Mutated Tao Chapter 343: Bai Lingmiao


“Dongdongdong~! Dongdongdong~! Please ask God.” Rhythmic drumming sounded in a simple earthen house.

“The little whip is three feet long, and the colorful streamers are tied on top! Dongdongdong~”

“Go down and make a bend, point up and reach the tip! Dongdongdong~”

“One strike, three strikes, three strikes and you’ll be shaken! Dongdongdong~”

“When the whip hits the drum, the drum will sound. When the drum hits, please call the gods! Dongdongdong~”

Two women wearing red hijabs were beating drums around a child with an ashen face in the room.

Beside the child’s pillow, there was a handful of soil, with three sticks of incense stuck on top of the soil. The incense wafted out and swayed in the air, forming several imitated characters of Huhu.

Just when the word was about to condense, the closed window on the side was suddenly blown open by a gust of wind, blowing away the wisps of green smoke.

In an instant, the sound of drumming became louder and faster.

The great god’s slender black nails were twirling in the air, and the white smoke that was about to dissipate seemed to turn into a white thread with substance, and was wrapped around her hand.

The sharp fingers followed the guidance of the white line and pierced three inches below the child’s thumb.

Then he quickly pulled it down, and the child’s delicate palm was cut open, and a bunch of yellow things like fish roe squirmed and tried to get out.

A pair of black scissors with a red headband was inserted in, making the gap wider.

“Wow wow wow~!” The child, who had looked ashen just now, suddenly started crying and sat up, crying to find his father.

He didn’t notice at all that the thing coming out of his palm was quickly turning into a puddle of yellow water, soaking the mat on the bed together with his tears.

“My son! My son~!” When a shriveled dwarf walked in anxiously from outside, he saw that his almost dead child had woken up.

He rushed over and held the crying and sweating child in his arms, and then quickly bowed to Bai Lingmiao, who took off his red hijab, to express his gratitude.

The haggard Bai Lingmiao shook her head with a bitter expression, turned around and left.

“Xiangu, wait a minute, I haven’t given you the money yet.”

The man quickly rummaged through the box and picked out fifty coins from the bottom of the box, good money that had not been twisted. He held it in both hands and brought it to Bai Lingmiao.

First looking at the patches on the opponent’s knees and the straw sandals on the ground, and then looking at the bare-walled house, Bai Lingmiao shook her head again and refused.

“Forget it, uncle, let’s keep it and buy some food for the child. He is very skinny.”

“No, no, no, fairy aunt, you must take this money. My old Zhou family only has this one seedling. If you hadn’t saved his life, then I wouldn’t have anyone to care for me until I die. ! ”

After several times of shirk, Bai Lingmiao was finally forced to accept the fifty cents.

When Bai Lingmiao came out of the earthen house, Chun Xiaoman, who was practicing sword practice with one arm beside the carriage, quickly inserted his sword into the scabbard at his waist and came up to him. “How’s it going, Miaomiao? Are you done?”

Seeing the other party nodding, Xiaoman smiled slightly, took her hand and walked towards the carriage. The wheels covered with yellow mud began to roll, slowly rolling towards Niuxin Mountain.

“Thank you, Miss Xiaoman, for even accompanying me out.”

I heard Bai Lingmiao, who was sitting in the car, express his gratitude to himself who was driving the horse. Chun Xiaoman said quickly: “What you said is exaggerating. Aren’t we good sisters? If we encounter thieves or something on the road, I can also help.”

Lifting a corner of the car curtain, Chun Xiaoman quickly glanced at Bai Lingmiao inside the car and sighed softly.

Of course what I said just now was made up. Bai Lingmiao naturally didn’t need her protection. But seeing the black mark on her fair neck that had not gone away, I felt uneasy if she didn’t always accompany him.

It stands to reason that even big things will eventually pass with the passage of time.

Just like when my parents sold me, I don’t feel so sad now when I think about it.

But this sister doesn’t seem to be like this. Senior Brother Li has been gone for such a long time, and he still looks like this lost soul.

She has never smiled since then, her eyes are empty, as if she has lost something.

The carriage kept driving until late at night before stopping.

They did not arrive at Niuxin Village. There were no villages near Niuxin Village. If they wanted to go home, they would have to stay in the wilderness for one night.

After eating some dry food hastily, the two lay down in the car to rest.

Half asleep and half awake, Chun Xiaoman felt a little uneasy and reached out to touch the face of the girl beside her.

When she felt that the other person’s eyes were open, she sighed softly. “Miaomiao, you can’t do this. I know you are sad, but after such a long time, you have to come out.”

“Dead people cannot be resurrected, and they can’t survive if you torture yourself like this.”

Seeing that the other party did not respond, Chun Xiaoman changed his angle and persuaded: “Since we are sisters talking to each other, I will speak frankly. I know that Senior Brother Li saved us, but one code is the same, and he It’s really not that good.”

“Not to mention the things he did, given your current conditions, as long as you ask for a bride, how many people will cross the threshold and want to marry your Bai family.”

“Which one is better than Li Huowang?”

“He will be the one who suffers if you two separate. I’m serious. With his crazy look, he is destined to be a bachelor for the rest of his life. No other woman will want him.”

Although Chun Xiaoman knew that Senior Brother Li was not who he said he was, if he could cheer up his good sister, then no matter how much he scolded him, it would be appropriate. A few words of scolding would not lose a piece of flesh.

Bai Lingmiao curled up in the other person’s arms like a baby. “Stop talking about Miss Xiaoman”

“It’s okay if you don’t want that stinky man, then you can be a self-combing girl like me! Anyway, no matter what, you have to cheer up first, instead of being like this! What you do now is giving up on yourself. ! ”

Speaking of excitement, Chun Xiaoman grabbed her shoulders and started shaking her, but she heard a choking sound while shaking, which immediately softened her heart.

“Okay, okay, I won’t say anything anymore. Stop crying and go to sleep.” Chun Xiaoman held her in his arms and stroked her waist-length hair over and over again.

After a night of silence, the two of them woke up the next day and continued to rush towards Niuxin Mountain as if what happened last night had never happened.

Lugged by two strong horses, the two returned to the head of Niuxin Village on the afternoon of the next day.

“Mr. Lu, are you going out to sing?” Chun Xiaoman, who was driving the horse, greeted the oncoming carriage.

Lu Zhuangyuan nodded with a smile, and while smoking a dry cigarette, he replied: “I’ll go to the south to see if there are any Zhuangzi. This Daliang country is rich. A trip to the place is as good as mine for several years.” .”

“Why are there just these few people? Your little son hasn’t come back yet?”


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