Mutated Tao Chapter 383: Grandpa Dragon King


Li Huowang gently touched the head of the steamed bun with his hand, and looked at the direction the little girl was leaving through the translucent black gauze, with a hint of envy in his heart.

How great it would be if I could go back to a time like this when I didn’t know anything.

Just when he was thinking this, there was a sudden muffled sound, and the cabin quickly tilted to the left. The people fighting in the distance suddenly huddled together and turned into a rolling gourd.

Li Huowang drew his sword and thrust it directly into the ground. He stretched out his hand and grabbed the tail of the steamed bun.

“With such a big wave, will the carriage in the lower cabin be fine?”

Thinking of the consequences of Hei Taisui breaking free in the cabin, Li Huowang couldn’t help but become a little nervous. He couldn’t wait for the boat to return to flatness, so Li Huowang stumbled towards the horse’s tail.

When he saw that there was nothing unusual about the carriage he was crucified on, and that the blindfolded horse next to him was quietly chewing horse feed, he breathed a sigh of relief.

After carefully checking the carriage’s heels, Li Huowang felt relieved and turned around again.

However, when Li Huowang came to the cabin again, he was shocked to find that the large group of people just now were gone, and the slender leaves were scattered on the floor.

“Bump!” There was another muffled sound, and the entire cabin tilted violently again.

“What’s going on?” Li Huowang frowned, sensing something was wrong, and quickly rushed toward the deck while holding the hilt of his sword.

As soon as he stepped out of the hatch, his face was immediately covered by the pouring rain. The people on the ship did not disappear. They gathered around the deck and listened to the boss of the ship, jumping up and down excitedly.

“Get out of here!! What unscrupulous guy lied about his last name! Do you know that just because of you, the whole boat is going to be fed to the fishes!”

“Bump!” The boat tilted again, causing everyone on board to shout in panic.

At this moment, Li Huowang also noticed something strange. Although it was pouring rain, there were no waves in the surrounding sea at all, as if the tilt of the ship’s hull was caused by the impact of something.

Li Huowang quickly walked to the side of the boat and looked towards the water. I wonder if it was due to the clouds in the sky at this moment. The previously dark blue sea completely turned into a strange dark green.

“Bump~” The boat trembled violently again, and Li Huowang saw a black lake-like flash passing under the water, and strands of black hair swayed from the water and rose to the surface.

“There is really something in this water.” Li Huowang’s mood became extremely bad when he thought of something similar to the river **** before staying in the water.

Nothing happened along the way, but when we were about to arrive, something happened again.

While Li Huowang was thinking about what to do, he heard the sound of bumping and kowtowing from behind him.

The boss of the ship, whose forehead was bleeding, had already taken out a bright long knife from his waist, and shouted in a very broken voice: “Who the **** is it! Who concealed the name! If you don’t come out, I will kill you all.” Kill!”

The boat boss’s appearance obviously frightened everyone. The man with the dog skin plaster on his forehead quickly pointed to the sallow-faced woman next to him.

“It’s her! I heard her call her daughter by her nickname! Her daughter’s surname is Chen!”

As if he had found a life-saving straw, the boat boss rushed forward happily and reached out to the little girl who was hugging her tightly. That girl was the girl who gave Li Huowang sesame candy before.

“Okay, how dare you board the ship with the surname Chen! Just say that Grandpa Dragon King shouldn’t have come here!”

“What are you going to do!! Let go of my daughter!!”

“What are you doing! Grandpa Dragon King is here, what do you think I am doing! Let go!”

Shouts, screams, and cries of girls gathered together in the pouring rain.

“Bump!” The hull of the boat was knocked up high again. At this moment, other people were also panicking, and they repeatedly spoke to persuade the woman to let go.

Looking at the chaos in front of him, Li Huowang was about to speak when a low shout came from beside him. “You actually want to feed a child to evil spirits in the water, are you still human?”

“Huh?” Li Huowang looked up and found that the person speaking was one of the people who played cards before. He was the bearded bald man with the best card skills.

Seeing someone coming forward, Li Huowang stopped walking forward and prepared to wait and see what happened. If someone could take action to solve the problem, he would be happy to be quiet.

The boss of the boat wiped the rainwater from his face with his hand and shouted to the man: “You say it lightly, Grandpa Dragon King is in the water! My boat can’t hold up for a few times. It will sink and everything will be lost.” Die!”

“Throw this child down, do you think the things in the water can leave?”

“Of course! This Grandpa Dragon King only eats people named Chen and Fan! As long as it eats it, we can survive!”

“Ignorance and stupidity! Get out of my way!” The bearded man pushed the boat boss away violently, strode to the bow, and began to clasp his hands in front of the dark water, as if he was thinking something.

Although this person looks very ordinary, he seems to have two things going for him.

Li Huowang thought for a while and walked over, and asked him with some worry: “Are you sure?”

“If you’re not sure, why don’t you have sex? A real man! How can you hide behind and watch a girl die for me?”

Li Huowang looked back and saw the little girl lying in his mother’s arms, and couldn’t help but nodded. “Well said, well said.”

The bearded man looked at Li Huowang’s weird dress in confusion, “Brother, who are you? Which sect?”

Before Li Huowang could speak, the hull of the ship suddenly rose high again, and an extremely terrifying creaking sound came from under the hull.

The anxious voice of the boat boss sounded again, “The boat can’t hold on any longer! Whatever you want to do, just do it quickly!!”

Li Huowang took off his bamboo hat, turned over and stood on the edge of the boat, looking down at the growing number of black hair on the water. “No matter what is down there, let’s do it together and hope it will be bigger.”

The bearded man looked at Li Huowang’s skinless head with a solemn expression and nodded slowly.

“That beast is coming! Get ready!” Li Huowang pulled out his copper coin sword and squatted slightly.

The bearded man didn’t care about anything else, he took out another string of Buddhist beads and wrapped them around his fingers.

Unable to see the black shadow emerging again in the dark green sea water, Li Huowang kicked his feet hard, jumped directly into the water.

Before Li Huowang fell into the water, the long black hair on the water seemed to come alive and tangled around him.

“I’m going to take a quick photo!”

The patina-colored copper coins separated quickly, and with a flash of cold light, the black hair was cut into several sections and stopped moving.

Li Huowang took a deep breath, and with a “plop”, he fell directly into the biting sea water.

When the salty seawater soaked the skinless Li Huowang, it was as if he was fried in a pan. He was shaking violently in pain.


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