Mutated Tao Chapter 341: 大龙


Li Huowang was unexpected by what the other party said. He looked at the fat man wearing a big gold chain in front of him in astonishment. He almost thought he heard wrongly. “Staring at me? What do I have to stare at?”

Looking at the **** broken glass with fear, the fat man stammered: “I don’t know, it was a distant cousin of mine who asked me to keep an eye on you and said he would give me 2,500 a month.”

“I thought that staring at a madman, earning 2,500 a month, being lazy without a boss, and being able to play games was much better than working in an electronics factory, so I took the job.”

Li Huowang stretched out his hand and tugged on his gold necklace, and immediately felt something was wrong. He had touched gold that was much heavier than this. This was fake.

80% of what the fat man said was true, he was just someone sent here to keep an eye on him.

The fat man showed a flattering smile on his face, “I bought this for 30 yuan from a street stall. How can I have money to buy a gold necklace? That **** Wang Zhilong hasn’t paid for it in two months.”

Li Huowang’s eyes were a little confused. What happened in this hallucination? Who sent people to keep an eye on me?

Li Huowang shook his head vigorously, and murmured to himself with a somewhat rapid breathing: “No! It doesn’t matter, these are all hallucinations, what is the logic of hallucinations, I don’t need and don’t care what happens here .”

“Li Sui!” Li Huowang turned around and shouted to everyone around him: “Li Sui! Have you had enough fun! If you still recognize me as your father! Come back to me quickly!”

Now that he has given up, there is nothing more to care about. He doesn’t want to stay in this illusion anymore. He wants to go back. There are still a lot of things over there!

Seeing Li Huowang’s unusual behavior in front of him, the tied fat man was so frightened that he almost peed.

Having been staring at him for such a long time, he knew that this man was not just pretending, but a real lunatic, and as far as he knew, this lunatic had chopped down people before.

While struggling desperately to move back, the fat man shouted: “It’s none of my business! I’m just a worker! That guy from Dalong said that if something appears out of thin air around you, just Let me call him immediately! If you want to cause trouble, go to him!”

Li Huowang, who was shouting, shrank his pupils slightly, turned his head and looked at him slowly, “What did you say?!”

Li Huowang walked over, grabbed him from the ground, stared at the fat on his face and said: “What is going on all this? Who is this dragon? Why do you know that I can Transform something out of thin air.”

Everything that was so absurd just now started to become logical. This inexplicable logic made him a little scared.

“That’s all I know. I have his number on my mobile phone. You call him and I will help you lure him here!”

Li Huowang took out the fat man’s cell phone, unlocked it with his face, opened the address book, found a person named Da Long and dialed it.

“Hey~ Brother Long! Come on! That lunatic is changing things, just like a magic trick. He keeps taking it out! Yes, yes! There is gold!!” After finishing speaking matter-of-factly, the fat man He looked at Li Huowang in front of him with a mixture of fear and fawning.

“Brother, he said he would be there in a moment. I tricked you into coming here. Can you let me go?”

Li Huowang threw the phone into the rushing river, took off the fat man’s socks, kneaded them into a ball and stuffed them into his mouth.

It seemed that the so-called dragon was not far away. After a while, Li Huowang heard the sound of brakes outside.

When three men hurriedly came to the bridge hole with various things, a man with a short head and a fleshy face unexpectedly looked at the fat man who was **** by his belt and shoelaces deep in the bridge hole.

When they rushed over and hurriedly untied the fat man, Wang Zhilong shook him vigorously and asked, “Where is Li Huowang?”

Before the mouth could speak, a black shadow suddenly emerged from the river next to it, holding a pebble in its hand and smashed it **** a man’s head.

The man hid in panic, and the stone hit his collarbone, causing the area to swell rapidly at a speed visible to the naked eye.

However, this was just the beginning. Facing Li Huowang’s sneak attack, these people were completely unprepared, and they were forced to retreat four to one.

“Damn it! I’ll fight you!” A short winter melon man was heartbroken, took out a dagger and stabbed Li Huowang in the arm.

After stabbing someone, the man suddenly panicked and subconsciously let go of the dagger and took a step back.

The next moment, Li Huowang grabbed the handle and pulled it out without hesitation, inserting it directly into the opponent’s arm. The miserable screams echoed in the bridge cave.

Then with lightning speed, Li Huowang pulled out a **** dagger and stabbed the other person in the thigh.

Seeing the extremely terrifying scene in front of him, Wang Zhilong was obviously panicked. He did not expect that the other party was so terrifying.

At this time, he wanted to run, but facing the armed Li Huowang, it was too late to run. He kicked him on the back and made him eat a piece of mud.

Soon, the four men were lying on the ground like pigs waiting to be slaughtered, their limbs **** with their shoelaces and belts.

Li Huowang grabbed Wang Zhilong’s hair and dragged him to the river. He pressed down on the murky river water until the other party struggled violently, and then suddenly lifted him up.

After doing this for a few times, most of Wang Zhilong’s life was lost.

When he brought it up again, Li Huowang looked at him and asked, “How do you know I can change things?”

Wang Zhilong, whose eyes were a little dull, spoke intermittently with a very weak voice. “I heard it secretly.”

“What else did you do?” Li Huowang released his hand, and Wang Zhilong’s face was only a few centimeters away from the water. The fear of suffocation suddenly made him speak very fast.

“I heard that you have special powers and can turn gold out of thin air! So I thought of it and stole you out of the hospital. I want you to turn it into gold for me!” Wang Zhilong said at the end, All cried.

“They didn’t abandon me?” A strong sense of happiness surged into Li Huowang’s heart. “They didn’t abandon me!”

I kept telling myself that I didn’t care, but when I heard that the person in front of me stole him out of the hospital, Li Huowang realized how much he cared.

Seeing that Li Huowang’s mood had stabilized, Wang Zhilong wailed and begged: “Can you please spare me this time? I was really obsessed with thinking about this crooked way. I was wrong, I was really wrong!”

Li Huowang looked down at him, the excitement in his heart quickly disappeared, and the strong suspicion surged up again.

“You are lying! Since you want to control me to turn gold for you, why don’t you catch me and just throw me on the street? This is fake! It’s an illusion!”

Wang Zhilong howled desperately: “I also wanted to catch you, but the problem can’t be **** at all! The rope was obviously tied to your hands, but it was released all of a sudden. The door was obviously closed. But you showed up outside the door!”

“If you hadn’t demonstrated this special power, I would have thought you were just an ordinary lunatic! You would have stopped working long ago!”


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