Mutated Tao Chapter 381: Arrival


Facing the wine glass held high in Bai Lingmiao’s hand, everyone’s eyes widened. What happened to this girl Bai, that she has changed so much? Bai Lingmiao never did this kind of thing in the past.

Despite this doubt in their hearts, when facing the real owner of the village, others still picked up their drinks in twos and threes and saluted Bai Lingmiao.

When others started eating again, Chun Xiaoman sat next to Bai Lingmiao again, eagerly took her hand and asked anxiously: “Miaomiao, what’s going on? Why are you a different person now? Like! ”

Bai Lingmiao was also open-minded. He picked up a piece of chicken and stuffed it into his mouth. While chewing, he said, “It’s nothing. I just held Li Huowang’s sword.”

“What?!” Chun Xiaoman’s voice almost turned the roof off. She had seen the consequences after Lu Xiucai took hold of the sword.

When such a big thing happened, other brothers and sisters stood up and asked with concern what was going on. Finally, after their noisy inquiries and concerns, the New Year’s Eve dinner ended hastily.

After a long time, they finally ended this reality. Although their personalities have changed, at least they are still the same people.

However, not everyone is so open-minded. Chun Xiaoman held Bai Lingmiao in his arms, crying and complaining that he had not followed the prison. If he had followed the prison, this kind of thing probably would not have happened. .

Bai Lingmiao struggled out of her arms and said impatiently: “My ears are going to be deafened by you. If you really care about me, you should be happy for me. Now I have let go of everything and feel comfortable. “More.”

Things have already happened, and there is no point in complaining. Chun Xiaoman, with red eyes, said like a vow: “Don’t worry, when I master the magical power, I will never let others hurt you again!”

“Kung Fu? What Kung Fu?” Bai Lingmiao’s slender eyebrows began to frown together.

Chun Xiaoman suddenly panicked and quickly made up his mind, “No, I meant that I will find magical powers in the future and protect you after I learn them!”

But how could Bai Lingmiao be able to fool him so easily? “Isn’t that right? Don’t fool me. Did you find something under the ancestral hall? Sister Xiaoman, tell me the truth.”

Seeing that the other party had already guessed it, Chun Xiaoman no longer concealed anything, looked at Bai Lingmiao in front of him complicatedly, and finally sighed quietly, “Miaomiao, I don’t tell you because I don’t want you to worry, because you also know that you Family’s…”

Chun Xiaoman talked nonchalantly, but Bai Lingmiao’s eyes became brighter and brighter. He couldn’t even wait for dawn and hurriedly walked towards the Bai family ancestral hall.

“I should have thought of it earlier, I should have thought of it earlier!” Bai Lingmiao couldn’t hide the joy on her face, and not even Chun Xiaoman’s shouts behind her could slow her down.

Twisting the bronze monkey statue, Bai Lingmiao, holding up her skirt, quickly rushed into the secret door lobby.

She did not search in the lobby where she could see through it at a glance, but rushed through the wooden doors on the side.

Just as she was rummaging quickly, she suddenly stopped. Some special memories flashed through Bai Lingmiao’s mind. She had been here before, even when she was very young.

“Wait a minute, where are the second uncle and brother-in-law going?? Wait! I remember it is here.”

Bai Lingmiao walked along the corridor to the deepest point, but there was nothing here, just a dead end.

“Miaomiao, it’s not here. Gouwa found your magical power in the third door over there.”

Bai Lingmiao turned a deaf ear. She squatted down and carefully groped for something on the uneven wall.

Suddenly there was a tremor, the harsh friction of chains sounded, and the wall of the dead end slowly rose.

A row of bookshelves solemnly decorated with white lotus flags appeared in front of Bai Lingmiao. On the table in the far corner, a crystal clear white jade lotus flower shimmered, illuminating the entire room.

Each book is carefully wrapped in soft cowhide, with fine sand placed next to it to absorb moisture. The White Lotus Cult seems to take special care of these books.

“Oh my god.” Chun Xiaoman stared at everything in front of her in stunned silence. She really didn’t expect that there was a darkroom in this darkroom.

To be able to hide it so well, it is obvious that the things here are of extraordinary value. I am afraid that the skills I have practiced so hard before are not even worthy of holding my shoes in front of these things.

“It seems that my family has left me a lot of good things.” Bai Lingmiao looked around with great joy.

“Wuwu…wuwu” Ruoyouruowu’s cry sounded from the corner.

Hearing the cry, Bai Lingmiao showed a trace of impatience on his face, “Why cry! What’s the point of crying! You’re not going to help Li Huowa when he’s acting like this? You’re really relying on the Immortal Family to support you! ”

Chun Xiaoman leaned over cautiously, and then realized that the cry was coming from the two gods. She was squatting there and crying extremely miserably.

Xiaoman hesitated for a while, but finally made up his mind, walked to Ershen and patted her on the back.

Er God’s trembling body tilted slightly, leaning into Xiao Man’s arms, sobbing softly.

Looking at the red hijab in her arms, Chun Xiaoman was a little distracted for a moment. For a moment, she felt that the second **** in front of her was the junior sister Bai who was very close to her.

Holding Er Shen’s shoulders, Chun Xiaoman raised his head and looked at the ecstatic Bai Lingmiao in the distance with a complicated expression.

“Miaomiao, this is originally the property of the Bai family. I have no objection if you want to practice it, but you haven’t forgotten those human pillars that were buried in the soil before, right?”

“Don’t beat around the bush, don’t worry, I won’t use the harmful and harmful techniques in the White Lotus Sect. I’m not Li Huowang.”

“Drive! Drive!!” Li Huowang shook the reins violently, driving the four horses pulling the cart in front to run.

An ordinary carriage only needs one horse, but if you want to reach the seaside faster, you need to add three more horses.

If you want to go faster, put running charms on the backs of the three horses.

“Yu~Yu~” As Li Huowang pulled the reins, the four black horses covered in blood came to a trembling stop.

Li Huowang, who was standing on the slope, looked up at the seaside town in the distance. It was certainly not comparable to Beijing Yinling City, but it was also very lively with people coming and going.

Looking across the black tile roofs of different heights, Li Huowang looked at the seawater in the distance that connected with the sky.

The salty sea breeze blew across Li Huowang’s skinless cheeks, making him feel a slight sting.

“We are finally here. Fortunately, there were no accidents along the way.” Li Huowang picked up the black gauze hat and put it on his head, sat down again and shook the reins suddenly.

After passing through the city gate without guards, Li Huowang’s first stop was the inn here, where he returned the three borrowed horses.

The three extra horses were borrowed by Li Huowang from the previous inn as Jian Tiansi.


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