Mutated Tao Chapter 354: Men


“It’s so miserable inside, it’s so miserable,” Hong Da continued sadly.

“In the karma of a turbid heart, I can’t live even if I want to die. I can’t die from hunger or sleepiness, but I have to endure the torture of hunger and sleepiness. I just keep suffering, keep suffering”

“You know what? When he saw me coming in, her father told me that he actually didn’t blame his daughter. He felt that she could be tortured in there, which at least proved that his daughter was still alive.”

After saying this, Hong Da sighed melancholy. It seemed that what he had experienced inside before had deeply touched him.

After listening to Hong Da’s words, Li Huowang’s heart could not calm down for a long time.

He raised his arm and held the heart in his arms from his back, looking at this person with a complicated expression.

“If she is still conscious, I’m afraid she doesn’t want to torture her family and friends like this, right?” The most pitiful person is Xin Zhuo herself, whose unconscious actions torture everyone nearby. .

Compared with her, my confusion seems to be much better.

“Taoist, she is so miserable, let’s let her go.” The monk walked up to him and said with a distressed expression.

Li Huowang sighed lightly, but shook his head. “We can’t let her go. Let’s not talk about whether her existence is concerned about whether we can obtain the information about Zuowangdao. More importantly, if you let her go, it will only kill more people. Do you really want to do this?”

Even if she has no harmful intentions, she can hurt other people just by looking at her. If he guessed correctly, this village should have been full of people before. As for where the people are now, it goes without saying. Metaphor.

Hearing this, the expression on the monk’s face was entangled. He just wanted to do good deeds, but when two good deeds conflicted, he really didn’t know what to do.

He, Li Huowang, always felt in the past why Supervisor Tiansi was so ruthless and ruthless in dealing with Xinsu.

But when he saw Xin Zhuo’s behavior and abilities, Li Huowang finally understood why they did this.

Let’s talk about other things. When it comes to matters such as being alone, they are indeed protecting the common people in the world.

His turbid heart and his own temperament are too dangerous, and he will cause huge disasters inadvertently.

“Brother Er Xian? Who are you talking to?” Tuoba Danqing stared at Li Huowang in surprise.

Li Huowang blinked and patted his abdomen with his hand. “I’m talking to Nascent Soul.”

No one spoke for a while. Everyone put away their weapons and their expressions became relaxed.

Shentu Gang even yawned and stretched himself.

Just as Li Huowang was walking into the village, Tuoba Danqing, who was holding two large walnuts in his hand, approached Li Huowang and deliberately pulled him further back, lowering his voice nervously.

“Brother Er Xian, let me tell you the truth. If there is no movement for ten and a half days after returning to Beijing this time, then let’s go to Qingqiu together to hide from the limelight. Anyway, it’s not errands where we go. .”

Li Huowang was stunned. Was the other party trying to make him run away? “Brother Tuoba, do you know something?”

Hearing Li Huowang’s inquiry, Tuoba Danqing sighed helplessly, said nothing, pointed forward with his hand and strode to follow.

“I’ve got this heartache, so nothing will happen to the memory, right? But if something does happen, what should I do with the information he promised to give me?”

Reminiscent of Xin Zhuo’s ability, coupled with Ji Xiang’s panicked behavior, Li Huowang always felt that Jian Tiansi was eager to get Xin Zhuo this time, and seemed to want to use Xin Zhuo’s ability to do something big.

However, as a newcomer who had just joined Supervisor Tiansi, he was not aware of what happened above.

However, there is no need for him to realize that this period has nothing to do with him for the time being.

Glancing at Hong Da, who was worrying about gains and losses, Li Huowang followed Tuoba Danqing and walked towards the village.

The group of people walked very fast, and after a while, they arrived at the head of the village. The white fog outside the village gradually dispersed, and Liu Zongyuan, who was wearing a mask, also came closer.

“Master Xiang, how is it? Is it done?” Liu Zongyuan looked at the somewhat embarrassed companion in front of him with great interest.

“Xiao Liuzi, go and call the carriage over. We want to take a rest.” There was a trace of depression on the fat and white face of the reporter, and his words seemed weak.

“Since you have returned, I will not go back to Yinling with you. Erniu, please remember that our relationship is clear. From now on, if you kneel down and beg me, I will not bother to help you. .” As soon as Shentu said this, he turned around and was ready to leave.

When Li Huowang saw this scene, he quickly stepped forward and stopped in front of Shen Tugang. “Brother Shentu, can I ask you a question?”

Shen Tugang’s thick eyebrows frowned slightly, but he finally didn’t blurt out any obscene words as usual. “Hurry up, I have something urgent to do.”

Li Huowang lowered his eyes and glanced at the opponent’s leather drum, “I heard that those who dance the great gods have always been slaves of the immortal family and will never be freed in their lives, but I see that this is not the case with Brother Shentu. Can you tell me this? Why? ”

Li Huowang had noticed before that the song he sang was obviously different from what Bai Lingmiao sang. There was no respect for the Xian family in the lyrics. Not only that, there was also a faint threat in the lyrics.

“Are you asking for the eldest sister?” Shen Tugang, with his arms crossed, could tell Li Huowang’s thoughts at a glance.

Li Huowang did not deny it and nodded gently. If possible, he wanted Bai Lingmiao to change his current situation.

Not to mention completely getting rid of the control of the Xian family, at least like Shen Tugang, he can take the initiative in the game with the Xian family.

Shentu just nodded, leaned slightly and said something in Li Huowang’s ear.

As he spoke, Li Huowang’s eyes kept widening, as if he was unusually surprised by the other person’s words. “Really?”

“Let’s go. If we meet again in the future, I’ll treat you to dinner.” Shen Tu just punched Li Huowang **** the wound on his chest and turned away from everyone’s sight.

At this moment, the carriage came quickly. Li Huowang quickly put away the shock on his face and quickly got into the carriage with the others.

Just when he was thinking about the method the other party told him, Hongzhong’s words next to him made him raise his head.

“Li Huowang, wake up quickly, don’t think about it, why is there someone else opposite you?”

Li Huowang looked up and found that it was a scrawny man in ragged clothes. He was almost certain that this man was not with him at all.

The moment he saw this person, Hong Da had the biggest reaction, his eyes widened with a look of horror.

“Why did you come out!?”

The man first looked around at the other people who were watching him, and then said in a very dull voice: “I suddenly remembered that I also seemed to have a bad heart. I asked this woman to hide me and wanted to get in. I checked to see if there were any members of my family in it, but she forgot and then I forgot too.”


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