Mutated Tao Chapter 357: Changes


Bai Lingmiao smiled, with such openness and joy, that she seemed to want to accumulate something in her heart

Everything I have saved is vented through laughter.

Li Huowang has never seen such an expression from Bai Lingmiao after spending so long with him.

“Give me the sword! Give me the sword quickly!!” Li Huowang tremblingly turned to the man holding the sword

Bai Lingmiao walked away.

But just when he walked in front of her, Li Huowang saw the white-haired girl in front of him

With a raised right hand, the long sword in his hand stabbed straight towards his chest.

As the sword was raised, Li Huowang’s chest opened wide in an instant, exposing his beating heart to the cold air.

The next moment, Bai Lingmiao came up and stuck closely to Li Huowang. The blood spurting out of Li Huowang quickly dyed her light-colored clothes red.

“Ah…” Bai Lingmiao’s face showed a hint of relief.

Looking at the unfamiliar Bai Lingmiao in front of him, Li Huowang was about to speak when he saw the other person tilting his head slightly and kissing her.

After a few breaths, Bai Lingmiao slowly raised his head and looked at Li Huowang again, the corners of his mouth

Raising slightly, she laughed again.

Li Huowang tremblingly held the other person’s face in his hands, his expression extremely angry; ,”Miao

Miao, don’t be like this, okay? ”

Just like the first-level scholar, the evil aura on the Zi Sui Sword finally changed Bai Lingmiao’s character.

Bai Lingmiao’s expression gradually faded, as if she had turned back into that gentle girl again. She asked shyly: “Senior Brother Li…is that so?”

Just as a glimmer of hope shone in Li Huowang’s eyes, the shyness on Bai Lingmiao’s face was instantly replaced by excitement. “Hahaha! How is that possible! What are you daydreaming about?

“I don’t want to go back to the self-pitying self I used to be! I don’t care about anything now! To tell you the truth, I don’t feel comfortable anymore!”

“If I had known I could be so comfortable, I would have held your sword long ago! Let me tell you more

Look at you like this, then look at me! What a perfect match! Hahaha! !”

Speaking of these arrogant words, Bai Lingmiao’s face occasionally showed some things that are only found in immortals, such as hairy ears or a few snake scales.

After hearing the other party say so many shocking words, Li Huowang, who looked excited and painful, hugged the other party into his arms tremblingly. “Miaomiao, I’m sorry for you.”

Bai Lingmiao leaned into the other party’s arms and closed her eyes, smelling the strong smell of blood on Li Huowang’s body, and a trace of comfort appeared on her face. “Li Huowang, you can go back to Niuxin Village.

Everyone is waiting for you. ”

Li Huowang let go of Bai Lingmiao and looked at her familiar and unfamiliar face with a complicated expression.

After struggling in his heart for a long time, he said to the other party: “Don’t worry, this matter happened because of me, and I will find a way to make you change back to the way you were before.”

Unexpectedly, as soon as Li Huowang finished speaking, Bai Lingmiao’s expression suddenly turned ferocious. She raised her slender and soft right hand, stretched it straight into Li Huowang’s chest and clenched the fiery heart.

“Did you listen to what I said? I’m saying that this feeling is very comfortable! Why do you decide what kind of person I become?” Bai Lingmiao slightly raised her sharp black nails and gently pointed at Li Huowang’s heart Insert a pointed tip.

The next moment, more than a dozen tentacles emerged from Li Huowang’s body and tightly wrapped around Bai Lingmiao’s arm, preventing her from going any further.

“Li Sui, don’t do this.” As Li Huowang ordered in pain, Li Sui’s touch

The hand slowly retracted.

Bai Lingmiao, who looked like a smile but not a smile, took her hand out of Li Huowang’s chest and tightened it

Then he wiped the blood on Li Huowang’s hands.

After finishing this, Bai Lingmiao quickly moved forward, and the little bird nestled in Li Huowang’s arms as intimately as a human.

However, what was different from her intimate actions were the sharp words in her mouth. “Don’t think that I will rely on you for the rest of my life. It’s not necessarily true that I haven’t gotten married yet. I am a living person, not a pendant on your body, Li Huowang.”

Li Huowang looked at Bai Lingmiao in front of him with a complicated expression. He was no longer as excited as before. Now that things have happened, what should he do now?


While Li Huowang was struggling, others came over. They first looked at the heartbroken body on the ground and sighed, and then focused on Bai Lingmiao.

Bai Lingmiao was not aroused at all at this moment and stared back with an arrogant expression.

“Brother Er Xian, as the saying goes, marry a virtuous wife. You are not a very good-tempered woman. If you really want to live together, you will definitely be in a state of chaos every day.” Tuoba Danqing used the words of an experienced person. Tone, imparting experience to Li Huowang.

Bai Lingmiao was about to speak, but was held back by Li Huowang.

Obviously, Ji Xiang does not feel that now is a good time to talk about this. “Hey, Danqing, do you think now is the time to talk about this? Come back quickly, but I am exhausted.

The previous movements made the memory look shaky and weak, as if it might fall down at any time. A group of very embarrassed guys slowly walked forward.

As Bai Lingmiao supported him, Li Huowang kept thinking about Bai Lingmiao’s smile that year in the past.

“No, we can’t let Bai Lingmiao become like that. There will definitely be a chance to change her back!” Li Huowang said firmly in his heart.

My heart is set on searching for such an impossible thing, am I still afraid of this little evil spirit entering my body?

Li Huowang calmed down and quickly turned to look at the other people around him. If he was like a headless fly in the past, then these people around him might be able to help with this matter.

It’s just that Bai Lingmiao is around now, so it’s really inconvenient to ask.

On the way back, no one spoke, everyone was thinking about their own things.

Walking slowly, coupled with the interruption before, when night fell, it was no surprise that they did not reach the nearest village.

There was nothing to say next. They found firewood to make a fire, and the group rested around the bonfire.

Bai Lingmiao and Li Huowang slept together like in the past. They have been feeling this way for a long time

No more.

But it was obvious that both of them had suffered from insomnia. Under the light of the bonfire, their eyes met.

Looking at Li Huowang who was staring at him in front of him, Bai Lingmiao raised the corner of his mouth slightly, leaned into Li Huowang’s ear and whispered slyly: “Why are you staring at me? What? You are injured like this and you still want to have sex?”

Li Huowang sighed deeply and held Bai Lingmiao in his arms distressedly. Bai Lingmiao lifted up Li Huowang’s flesh, put his head in and kissed the beating heart. “Don’t worry, I’m still the same Bai Ling who shared life and death with you

Miao. ”

“I have not forgotten anything we have experienced along the way. Almost nothing has changed. The only thing that has changed is the difference in my thinking.”

“But it has changed after all.” Li Huowang’s tone was somewhat remorseful and helpless.

“Oh? Then do you dare to say that you, Li Huowang, have not changed at all along the way? You have changed too, okay?”

“Have I changed?” This thought flashed through Li Huowang’s mind, and then he shook his head hard. “No, I haven’t changed. I’m still Li Huowang.”

“Is it interesting for you to deceive yourself like this?” Bai Lingmiao rolled her eyes at Li Huowang.

“You have changed much more than me. In the past, Li Huowang would not cut off his own fingers or gouge out his eyeballs.”

“Could it be that the Li Huowang of the past was Li Huowang, but the Li Huowang of today is no longer Li Huowang?”

Beside the swaying campfire, Li Huowang listened to Bai Lingmiao in his arms continue to talk. “I judge others by myself, and so do I. The Bai Lingmiao of the past was Bai Lingmiao, and the current one is Bai Lingmiao.

Bai Lingmiao is still Bai Lingmiao, but a better Bai Lingmiao! ”

When Bai Lingmiao said this, his eyes seemed to be shining with light.

“Also, don’t forget, you killed my whole family.” This sentence made Li Huo

Wang felt numb all over.

“In the past, I always struggled and struggled, unable to let go of either side. I could neither forgive you nor let go of those family members who died.”

“But I am different now. I already know that they are the White Lotus Sect, and I understand what they want to do to you, so I will only say that you are not wrong to kill. In that case

If you don’t kill them, you will. ”

“Look, how clearly I think now, I won’t hesitate at all, not at all

It won’t hurt! ”

Hearing this, Li Huowang suddenly felt that the Bai Lingmiao in front of him was very strange.

Became a different person.

If I had to compare myself with one person, it would undoubtedly be Peng Longteng,

At this time, Bai Lingmiao was moving closer to Peng Longteng in both tone and behavior.

He doesn’t want this.

At this moment, another soft body came up from behind, gently hugged Li Huowang’s back, and a forked slender tongue slid beside Li Huowang’s ear


When he felt the two gods, Li Huowang trembled and stood up from the siege, looking at the two people on the ground with some horror.

Li Huowang’s actions naturally attracted the attention of others, and a forced smile appeared on his face. “I’ll put some water in it.”

When he saw the reporter looking towards him, Li Huowang glanced at the darkness to the side with his hand, and walked in first.

After a while, Ji Xiang walked into the forest as expected and looked at Li Huowang with a smile.

“Erjiu, are you okay? Tell us if you have anything! We will definitely help if we can.”

Li Huowang was so obvious just now. If he couldn’t see it again, he might be blind

After thinking about what Bai Lingmiao told him before, Li Huowang asked him: “Master Jixiang, is there any way to remove the evil spirit from the soldier’s body?”

The Bai Lingmiao of today is not the Bai Lingmiao of the past, even if the other party will never forgive her

Forgive yourself, you have to save her too.

“The evil spirit has entered the body? You have to find a military expert to ask about this. We don’t know much about it.”

Li Huowang’s pupils shrank slightly and asked again: “Master Ji, are you in Daliang

Do you have any acquaintances with the military strategist? If it is convenient, could you introduce Daliang Bingjia to me?

The memory glanced at the location of the bonfire and said, “Okay, this is not a big deal

If it hadn’t been for Li Huowang today, this group of people might have really fallen into trouble. Of course, this small favor can be ignored.

Of course, he just said that he was an introduction. As for what he wanted to do with the military strategist, there was no need to apologize for the favor.

After I finished remembering, I remembered what happened before with lingering fear.

“Fortunately, the matter this time has finally been settled. I’m waiting to see if I can give a gift to my godfather and move to another yamen quickly. This Supervisor is really not a human being.

. ”

“Thank you so much, Mr. Ji Xiang.” Li Huowang thanked the Ji Xiang.

Whether it’s useful or not, I must work hard to get Bai Lingmiao back to normal

“Okay, nothing else? If nothing else, let’s go out first. We have to continue our journey tomorrow.”

After the reporter finished speaking, he was about to leave when he and Li Huowang turned around and looked to the side at the same time

Linzi. “Someone!”

It was night again in the wilderness, and a line of sight suddenly shot out. This was obviously wrong


Li Huowang took out two pieces of turmeric and quickly drew the talisman seal with his own blood. After placing it on his knees, he rushed towards the other side with the afterimage of his body.

After staying at the same place, the expression of the reporter quickly changed a few times, and he quickly returned to the campfire, keeping a close eye on the heart-broken corpse to prevent the other party from making excuses.

Li Huowang quickly walked through the forest, getting closer and closer to the man.

Seeing that the man was still not stopping, Li Huowang raised his knife and cut off one of his own

A finger.

Bone spurs quickly emerged from the fingers in mid-air, and they quickly flew towards the person in the distance. Not surprisingly, he hit the man. When Li Huowang came to him, he finally hit him

I saw this man’s appearance clearly.

At first glance, Li Huowang’s pupils shrank slightly. This thing looked like a human, but its body was unusually thin. The thin layer of skin on its body was completely supported by the skeleton.

His two big whale eyes protrude, as if they might fall off at any time.

The mouth is concave, and there are not many teeth left in the mouth. The remaining teeth grow randomly.

For a moment, Li Huowang couldn’t tell whether the thing in front of him was a human being or some kind of evil spirit.

Facing the weapon in Li Huowang’s hand, this thing didn’t have any fear in its eyes, it just smiled sadly.

“Could it be that the tiger was lured away from the mountain?” The scrupulous Li Huowang did not hesitate to break the limbs of the thing, and carried it towards the bonfire.

When he returned to the campfire, he saw that everyone was there, and Xin Zhuo’s body was also there, and he breathed a sigh of relief.

“Master Xiangji, do you know this thing? It was the one staring at us in the forest just now.” Li Huowang dragged the thing in front of Xiangji.

“Oh?” Just as Ji Xiang came forward to look at it doubtfully, an extremely frightened voice suddenly came from behind.

Li Huowang turned around and found that it was Hong Da.

At this moment, Hong Da looked at the thing with deep fear in his eyes, “This… is being raped

The person who hides his evil heart! If it weren’t for the turbid heart that released them, then…”

The next moment, he seemed to be possessed by something, lying on the ground gnawing at the mud on the ground, the fear in his eyes getting deeper.

“There’s no taste, nothing! I can’t swallow it! We came in a long time ago! I don’t know

Since when have we been hidden by this turbid heart! ”

These words made everyone feel cold, and they looked around at the dark woodland.

The reporter rushed over and scolded: “Stop talking nonsense! The Xin Zhuo we want to catch is dead! The dead Xin Zhuo can’t hide us all! Is there another one? ”

Hearing this, Li Huowang’s heart trembled. “Master Xiang, there is indeed one more

The turbid heart is not dead, the woman had a turbid heart at the beginning. ”

“What? How can a woman have a bad heart? Isn’t there only one bad heart?” At this moment, everyone was looking at Li Huowang, so much so that Li Huowang even suspected that he had guessed wrong.

After looking at the scars on his arms, he shook his head vigorously, his own

There is no problem with the memory, it is their memory about this part that has been hidden.

“No! We are here to catch women with bad hearts, not this man.”

“What about the woman with a turbid heart?” The words of the memory became extremely sharp at this moment, and I broke out in a cold sweat

Slowly slipped from the cheek.

Li Huowang pointed with his finger at the man’s corpse with a bad heart on the ground, “He was hiding it in his karma.”

As soon as Li Huowang said these words, Ji Xiang’s face lost all color in an instant, and his feet went limp and fell directly to the ground.

Inside the dead, it’s finished, it’s finished, we’re all finished! ”


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