Mutated Tao Chapter 366: Hope


Looking at the incomparably terrifying Li Huowang, Bai Lingmiao smiled lightly and leaned into his arms, changing to a comfortable angle and nuzzling him gently.

“I see you’re scared. Lie down quickly and I’ll explain it to you slowly.”

Li Huowang’s tense body relaxed, but at this moment his heart was clenched. Is Bai Lingmiao in front of him a great **** or a second god?

This must be clearly understood, as it will determine what to do next.

Bai Lingmiao squinted her eyes and thought for a while, but suddenly burst into laughter for no apparent reason.

“Why are you laughing? Tell me quickly!”

“Hey, I really don’t know how to tell you this. That feeling is difficult to explain in ordinary words.

“Then use the simplest words. The simpler, the better.

After hearing this, Bai Lingmiao thought about it carefully and then slowly said: “Huo Wang, do you know what is in a person? Or are people made of something?”

These words made Li Huowang frown. He didn’t know what the other party was trying to explain by saying this nonsense.

“Hey~ Huo Wang, take a guess, take a guess.” Bai Lingmiao’s deliberate act of coquettishness made Li Huowang very uncomfortable. Bai Lingmiao never did this in the past.

“Mortal body?”

“Um~” Bai Lingmiao shook his head slightly. “How should I put it? If I insist on saying it, human beings are formed by the ten emotions and eight sufferings. The ten emotions are joy, anger, sadness, greed, anger, ignorance, fear, love, and evil. The eight sufferings are birth, old age, illness, and death. , Resentment and resentment will occur, flesh and blood will be separated, and the five aggregates will be abundant.”

“Everyone has all kinds of emotions and sufferings. Some people have more and some people have less, but they all exist, no matter what people do. It is all caused by these things.”

Li Huowang’s heart moved slightly. “Who told you this? The Immortal Family?”

“Why are you in a hurry? Listen to what I have to say.” Bai Lingmiao glared at Li Huowang with dissatisfaction, and continued: “When people don’t use all kinds of emotions and sufferings, they don’t disappear, but they hide. ”

“If you hide it normally, just hide it, but the difference between the dancing master and the dancing master is that the dancing master generally has two sides, one is the great **** and the other is the two gods.”

Li Huowang looked at the two women on his left and right silently, and continued to wait for Bai Lingmiao to continue.

“Although we share the Eight Sufferings, the Ten Emotions are separate. At the beginning, the Immortal Family used my hidden Ten Emotions, plus some of their scattered things, to eventually mix them into two gods.”

“That is to say”

“In other words, we are the same person. Although there are some differences in memory, we are indeed both Bai Lingmiao. Just because of the evil spirit, I use happiness, anger, anger and evil too much, so naturally she will be of no use. ”

“In the past, Bai Lingmiao didn’t have much use for joy, anger, anger, evil, and greed, so naturally these were used by the two gods.”

Li Huowang looked at the faces so close in front of him, and his mind was very confused. This was the first time he had heard of these.

“Who told you this? The Immortal Family? Don’t believe them too much! Maybe they are lying to you!”

“What you said is right. The Immortal Family is not sitting on the road. It is using such well-known things to deceive you – it is not fun at all.”

The speaker was Hongzhong. The moment he appeared, Li Huowang subconsciously wrapped Bai Lingmiao’s body in a quilt.

“Do you know this so-called ten emotions and eight sufferings?” Li Huowang asked hesitantly.

“How fresh. Aren’t you hiding in Tiantiansi? Just ask a few more people and soon you will know whether what I said is true or false.

After coming to this world for so long, Li Huowang only now knows the so-called suffering of all kinds of emotions.

“No, the boy with Nascent Soul from Luo Cult seemed to have said this before, but I didn’t pay attention.”

Li Huowang remembered that his idea of ​​cultivating immortality seemed to be to escape from all kinds of emotions and sufferings and become the only one.

“So Huo Wang, do you understand now? I just have a little more happiness, anger, anger, evil and greed, but Bai Lingmiao is still Bai Lingmiao, and Bai Lingmiao is more comfortable like this.”

“No, I still like the original you. That’s the Bai Lingmiao I know!

Hearing this, Bai Lingmiao was not excited at all and pointed directly at the two gods next to him. “Isn’t that what she is? A weak Bai Lingmiao who is submissive and has no independent opinions.”

Li Huowang raised his head and saw the familiar yet unfamiliar look between the huge beast’s eyes. He stretched out his hands to hold the other person gently in his arms.

“Okay, you are busy then, I will make room for you.” After putting on his bellyband and underwear, Bai Lingmiao opened the bed curtain and left.

Li Huowang gently pressed his face against it, feeling the cold snake scales and the sharp hedgehog thorns scratching against him.

“Don’t worry, I will make you change back, I promise. Li Huowang’s words are unequivocal.

For a while, under the care of Bai Lingmiao and the two gods, Li Huowang’s health gradually improved, and his mood became more and more excited and uneasy every day.

It’s been such a long time, and there is no news from the memory.

Li Huowang woke up before dawn again. When he sat up using the bed board, a soft little foot kicked **** him. “Hey! How annoying! I was woken up by you again!

Li Huowang has long been used to it. He opened the quilt to get up and quickly covered it up to prevent the heat from escaping.

He opened the window and turned over directly. He climbed onto the roof, patted his abdomen with his hand, took out an enlightenment book and started reading.

A tentacle wrapped around both pupils and eyeballs came out of the navel, and he read carefully while leaning on the books.

Listening to the sound in his ears that completely overlapped with his own reciting voice, Li Huowang also understood that the task of this book was almost completed, and it was time for him to find something else to teach Li Sui.

He just had trouble choosing what to teach. With his level, he could only teach Li Sui’s enlightenment books. He really didn’t know how to teach higher-level classical Chinese books.

“Why don’t we just forget it? We don’t plan to let him take the top prize. He can speak fluently now and has a harmonious relationship with me. He has achieved the goal I set before?

“Dad, I want to learn this.” Li Su rolled a piece of turmeric paper in front of Li Huowang with his tentacles.

“You want to learn how to draw talismans?” I don’t say whether it can be used, but – thinking about how the squirming tentacle monster draws talismans, this scene will be weird no matter how you think about it.

Just when Li Huowang was hesitating whether to try it, a black shadow flashed through the air. When Li Huowang raised his head, a stack of letters fell from the sky.

“This” Li Huowang’s heart was pounding. When he quickly opened it and saw the Erjiutai Jian at the beginning, Li Huowang’s pupils instantly shrank to the smallest size. “This is what Xiang promised to give to himself!”

The excited Li Huowang looked at it word by word, and he kept looking for the word “North Wind”.

After searching for it, Li Huowang suddenly stopped and his breathing began to quicken.

Judging from the records recorded in the Supervisory Office, Bei Feng, who is sitting in Wangdao, has the same mind as himself!

It is precisely because he is a xinsu that he can use the confusion in his heart to dispel the obsession that increases with age. Finally lived to be one hundred and ninety-four years old!

Not only that, judging from Jian Tiansi’s long-term dealings with him, Beifeng really has a way to get rid of hallucinations

At this moment, Li Huowang burst into tears. After all the hard work along the way, he finally felt hope!!


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