Mutated Tao Chapter 361: School


“This is an illusion, this is an illusion!!”

In the dark bridge cave, Li Huowang, who had a **** head and a **** head, knelt on the ground, trembling and repeating again and again, as if he wanted to stabilize his belief.

This scene scared Huanhuan to tears. The steamed dumplings in her hands rolled to the ground, she turned around and ran out of the bridge hole crying.

Li Huowang knelt there and thought for a long time. The surrounding environment was sometimes dim and sometimes bright.

After changing between the bridge tunnel and the woods three times, he walked to the river, washed the **** scabs off his face, turned around and walked towards the outside of the bridge tunnel. A cold light emerged from Li Huowang’s fingers.

On the original ground, only Sun Xiaoqin’s name was left, and the other name had been completely covered by blood.

Li Huowang remembered where Yang Na’s school was. She once happily described to herself what delicious food was available in the nearby snack street. She also made an agreement with herself at that time that when the day was better, the two of them would go there together. Take a walk.

Li Huowang always remembered Yang Na’s affairs very well, even if the other party only mentioned it to him once.

The sharp blade pressed against Li Huowang’s head, shaving off the hair that was in one piece, revealing a scalp that no longer oozed blood.

Taking off his dirty old clothes, Li Huowang put on someone else’s change of clothes that had been hung outside.

Li Huowang looked so normal. He walked in the middle of the crowd, and no one pointed at him anymore.

He sneaked into the train station at night and got on the train disguised as a relative of a passenger delivering luggage.

When the confused Li Huowang woke up again, he found that he had arrived in the city where Yang Na was.

Looking at the sign on the bus stop, Li Huowang walked hard towards the university town with heavy steps.

He walked very slowly, as if this long road would never stop. However, no matter how slowly he walked, he would eventually get there one day.

Li Huowang was sitting on a plastic stool in the barbecue restaurant, staring straight at the campus gate in the distance. His strange behavior attracted some suspicious looks.

“What are you waiting for! This is an illusion, Yang Na is fake! Stand up and do it! I can’t give up reality because of an illusion! Do you really want Miaomiao to become that person who is neither human nor ghost? What does it look like?”

“I have traveled through time, I have already traveled through time!! Yang Na will be fine, she will live well in that world! There will not be a madman pestering her and blocking her happiness!”

“What are you waiting for! Come on! Come on! You made Miaomiao become like this, don’t you want to save her?!”

Li Huowang struggled painfully in his heart. At this moment, he thought that there was something that could help him get rid of this hesitation, so that he could stand up decisively.

At this moment, the fat-faced boss lady on the side came over and said, “Ahem, classmate, are you okay? You look a little bad.”

Li Huowang was indifferent and completely immersed in his own world.

The landlady wiped the table in front of Li Huowang with a rag, then turned around and prepared to do her own work.

Suddenly there was a scream from the campus gate, which instantly attracted the attention of the landlady. After a while, she saw men and women running out of the campus in a panic. “Huh? What’s wrong, is this?”

While others were passing by the stall, the proprietress reached out and grabbed a male student who often ate at her home. “Hey, little fat little fat, what’s going on at school?”

“Sister Liu, call the police quickly! The gang of bank robbers has arrived! They have already rushed into the women’s dormitory! One of them has a gun in his hand!!”

Hearing this, Li Huowang slowly turned around and looked at the boy who was speaking. He suddenly smiled.

“Can you be more fake? I can encounter such a low-probability bullshit. It seems that this place is really an illusion.” At this moment, Li Huowang put aside all worries and finally stood up and faced the campus The gate counterattacked.

Li Huowang was walking on the main street of the university, constantly watching the girls running around, trying to find that familiar face.

The further he walked in, the more his body trembled.

In order to relieve this unstoppable trembling, Li Huowang looked for someone and said to the magnolia tree full of flowers on the left: “Miaomiao, after I feel the pain in my heart, if I move in pain If I can’t help it, please help me achieve the ultimate physical pain.”

“Remember how the man dug out his throat when we were on Reed Island? Just do what he did.”

Then Li Huowang felt a little worried again, and said to the bicycle lying aside: “Li Sui, if Miaomiao really does this, you must not stop her, okay? She is not hurting me, this is about us. Can I get out of this hellish place?”

“No matter what happens, remember to follow me closely. I will save Jian Tiansi’s group if I can, but forget it if I can’t.”

The whole school was very big. Li Huowang searched for a while but still didn’t see Yang Na. When he arrived at the girls’ dormitory, police sirens were heard outside the campus.

Looking up at the high-rise building in front of him, Li Huowang noticed that there were angry curses coming from the middle floor. The hundreds of girls living in the upper floors seemed to be blocked.

“This is all an illusion, this is all an illusion!” Li Huowang muttered to himself and walked through the iron gate.

The first and second floors were empty, and they all ran out. When Li Huowang continued to walk up the stairs, he happened to come face to face with two men dragging a girl down.

Li Huowang nodded towards them, made some room for these people to pass, and then planned to continue going upstairs.

“Stop!! I told you to stop! Don’t come here!! Don’t think I don’t know what you are doing! You are in plainclothes, I have already seen it!”

A bald man pointed the blade of his knife directly at the neck of the girl in his arms. He looked very nervous and even his breathing was erratic.

“We want three off-road vehicles! Full of gas! Five million more! No! Ten million! Then evacuate everyone! I’ll give you one hour to prepare! Be quick!! Every day If it exceeds thirty minutes, we will kill one more person!”

Li Huowang ignored him and asked the girl in his arms: “Classmate, do you know Yang Na? How much does she live in?”

The girl was obviously completely frightened by the situation in front of her, and could not react at all except whimpering.

Li Huowang didn’t care and was going to continue walking upstairs.

“You **** stand there!!” An old pistol protruded from the corner of the stairs overhead. Point towards Li Huowang.

With the sound of footsteps, a tall man with a gloomy expression walked downstairs holding a pistol.

“Do you see what this thing is in my hand? It’s a gun!”


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