Mutated Tao Chapter 371: Little Busy


Sitting on the bench, Li Huowang stared silently at Cao Baihu, offered incense to the prison **** on the wall, and saluted.

Logically speaking, the act of burning incense and worshiping Buddha is not the style of a military strategist, but I know very little about them. Maybe this Daliang military strategist has a unique style.

After Cao Baihu finished offering incense, he returned to Li Huowang and the cameraman. He casually glanced at the copper coin mask on Li Huowang’s face and asked, “Father, it’s rare to come to this unlucky place. Something must be wrong?”

“Haha, Cao Baihu is quick to talk, so don’t worry about our family. This is brother Erjiu. Someone in the family has been infected by evil spirits. Compared with such a trivial matter, Cao Baihu must be able to catch it easily. ?”

When he saw Cao Baihu in front of him smiling and nodding, Li Huowang’s heart suddenly tightened. The other party’s reaction was beyond his expectation, as if it was a very trivial matter for the evil spirit to enter his body.

Li Huowang immediately stretched out his hand to pull the gourd around his waist and poured out all the Yang Shou Dan inside. “Cao Baihu, a small amount of respect is not worth mentioning.”

Unexpectedly, the other party did not answer the question and pushed those Yang Shou Pills back. “Hey, if you do this, you won’t treat me, Mr. Cao, as an outsider. Although the yamen are different, everyone is doing it for the entire Daliang Kingdom~”

After hearing this, Xiang Xiang’s mouth split open, and he asked with a smile: “So Cao Baihu, this is a small favor-“

The words of remembering the photos were quickly interrupted by Cao Baihu. “Logically speaking, I, Cao, should be able to help, but…”

Half an hour later, Ji Xiang and Li Huowang walked out of the prison with somewhat ugly expressions.

Ji Xiang spat fiercely at the door that was gradually closing. “Who are they? They want us to help them with such a small favor before they do it! I don’t think you should hang the Bixiu hanging on your door, just hang the Pixiu!”

Li Huowang stretched out his hand to stop him, “Forget it, Mr. Xiang, since we are asking for help from them, it is appropriate to help with a little help.”

“That’s what I said, but” the memory clapped his hands together in annoyance, “Oh, it’s all our fault for being useless. I’ll help you find someone like this.”

Although Li Huowang knew that the act of remembering the photo was probably fake, the other party was indeed pretending very well.

“It doesn’t matter, it’s just a small favor. I’ll just help.” Li Huowang had no intention of expecting the other party to help him for free when he came here.

If you can get Bai Lingmiao back to normal by escorting a prisoner, then this deal is really a bargain.

“Hey, I’m sorry, I really can’t apologize.” The reporter kept apologizing with shame on his face.

“Sir, Mr. Photographer, stop talking. Let’s go back. You are making me feel bad. If you are too reluctant to go, if Mr. Photographer knows about this escort, I hope you can tell me something. ”

I suddenly received an errand from Daliang Bingjia. I didn’t find an acquaintance to ask for details. I felt a little unsure.

“That’s okay. Old Man Cao is indeed right. It’s just a small matter. As long as you don’t pursue an official career in the future, it won’t be affected much.”

“Official career?” At this moment, Li Huowang was a little curious as to who the military strategist had asked him to take into custody.

The two sedans came to the back door of the small courtyard one after another. In order to express his gratitude, Li Huowang insisted on letting the reporter go in for a sip of tea.

Ji Xiang agreed with a smile on his face, but just as he was sitting in the lobby, Li Huowang’s words made the smile on his face freeze. “Master Memoir, are you really going to leave? Don’t you want to think about it again?”

Li Huowang doesn’t think there is anything that cannot be said about this kind of thing, and if he doesn’t ask clearly about this kind of thing, if he leaves later and Tuoba Danqing dies, then who will he turn to next?

Ji Xiang sighed quietly and slowly put down the tea in his hand. “You also know what we went through last time. Our family has reached the age of knowing our destiny this year. It’s time to take a rest. Besides, there are still people waiting for us at home. From now on, it will be your young people’s world~”

Then he clasped his hands together and bowed humbly towards the northeast corner, “As for the official, he doesn’t know what he wants to do. We don’t dare to ask and we don’t dare to listen. After thinking about it, saving our lives is more important. ”

Li Huowang, who frowned slightly, picked up the tea and took a sip. Hearing what the reporter meant, he was afraid that there would be no peace in the capital.

I’m afraid I have to be careful in the future to avoid being involved. No matter what happens above, it has nothing to do with me.

I have only one purpose, to find Bei Feng and get the method from him to relieve the illusion of mind.

As if he knew what Li Huowang was worried about, he stretched out his hand from his arms and pressed a more delicate waist badge with his finger on one side, then slowly pushed it over with a Geng flag written on it.

Li Huowang reached for it and looked at it carefully, with a hint of surprise in his heart, “Am I getting promoted again? And I skipped Xinshi and went directly to Gengqi.”

At this time, Ji Xiang said from the side, “Erjiu, our family can only help you adjust it to this high level. If it goes higher, our family will not be able to make the decision.”

“After our family leaves, you can take this waist card and go directly to the Ministry of Household Affairs to find Jian Tiansi to take over the job. It will not hinder your revenge plan.”

“Now that we’re at Geng Banner, the other signs can’t order you anything. You can also pick your own jobs. And you can give orders to an ordinary **** as long as he’s fine.”

Li Huowang looked at the card in his hand without saying a word. If the other party was returning a favor by giving him a house, then add this thing. It’s time to change it to the fact that you owe him a favor.

“Master Ji Xiang, I really have to give in to you for being like this…” Ji Xiang waved his hand to stop Li Huowang from continuing.

“Erjiu, you are a very capable person. You are more capable than our two cows. If you become successful in the future, just don’t forget our family.”

After Ji Xiang finished speaking with a smile, he patted the non-existent dust on his body, bowed cautiously to Li Huowang who was sitting there, and walked towards the back door without looking back.

Li Huowang sat alone in the empty lobby silently, staring at the badge in his hand in a daze.

Suddenly he stood up and walked towards the house. He still remembered what the other party said before and left him some small things in the house.

The thing left behind in the photo was very conspicuous. Li Huowang found it quickly, but the weight of the thing was not small at all. It turned out to be his rotten wood Ruyi!

Xinsu’s dry tongue twitched slightly when he sensed the person coming.

Li Huowang, who had a complicated expression, slowly brushed his fingers over the tongue and the coffin nails that nailed the tongue onto Ruyi.

The value of this thing is extraordinary, but the memory is left to me without saying anything.

He didn’t know what the other party had guessed about him, but the only thing that was certain was that the other party must have guessed wrong.

Taking advantage of the dark night, Ji Xiang walked alone to the entrance of a small courtyard. When he opened the door, a brand new carriage had been waiting for a long time.

Hearing the commotion, the gray-haired woman stuck her head out of the carriage and asked the reporter: “Brother, what’s wrong?”

Ji Xiang jumped onto the carriage nimbly and drove the carriage towards the north of the city. “The Nestorian boy has come to Beijing, and we have fulfilled everything we promised him, and we have also given him a lot of things. This favor is only a lot more, and we can leave safely.”

“Really? That’s great! Brother, we can go home!” The old woman’s face actually showed the pure joy of a girl, obviously she must be very well protected.

She reached out from the carriage, took out a piece of pot helmet, broke it into small pieces with her hands, and stuffed it into Ji Xiang’s mouth. “Brother, why are you so cautious about this guy Jing Jing? You’ve waited for him for so long.”


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