Mutated Tao Chapter 355: Hide


“Kill him!” Murderous intent suddenly appeared, and everyone’s weapons immediately attacked the beggar man.

Li Huowang was the first to react and attracted the male heart’s attention. After taking a deep look at Li Huowang, his body quickly disappeared.

The moment his eyes disappeared, Li Huowang felt a chill in his mouth. The copper coin mask was hidden by his heart!

But the next moment, Li Huowang realized that this was not the time for him to think about this. He had a very important thing to do now!

Hot blood kept pouring into Li Huowang’s brain from the back of his head. Li Huowang’s body began to tremble. His red eyes looked at everyone around him, including Ji Xiang, Hong Da, Tuoba Danqing, and Liu Zongyuan.

“Boom~!” As the fire sickle rubbed, Li Huowang felt a sharp pain up and down his body. The raging flames quickly enveloped Li Huowang’s entire body.

“Kill! They know my identity! We must kill them all!! We must not let any of them escape!”

At the same time that Li Huowang launched his attack, Liu Zongyuan curled up into a strip and ran for his life toward the window on the side.

I don’t know who made the move, but Li Huowang instantly felt a powerful force and was violently thrown away.

Li Huowang, who had completely turned into a fireman, roared, put his hand into his left eye socket and pinched it violently, and a strange light enveloped everyone.

Ji Xiang raised the rotten wood Ruyi in his hand and pointed at Li Huowang, but Li Huowang didn’t react at all. He raised the Zisui sword in his hand and was about to cut off his left arm.

“Erjiu! What are you doing!” the giant Bai Wuchang roared in the woods.

“Don’t waste any time! Can’t you see it? This guy is being controlled!”

Hong Da looked ugly, raised the rusty knife in his hand and inserted it into his arm.

But what the other party said shocked Li Huowang. At this moment, he looked at the people in front of him in great shock.

“What’s going on? Can’t they see through my true identity?” The shocked Li Huowang suddenly remembered something.

He remembered that when Zhuge Yuan gave him the spindle, he pointed at his mask and said something. “Use this, it’s much easier to use than yours.”

At this moment, Li Huowang suddenly understood what the other party meant.

The reason why they did not discover their own Xinsu abilities was because the mask that Zhuge Yuan replaced concealed his identity.

Li Huowang lowered his head and looked at his hem, which was burning fiercely. The torture tool bag wrapped with the spindle had been burned black, and it looked like it would be completely burned out in a short time.

“No, I can’t let this thing leave my body.” Li Huowang, who was on fire, quickly took out the spindle.

Li Huowang wanted to find a place to put the spindle, but not to mention his pockets, even his skin and flesh were burned away.

Finally, he opened his burning flesh and put the spindle into his abdominal cavity as if it were put into his coat pocket.

After letting go of these, Li Huowang walked towards the others. “Everyone, it’s okay. The person who started the forum to control me has been defeated by me!”

“Stop!” The reporter, with an extremely ugly expression, held a golden abacus in one hand and pointed directly at the burning man in front of him. “I don’t care if you are awake or not, just stand there for us!”

When they saw Li Huowang really stopping there, Jixiang, Liu Zongyuan and Hong Da got together and started discussing.

As for what was being discussed, Li Huowang was too far away to hear clearly. He had more important things to consider now. How should he extinguish the fire all over his body?

Li Huowang thought of something, reached out and pulled off the “Da Qian Lu” hidden under his skin.

When the thing was thrown to the ground, the raging flames on Li Huowang’s body gradually extinguished.

This time, because it was just the beginning, Li Huowang’s skin was fortunately not completely burned out.

At this moment, Li Huowang looked like a candle that had just begun to melt. Although it was still in severe pain, it was much better than the charred appearance before.

“I ran out of clothes again. Fortunately, I brought an extra set just in case.”

As soon as Li Huowang turned around and looked in the direction of the carriage, he only saw a fiercely burning fire.

“Hey” Li Huowang had nothing to say when he saw this, so he took out the “Fire Jacket Sutra” to heal himself.

When the burning snake crawled across his skin, Zhuge Yuan’s figure appeared in Li Huowang’s mind.

“He figured out my identity. Instead of arresting me, he gave me this spindle to help me hide my identity. Is his kindness true?” A warm current that had not been seen for a long time poured into Li Huowang’s heart.

Li Huowang suddenly wanted to meet Zhuge Yuan again. He had too many things in his mind to talk to him about.

“Erjiu” Li Huowang turned around and saw that the three people had already walked over. It seemed that they had already discussed what to do.

“Erjiu, can you tell who did it to harm you just now?” the reporter asked with a very solemn expression.

“I have an impression. He looks like a Taoist priest with a leprosy head.” Li Huowang replied matter-of-factly.

“Well” the reporter was thinking about something with a solemn expression. After a long time, he said: “Okay, let’s go back first. Let’s talk about it first.”

Hearing what the other party said, the others nodded and walked along the dirt road together.

However, it was obvious that others did not completely trust Li Huowang’s words and had a tendency to surround him.

After taking only two steps, Li Huowang stopped and asked in confusion: “Do you still remember what errands we came out to do this time?”

When Hong Da, who looked puzzled, heard this, he immediately turned to look at Ji Xiang, “I was just called out by Master Ji Xiang, and I don’t know anything else.”

“I was also called over by Master Jixiang. Master Jixiang, what are we doing this time?” Liu Zongyuan quickly followed up.

Huo Wang also looked towards the memory, and I also remembered that I was called here by this memory. If the other party hadn’t promised to help him get back the information about Zuo Wangdao after finishing the deal, he might not have accepted such a no-brainer thing.

Being stared at by three people, his expression was very solemn. He wiped the ashes on his face with his sleeves, seeming to be thinking about something.

“Our family… our family doesn’t know much either.” There was a trace of uncertainty in the words of the reporter. “Why did our family ask you two to come here?”

Li Huowang and Hong Da looked at each other and didn’t know what to say for a moment.

Calling them out, but actually forgetting why they were called out, this boss really does whatever he wants.

“Oh, okay, let’s set off first and find a place where there are people. The carriage is gone. If we don’t go faster, we are going to spend the night outside here.”

After looking at the sky, Li Huowang and others no longer hesitated and hurried on their way.


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