Mutated Tao Chapter 356: The Great God and the Two Gods (Additional update, thank you to the leader Zhu Liuli for the reward!)


“Wear it, it’s ugly even if you’re naked.” Hong Da handed the smelly beggar’s coat to the naked Li Huowang.

Li Huowang thanked him and put his coat covered with rusty knives on his body.

Just when he was about to put on his clothes, Li Huowang saw his **** forearm.

The skin there seemed to have something carved into it, but it was burned and completely stuck together.

“Strange, what’s going on?” Li Huowang slowly put down his hand in confusion and put Hongda’s coat on himself.

Li Huowang, who was no longer naked, was about to turn around and keep up with the photographers, but after taking two steps, he suddenly stopped, “No! Something’s wrong!!”

Li Huowang quickly rolled up his sleeves, showed the wounds that were stuck together, took out a dagger and made a cut on the skin on one side,

He grabbed the skin and pulled hard, with the sound of the leather tearing, revealing the flesh and tendons underneath.

The words were carved very deeply at that time and were clearly reflected on the meat.

After Li Huowang was shocked and read the words written above, he quickly turned to the photo and shouted loudly: “It’s a turbid heart!”

When he heard this, Ji Xiang’s expression instantly lit up, “Oh! I remembered it! We are looking for you to help with people with heart problems!”

However, the next moment, the expressions of the three people changed instantly, and the atmosphere instantly became extremely solemn.

“This bad heart has come out! They are hiding our memories of him!”

Li Huowang took out the Zi Sui Sword and looked at everything around him with unusual vigilance.

“Maybe it’s more than that. Maybe, this turbid heart has already hidden some of us, but we just don’t remember it. Don’t look into his eyes.”

The bead that keeps dialing “Pap, Pap, Pap”, seems to be calculating something.

When the sound of the abacus stopped, three of the five abacus beads in the group were moved up.

“Three people, three people with a bad heart.” Li Huowang and Hong Da were troubled by the words of the memory. They unknowingly lost three companions, and they didn’t even know it.

Li Huowang’s right hand flew up and down, carving what he just said on his arm, so that his heartache could not be hidden.

“Let’s see if we can force it out. You wait for the protector!” The reporter slapped the abacus in his hand on the ground and began to beat it.

Hong Da walked over with a solemn expression, took out a handful of rusty knives, and quickly arranged them into a lotus shape around the memory, with the blades facing inwards.

Li Huowang could not do anything else at this time, so he could only be on guard at all times.

Time passed little by little, and as the memory was dialed again, the number lost its meaning again, but this time it was not as effective as the last time.

Even though I was sweating profusely while dialing the photo, the turbid heart was still nowhere to be seen.

Li Huowang stared around with an ugly expression. At this moment, he suddenly found that there were a few more lines of words on his arm.

Those are my own notes, but the memory of writing this line seems to have been hidden by my heart. I don’t know when I wrote it down.

“Memory has an effect, but it is very weak! We must listen carefully with our ears! Be quick! It is not only Tuoba Danqing and Liu Zongyuan who are hidden by the turbid heart, but also Miaomiao!”

“The two gods didn’t leave at all before! She secretly brought Miaomiao to help us! Go and save them! We must not let them fall into the fate of their corrupt family members!”

Li Huowang’s body trembled, and goosebumps covered his whole body.

Li Huowang did not hesitate to take off the cotton wool from his ears and observed everything around him with his extremely keen hearing.

At the beginning, Li Huowang almost fainted from the roar. Every impact of the abacus beads sounded like a loud crash in his ears.

“Dad is so noisy, so noisy!”

“Bear it, it will be over soon! We want to save your mother!” Li Huowang gritted his teeth, closed his eyes and used all his energy to distinguish the sound.

It was very noisy at first, but as Li Huowang gradually calmed down, he heard some other sounds.

“Uncle… crazy…”

“No, it’s not this!” Li Huowang gritted his teeth and held his head tightly with both hands, pressing inward with all his strength.

Finally some sounds began to become clearer, it was the sound of footsteps that suddenly appeared and then disappeared.

“Over here!!” Li Huowang opened his eyes suddenly, a cold light came out of his body, and Li Huowang chopped straight towards the back of a tree.

A large tree one person wide was cut in two with a sword, and a man in ragged clothes emerged.

He glanced at Li Huowang gently with his dull eyes, and the Zi Sui Sword in Li Huowang’s hand disappeared instantly.

“Here we go again, right?” Li Huowang inserted his hands into his abdomen and broke two ribs again.

With the popping sound, Xin Zhuo bowed his waist and screamed along with Li Huowang.

Li Huowang endured the severe pain, roared and rushed towards the heart.

The man with a dirty heart glared hard at Li Huowang, and then he never expected that the ability that had always been useful in the past had actually failed.

When he came to his senses, Li Huowang was only a foot away from him, and Li Sui’s tentacles were already waving, ready to blindfold the other person at any time.

In such a crisis situation, Nan Xinzhuang did not panic at all. He suddenly raised his left hand, and a figure appeared out of thin air and bumped towards Li Huowang. That was Tuoba Danqing who disappeared before.

This was not over yet, Liu Zongyuan was also thrown out immediately.

When the third person was thrown out from inside, Li Huowang’s tense heart finally relaxed inexplicably. It was Miaomiao.

Ignoring the man’s turbid heart, Li Huowang subconsciously opened his hands and reached for him.

But when Li Huowang caught it steadily, the two looked at each other, neither of them spoke, but there were many things in their eyes.

Just when Li Huowang put the girl down in his arms, Miaomiao gradually disappeared, and she was hidden again.

“Heart is dirty!!” Li Huowang, with veins popping out on his forehead, roared and rushed towards the opponent.

But when he was about to get closer, another figure bumped towards him again, this time it was the two gods.

In this way, these hidden things are like stones, being thrown around by men with a bad heart.

All kinds of disappearing things are thrown away and disappear again in turn.

In terms of utilizing his own abilities, this man with a bad heart is obviously much more skilled than the woman.

Li Huowang knew that this was not going to work. If he kept struggling like this, Ji Xiang would not be able to hold on anymore.

If Ji Xiang can’t hold on, it will be even harder to find out this turbid heart.

I must find a way to restrain the other party.

Looking at the two women who were throwing themselves at him again, Li Huowang blinked at them quickly, and Bai Lingmiao nodded slightly.

Soon, Bai Lingmiao and Bai Lingmiao gradually disappeared again. When they appeared again wrapped in various debris, Li Huowang grabbed the ribs inserted into his chest and stirred them violently.

Xin Zhuo immediately bent over in pain. At this moment, the two gods in mid-air quickly turned around and stepped **** the soles of Bai Lingmiao’s feet with their embroidered shoes.

Bai Lingmiao took advantage of the recoil and rushed towards the male heart.

At this moment, Bai Lingmiao reached out and grabbed the long sword beside him.

“Don’t take it!!” Li Huowang stopped him loudly, that was his disappearing Zi Sui Sword!

Bai Lingmiao knew, but in this case, she had no choice.

When Xinzhuo endured the pain and just raised his head, the Zisui sword was accurately inserted into the man’s forehead.

The moment Xin Zhuo died, everything around him became quiet.

Li Huowang’s eyes widened and he stared at Bai Lingmiao’s hand holding the Purple Sui Sword.


Bai Lingmiao suddenly laughed, her body arched slightly, and she laughed together with the two gods, and then the laughter became louder and louder.



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