was already noon when Lu Xiucai, who looked satisfied, walked out of Rouge Alley.

He is not hungry either. The specialty of Yanzhi Hutong is that when you buy a girl, you get donkey meat dumplings for free.

After struggling all morning, Lu Xiucai was tired, and he headed towards his place of residence.

Logically speaking, it would be difficult for a person like him to rent a house in Yinling City, but Mr. Kui had great skills and found several guarantors.

“Creak” the glottis opened. Beside the well in the courtyard, there sat a girl in colorful clothes washing clothes. Her hands and feet were very nimble. Looks very diligent.

This woman was bought by Lu Xiucai with money. Her name was Tao’er. She looked ordinary, her buttocks were small, and she bought her cheaply.

Originally she planned to be his wife, but after going to Rouge Alley several times, Lu Xiucai stopped touching her.

It looked like wood when he fell on the bed. There were not as many tricks as the girls in Goulan Courtyard.

Now I just leave it at home to wash clothes, cook, etc., and use it as a maid.

As soon as Lu Xiucai fell on the bed, he started snoring.

Tao’er stopped his hands on the washboard, picked up the wooden basin and shook up the hot water that had been prepared from the pot, and then wiped Lu Xiucai’s face and body with a towel.

After wiping, I bent down and took off his shoes and socks to soak his feet.

After everything was washed, she put the quilt on Lu Xiucai’s body, and covered both sides of the pillow with clothes to prevent wind.

When it got dark outside, Lu Xiucai slowly woke up, smelled the aroma in the air, got out of bed, sat at the table and started eating dinner.

When Lu Xiucai was eating, Tao’er was not qualified to serve. He had to wait until he finished eating before he could eat the rest.

Two dishes and one soup, and there were fried eggs, and the dishes were all fried with lard. Lu Xiucai couldn’t even think of this dinner in the past, but now he feels a little disgusted.

After taking a sip of winter melon soup, Lu Xiucai wiped his mouth with his sleeves and was ready to go to the casino to win money. But he had to go quickly, otherwise he would be stuck outside when the curfew was over.

Just passing by Tao’er, Lu Xiucai suddenly saw a little blood on her pants, and his face instantly became extremely angry.

“Damn it! What’s going on! Whoever dares to touch my Mr. Lu after eating the bear’s heart and leopard! I’ll kill him!”

Taoer shook his head slightly, his voice was very low. “It’s not just that I have a lot of menstrual cramps and I can’t hold them in place.”

“What is menstruation? I ask you about the blood on your pants! What are you talking about about menstruation or not?”

After Tao’er’s low-pitched explanation, Lu Xiucai realized that women bleed every month.

“So that’s what happened. I said that when I was singing, my sister-in-law would always be mysterious for a few days. When I asked her, she even scolded me.”

Lu Xiucai touched his waist, stuffed some broken silver at the bottom of the bag into Tao’er’s arms, turned around and went out. “Buy meat for me tomorrow night. I don’t want to eat green leaves! I’ll be annoyed when I eat all the leaves!”

In addition to Lu Xiucai, there were also gamblers walking towards the casino. Yinling City had a curfew at night, but as long as you stayed in the casino all night, it didn’t matter whether there was a curfew or not.

As soon as he arrived at Mr. Kui’s casino, Lu Xiucai took out the five copper coins given to him by Li Huowang, bumped them in his hands, and showed a trace of pride on his face. With this skill, he would never be hungry for the rest of his life.

But just when he was about to go to his old place, he was stopped by Mr. Kui, who had a dragon tattoo on his shoulder. “Come on, come on, Lu Lang, don’t rush to make money. The Sa family has something to do with you.”

The two came to the small yard behind the casino. A copper hotpot was bubbling, and pieces of mutton had been cut.

Lu Xiucai sat down and started eating. He just didn’t have enough to eat at home. “What’s the matter, Mr. Kui? Just tell me if you have anything! You took me in back then, and you were my benefactor, Lu Xiucai!”

Kui Sanjin poured wine for Lu Xiucai with a smile. “Lu Lang, the Sa family heard that you had been with an expert in the past?”

“Of course! My master! Li Huowang!! He is like a god! He can even put his head back after he has been chopped off! What kind of evil monster, that only deserves food and drinks for him!” Lu Xiucai slapped his chest loudly, Those who didn’t know thought he was talking about himself.

“Then Lu Lang follows such a powerful master, he must be very powerful, right?”

“Hehehe~” Lu Xiucai picked up the mutton and blanched it in the hot pot, stuffed it into his mouth, and said proudly: “It’s not bad, I have my master, 40%, no! 60% is great! ”

“Okay! Sure enough, heroes have emerged from youth since ancient times! I admire them!”

Lu Xiucai smiled proudly. The famous Mr. Kui was very polite to him. At this moment, he felt particularly proud. He had already thought about how to show off to his brothers at the wine table tomorrow.

He didn’t notice at all that Kui Sanjin in front of him was pretending to frown. “Lu Lang, there is a troublesome matter here in the Sa family. Can you please help me?”

“I am a brother who shares life and death. I don’t know where I am unlucky. As a result, I got hit by a bad guy and became crazy. Even the monks and Taoists can’t help me.”

“If you, Lu Lang, can really help me with this, then you will get 80% of the money you earn from now on!”


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