Mutated Tao Chapter 342: Li Sui


Hearing this, Li Huowang’s pupils shrank slightly, “Is this ability my dislocation ability? Do I also have this ability in hallucinations?”

Speaking of this, Wang Zhilong finally started to cry. While crying, he said aggrievedly: “I didn’t make a penny. Do you know how many thousands I invested in this business? In order for the city management not to arrest you, I will How many connections have gone away! This was all done by our brothers using dozens of credit cards!”

“Ancestor, I beg you! Please give me some gold. We are almost forced to jump off the building by text messages about debt collection!”

Li Huowang let go of his hand and looked around with a hint of panic. What’s going on? How has this world become a little more real?

He looked down at the bleeding wound on his body, then raised the dagger with his right hand and thrust it into his left hand. “Why is this pain so real?”

Even if there is a one in 10,000 chance that it is true, wouldn’t it be true for Yang Na and my mother? And they have not abandoned me, they might be looking for me right now!

Li Huowang’s heart beat fast. He raised his feet and rushed outside. But as he rushed toward the sun, his steps gradually stopped when he was very close to the sunshine.

“But if I’m like this, what can I do if I find you? Is there any other difference besides letting them continue to suffer and me continuing to be confused? I can’t let them continue to be implicated by me.”

Li Huowang, who fell into decadence, turned around and walked into the bridge hole again with heavy steps. “This is fake. Since we believe this is fake, there is nothing to hesitate about.”

After he untied Wang Zhilong and let him regain his freedom, he lay on the ground again, staring blankly at the top of his head.

Wang Zhilong, who was freed, did not go to rescue other companions. Instead, he hesitated for a while and then leaned towards Li Huowang.

“Brother Li, while you are awake now, tell me the truth, do you really have special powers?”

Li Huowang completely ignored everything around him, and was already thinking about how to persuade Li Sui to return to his belly.

“I’ve seen it through surveillance. The gold box you gave your mother is full of gems! If you take one off, you can buy a house!”

“That must be true, right? Otherwise they wouldn’t have the money to post missing person notices everywhere on the Internet.”


“Hey, little brother Li, don’t be like this. If you really don’t want to go back, just give me some gold and I will tell your mother that you are dead and make her give up completely.”

When Li Huowang’s eyes began to focus on Wang Zhilong’s greedy face again, murderous intent suddenly appeared in his eyes. “You want gold? I’ll give it to you!”

He took out the fat man’s gold necklace from his pocket and strangled the other man’s neck.

Then he kicked him on the calf and lifted him up with force as he fell. Wang Zhilong immediately started to roll his eyes.

Wang Zhilong struggled desperately, reaching out and scratching Li Huowang’s hand, but Li Huowang remained unmoved even though the back of his hand was scratched to a **** pulp and his eyes were bloodshot.

Wang Zhilong’s struggle became more and more intense. As he watched his face change from red to purple and then to black, Li Huowang’s pupils shrank slightly. He suddenly realized that this scene was different from when he was obsessed with killing himself. How similar it was.

A burst of fear suddenly made Li Huowang let go of his hand. He lowered his head and looked at his hands with some trembling.

When did I become so murderous and unblinking?

Li Huowang turned his head and looked at his reflection on the water beside the river. He saw that the ragged beggar there looked so strange.

My normal high school life was clearly just a few years ago, but in my eyes now it seems as far away as my previous life.

The memories of the past have begun to become a little blurry, replaced by everything weird and crazy over there.

Li Huowang found the reason. After constantly experiencing various things, he was being assimilated into the world over there. I don’t know when he started, but he was gradually becoming as indifferent to human life as those in Jiantiansi. My heart is full of hostility.

Even worse, he is becoming another Danyangzi.

“No, this is not me, this is not Li Huowang.” Li Huowang turned around and walked to Wang Zhilong, who was lying on the ground, covering his neck, and reached out to help him up.

He begged him with a bit of emotion: “I beg you, okay? Don’t mess with me again! I’m a madman! I really don’t want to kill anyone!”

Wang Zhilong, who had walked through the gate of **** once, dared to say anything else. After nodding his head, he ignored his other three companions and ran towards the outside of the bridge.

That moment just now really scared him, and he could feel that the other party really wanted to kill him.

Li Huowang sighed deeply, walked to the other three people, and untied their restraints.

Ignoring their desperate attempts to escape and the bleeding wounds on his body, Li Huowang knelt on the ground, closed his eyes, held his head tightly and repeated over and over again: “This is all fake, this is all fake.”

I don’t know how much time passed, but Li Huowang felt that his surroundings suddenly dimmed.

He raised his head and looked around. Not surprisingly, the whole room was as chaotic as a strong wind.

“Finally back” Returning to this crazy and chaotic world again, Li Huowang felt an inexplicable sense of security.

He walked to the edge of the collapsed bed, knelt down on one knee and stretched his hand under the bed. He said in as gentle a voice as possible: “Li Sui, don’t be afraid. That person is a liar. What he said is false. You It won’t hurt me if I stay in my belly.”

After a while, a hesitant black tentacle stretched out from the darkness on the bed and wrapped around Li Huowang’s hand. “Yeah”

As Li Huowang gently pulled Li Sui out, he held it in his arms and gently soothed the long or short tentacles. “Li Sui, be good, come in, dad really can’t live without you now.”

Two eyeballs with double pupils, entangled by two tentacles, looked at Li Huowang with attachment.

“Ugh~!” Accompanied by waves of nausea, Li Sui crawled back from Li Huowang’s throat.

With a strange feeling, Li Sui’s tentacles followed the veins and covered Li Huowang’s body.

After touching his belly, Li Huowang breathed a sigh of relief. As long as Li Sui was around, he would never have to go there again.

Then Li Huowang walked to the window and looked outside. The sky was still gray and gloomy, but it looked like it was already dawn.

After struggling all night, Li Huowang didn’t want to sleep anymore. He picked up his luggage and went downstairs, heading towards the stables.

As soon as he arrived at the lobby, Li Huowang saw the very miserable old Wu Tou, who was bandaging each other with the cook and the groom.

Seeing the injuries on Lao Wutou’s body at the same position as Wang Zhilong’s, Li Huowang instantly understood what was going on.

“When did you come near my house? Didn’t I tell you yesterday not to come near my house if you were fine?”

Old Wu Tou, the post officer, forced a smile out of his bitter face and knelt down on the ground skillfully and quickly. “When the little one heard the noise, I was afraid that something would happen to the adults, so the little ones deserved it! The little ones deserved it. The blood of the little ones stained the hands of the adults. The little ones should respect the money they used to wash their hands.”

Li Huowang grabbed his clothes and lifted him up directly, “Stand still!”

Then he recited a spell, and the white wax on the “Fire Jacket Sutra” quickly melted and turned into a burning centipede. Jumped onto Lao Wutou’s wound.

“Ahhhhhh!!” Lao Wutou’s scream echoed in the lobby.

“Don’t shout! This is healing your wounds!”

When their voices were hoarse from shouting, the injuries on each person’s body were replaced by a layer of slight burns.

Immediately afterwards Li Huowang took out two silver ingots from his arms and placed them on the table. “This is your furniture.”

“You can’t accept this small thing.” Old Wu Tou was about to refuse, but Li Huowang directly stuffed the money into his arms.

“Just take it if I tell you to, I don’t want to be assimilated into this lousy place!”


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