Mutated Tao Chapter 367: Double happiness


As the **** crows, the bustling Yinling City gradually wakes up, and the calm streets are gradually covered by pedestrians, donkeys and horses.

Everyone was busy with their own affairs, and no one would notice an excited red-robed Taoist sitting on the tiles of an inn. Likewise, no one could understand Li Huowang’s mood at the moment.

“Dad?” Li Sui, who felt a little surprised, carefully touched Li Huowang’s rapidly beating heart with those two tentacles.

Although an hour had passed, Li Huowang still couldn’t calm down and looked over and over at the contents of the letter in his hand.

No one can understand what this letter means to him. It means that he will not always be in pain and confusion. His life is not full of pain and despair. He still has hope! !

As long as he can find a way to get rid of the illusion from the north wind. As long as all the hardships are fulfilled, all the hardships I have suffered over the years will be worth it!

You can also live like an ordinary person and live peacefully with the one you love for the rest of your life!

It was at this moment that the lingering desire to die in Li Huowang’s heart completely disappeared. At this moment, he had one and only goal. He could not die or live! To get rid of the confusion of the mind alive!

“Huowang, what are you doing on the roof?” Bai Lingmiao’s words made Li Huowang quickly recover.

He turned over and rushed down, hugging her tightly, looking at her delicate face with some excitement. “There is a way, there is a way!”

Not only was his goal clear, Bai Lingmiao’s troubles were also solved, which was a double blessing.

Ji Xiang said in his heart that he had found a way to get rid of the evil spirit!

“What’s going on? What’s wrong with you?” Bai Lingmiao asked in confusion.

Li Huowang shook his head slightly, lowered his head and pecked her pink lips, and said excitedly: “Let’s pack our things and go to Beijing!”

In Baijia Village, a group of people with their children and their daughters were surrounding the Baijia lobby and watching the excitement.

Lu Zhuangyuan changed his past slick and generous demeanor and sat upright on the Grand Master’s chair very majestically. In front of him, five boys of different sizes were kneeling there, holding a cup of tea in their hands.

The first tall man spoke first, “Disciple Zhan Yuansheng voluntarily joined Lu Zhuangyuan’s disciples to learn the pear garden livelihood. During the period, all the money earned belongs to the master. If there is a natural disaster or man-made disaster, everyone will live up to their destiny. If you are selfish and run away from home, you are stubborn and refuse to accept it. Don’t kill anyone!”

After he finished speaking, he brought the tea in his hand to Lu Zhuangyuan. Lu Zhuangyuan suppressed his pride, picked it up and took a sip. The young man knelt down and took three sips in front of Lu Zhuangyuan, cautiously. Called master.

After the second, third, and fifth disciples followed, Lu Zhuangyuan pretended to be serious and said: “It takes three years to produce a top scholar, but it takes ten years to produce a niche student! Don’t It seems that we are a low-ranking person, but we can still be number one in 360 lines of work!”

“Disciples, you must practice hard and don’t be lazy! In the future, you will become a famous actor who will be famous throughout the ages!”

After finishing painting the pie, Lu Zhuangyuan coughed lightly and said to his eldest son beside him: “Juren, how about you take them to try their fitness first?”

After they all left, Lu Zhuangyuan jumped down from the Taishi chair, immediately put down his disguise, and was as happy as a plucked monkey.

Gouwa, who was holding a handful of melon seeds at the side, joked: “Master Lu, your Lu family class is getting more and more prosperous as you work, so you should go to Yinling City and buy a theater!”

Although these words were meant as a joke, they hit the itch of Leader Lu, and the smile on his face turned into a flower. “Hahaha, let me lend you some good words!”

Zhao Wu, who was leaning on a wooden cane at the side, asked with some confusion: “Master Lu, where did you find these people? Are their parents willing to let their children sing with you?”

Generally speaking, as long as there is a piece of thin land, they will not send their children out to sing in operas, saying that it will be embarrassing.

“Haha, whether you want to give it up or not, you have to have it first.” Lu Zhuangyuan proudly took out the cigarette rod inserted in the back of his spine and started smoking.

“These are the little beggars I met when I was going to the market. Once I am told to take care of food and housing, no one would refuse. Hey, you think it is strange that the country of Liang is so rich, but there are still beggars.”

“What’s so strange about this? How can there be so few unlucky people in any place? But there are so many fields here, and we can all become landlords, so why don’t you continue to sing?”

Lu Zhuangyuan felt itchy in his heart when he thought of the fields around Niuxin Village, but he finally nodded. “Hey, farming and singing go hand in hand.”

In the end, Lu Zhuangyuan was still worried. After all, these fields did not belong to him. Without Li Huowang as his boss, there would be nothing he could do if they kicked him out one day.

If you really build a theater, you will be able to earn every brick and tile by yourself. It’s a solid place to live.

He actually wanted to talk to Miss Bai about this matter, but something happened in their family and he never found the time.

I originally wanted to wait until Miss Bai felt better before sending my daughter-in-law to check on her, but it didn’t work out. Miss Bai was just like the little Taoist, and she didn’t know where she went.

“Gouwa, where did Miss Bai go? Can you tell me when she will be back?”

Lu Zhuangyuan asked the sly-looking guy why the entire Baijia Village was also her family property. She didn’t hire many tenants in the field, and no one discussed what kind of food to grow.

These two are like gods, as if they can live by drinking dew and not touch the fireworks of the world. If you don’t like fireworks, you should at least give them to the old man before I leave.

Hearing the other party’s inquiry, Gouwa’s face was filled with joy. “Ah, yes, my wife is pregnant. I’m going to be a father. It’s too early to give birth. At least it will be during the Chinese New Year and Qingming Festival next year.”

The wrinkles on Lu Zhuangyuan’s face were wrinkled together, and he looked at Gouwa with disdain, and secretly said with disgust in his heart: “Did I ask you this? Just say, why are you showing off? You are a father, I He’s also a grandfather.”

“What about Miss Chun? She hasn’t been seen recently?”

Gouwa grabbed a salted melon seed and threw it into his mouth. He opened the shell with his teeth and replied: “How do I know if she is my wife? Besides, with her bad temper, I don’t know.” I can manage it.”

Hearing this, Lu Zhuangyuan seemed to have heard the caution in the other party’s words, and left after laughing.

Gou Wa spat out the melon seed shells in his mouth and turned around proudly to leave the Bai family hall. He could still tell the difference between a member of his own family and an outsider.

It is impossible to tell the brothers who are in trouble together about what I found in the cellar of the Bai family ancestral hall, or to tell the Lu family class.

Wandering around the somewhat deserted Baijia Village, Gouwa walked into the gate of a high-walled courtyard at the east end of the village, grabbed the tiger-head door latch and started beating it. “Idiot, open the door. Why are you locking the door in broad daylight?”


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