Mutated Tao Chapter 339: Spindle


The temple was filled with mourning as monks and pilgrims rescued the injured who were affected by the collapse of the temple.

More people spontaneously went to clean up the collapsed Buddhist temple, and hurriedly pulled out some of the physical Bodhisattvas buried underneath.

No one in the panic-stricken crowd noticed the black spindle that had rolled to the corner.

Two **** awls stretched out and picked up the neglected spindle like chopsticks.

Li Huowang, who frowned slightly, carefully looked at the things Zhuge Yuan gave him before.

This spindle is made of a waxy old bone with large ends and a narrow middle. Judging from the scratches on it, it seems to be old.

The extremely black silk threads are densely wrapped around it to form a ball of thread, making the entire spindle live up to its name, like a hammer head without a handle.

“What is this thing?” The first question popped up in Li Huowang’s mind, followed by the second question, “Is there any hidden danger in this thing?”

The kindness Zhuge Yuan had towards him once again came to his mind. If he was the one who killed the person who made the fortune, then his strength should be far superior to his. If he wanted to deal with him, he would have no backhand at all. Power.

Li Huowang held the bone spindle with a torture awl, sat on the steps nearby, and sorted out his thoughts from scratch. “Zhuge Yuan Zhuge Yuan”

“First of all, it is certain that when the dead **** learned Zhuge Yuan’s name, he was shocked and turned pale. It can be seen that Zhuge Yuan should come from some other force, and this force is very strong, at least better than the previous one. Zhengde Temple is even better than Anci Temple.”

“The cause of this incident was caused by the robbery of the heart by Zuowang Dao, Jian Tiansi, and Zhuge Yuan. The final outcome is already known. Zhuge Yuan killed Fa Cai and bypassed Ji Xiang, and finally Seize the heart and become the winner of this event.”

Having been in this ghost place for so long, Li Huowang knew the importance of Supervisor Tiansi. It was really hard for him to imagine that such a being would be afraid of Zhuge Yuan. How powerful Zhuge Yuan was.

And there is also Zhuge Yuan’s ability. Although Zhuge Yuan is dressed as a scholar, a mere scholar can solve the problem of sitting and forgetting one of the three yuan to make a fortune.

Li Huowang remembered the incoherent words he had asked about himself before.

“Let me ask you, did you feel anything weird when you went to the Buddha Bone Temple? Did anyone do something ridiculous but very reasonable?”

These are the exact words he said before, but Li Huowang couldn’t understand, what is ridiculous and reasonable? What does this have to do with Zhuge Yuan? Why did he scare him like that?

Li Huowang closed his eyes and went through everything that happened in the Buddha Bone Temple in his mind again. If it could be called something ridiculous but very reasonable, it would be that Xinchi suddenly framed himself as the founder of Zuowangdao. .

Zhenchi may be petty, but it seems a bit strange that he still has to do something to himself when he is always being attacked by Zuowangdao.

Moreover, when Zuo Wangdao pretended to be him before, Xinchi could have said that Li Huowang was another person’s accomplice, and the two Zuo Wangdao were playing a double act.

But he didn’t say anything. Instead, like a young boy, he didn’t defend himself at all and just let it go.

Li Huowang, who was sitting on the stairs, was sorting everything out inch by inch, but the more he thought about it, the more doubts he had.

“Is this Zhuge Yuan’s ability? He can change a person’s behavior without others noticing? What kind of magical power is this? Is it mind control?” Li Huowang guessed wildly.

“Wait, since he can control others, why didn’t he use it on me before?”

If he really has this kind of special magical power, there is no need to talk nonsense to himself if he wants to achieve something. He can just control himself to do whatever he wants to do.

“Unless” Li Huowang’s pupils shrank slightly and his heart beat faster. “Unless he has no purpose.”

Thinking of this, Li Huowang lowered his head again and looked at the spindle in front of him. “Then why did he give me this? Is he kind-hearted? He sees me as pitiful and wants to help me? How is this possible! This is illogical! There are no such good people in this world! I don’t believe it! He must have something else for me. Pictured! ”

At this moment, the monk Huan Huan walked over from the side and said with a strange expression: “Taoist, you can’t say that, I am a monk just to do good things, and that Jingxin Master is not A good person? ”

After hearing this, Li Huowang stood there and thought for a long time. His head was swollen and he couldn’t think of a reason.

Li Huowang shook his head vigorously and sighed deeply. He had long been accustomed to malice, and now Li Huowang was even more afraid of kindness.

He would rather Zhuge Yuan just attack him directly like everyone else, no matter whether he ends up dead or alive, at least then he won’t be as entangled as now.

“Namo Amitabha, this donor, I am so polite.” Li Huowang looked up and saw an old monk wearing cassocks standing in front of him with a compassionate face.

“Donor, I know that doing big things is not about trivial matters, and I also know that Supervisor Tiansi has lofty ambitions, but please don’t kill more sins. Because of you, five Buddhist disciples in this temple have passed away.” Putting his hands together, The old monk knelt down to Li Huowang.

Looking at the nine scars on his head, Li Huowang stood up on his knees, turned around and walked towards the entrance of the Buddha Bone Temple. “Is he a good person again? Maybe, but I still can’t believe it.”

When he walked out of the Buddha Bone Temple, Li Huowang had already thought of his next strategy, “Instead of staying here and making random guesses, it would be better to think about asking something from the memory. What is the origin of Zhuge Yuan?” The old **** must know!”

“After figuring out the origin of this person, let’s think about how to deal with this spindle!”

Li Huowang lowered his head, wrapped the spindle tightly in the cowhide bag used to store the torture instruments, and got on his horse.

“Da da da~” The horseshoes with horseshoes kept rising and falling, bringing up and falling the mud on the ground.

The cold rain pattered on the horse’s back, and also on Li Huowang’s face.

Li Huowang raised his head and glanced at the gloomy sky above his head, then continued to look at the increasingly muddy dirt road in front of him.

I came here by carriage, and it was cloudless despite the rain. But when I rode back, it was as if the day had been missed, and it never stopped for a moment.

It was already late at night, and it was raining again. He shouldn’t be riding a horse, but standing still and being soaked by the rain was not suitable in such an environment. Li Huowang now needed to find a place to shelter from the rain as soon as possible.

When he saw a flag with the word “Yi” swaying left and right under the wash of rain, Li Huowang’s eyes lit up. He stepped on the saddle with his left foot, turned over and dismounted directly, and rushed in.

The inn is a place in Daliang where military information is conveyed and where officials can board, stay, and change horses on the way.

When the yawning post officer opened the door with a lantern, he saw Jian Tiansi’s badge thrust into his face.

The post officer, who was half asleep, suddenly trembled all over and woke up completely.

After a while, the groom woke up, took Li Huowang’s horse away, and cared for him like his own father.

The cook also woke up, and all the dishes available in the station were brought to Li Huowang’s guest room.


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