Mutated Tao Chapter 337: Get rich


Faced with Zuowangdao’s rebuttal, Xinchi seemed to be defending something.

But Li Huowang wasn’t listening. His selfish act of revenge ended up shooting himself in the foot. He could already imagine how Zuowangdao would use his identity to trick them.

But rather than watching the other party suffer, the most important thing now is what to do next.

After careful consideration, Li Huowang determined what to do next.

“This job is too dangerous. Both my own people and the enemy are dealing with me. Instead of continuing to get involved in this situation, it is better to stay out of it first.”

“Wait for them to fight first, and then I will come out and follow. In this hellish place, no one can be trusted! The only one I can trust is myself, at least I will not lie to myself.”

Looking at the four people who were reunited in the distance and gradually walking away, Li Huowang, who was in an invisible state, grabbed the tiles, turned over the beam, and followed slowly.

He saw that the other three people were arguing with him who was pretending to be Zuo Wangdao. Xin Chi must have suffered the loss of being mute and could only be forced to admit that Zuo Wangdao was real.

However, judging from Xin Chi’s vigilant behavior, he should always be on guard against sitting and forgetting.

Putting aside their identity suspicions for the time being, the four of them seemed to be looking for something at the moment.

Li Huowang knew what they were looking for. They were looking for a sign. After the collapse of the Buddhist temple, the sign with the golden abacus disappeared. This was very wrong.

“Since the thing you are looking for is gone, where will the memory go now?” Seeing the four people starting to walk towards a side hall, Li Huowang quickly quickened his pace to keep up.

But just when Li Huowang was about to go in, a hand patted Li Huowang on the shoulder.

Li Huowang broke into a cold sweat instantly. He was clearly invisible, but someone could actually see him!

He held the sword and turned around immediately, and saw a man dressed as a scholar standing behind him.

“Wow~” The folding fan in the scholar’s hand opened, and four large calligraphy characters were written on it, “I am born with talent.”

“Is your name Erjiu? It’s so strange. Of your five elements, fire and gold are still there, but why are the remaining three elements missing??”

Li Huowang frowned and stared at the unknown person in front of him, his vigilance reaching its peak.

In this weird place at this moment, there are too many possibilities for this person’s identity, and the most likely possibility is that Zuo Wangdao is playing tricks on him.

Perhaps even worse, this person is none other than Zuo Wangdao, who has only seen him but not his name. He has made up his mind to come directly and attack the big ones whenever this person makes any move.

“Doesn’t it hurt when you have a knife stuck in your face? Why don’t you take it out? And it’s the knife of the person who borrowed the knife on credit. If you borrow his knife on credit, he will take away your fortune.”

As the scholar waved his fan, the rusty blades on Li Huowang’s face were pulled out one after another, followed by another one, and the wounds on Li Huowang’s face were quickly glued together.

As soon as the scholar moved, the fire sickle in Li Huowang’s hand was already attached to his skin.

“Who are you?” Li Huowang stared at him and asked word by word.

Seeing the deep vigilance in Li Huowang’s eyes, the scholar sighed and stopped, seeming to be thinking about something.

After a few breaths, the scholar spoke again. “That’s all.”

“Xiao Sheng, I still have something to do, so I’ll leave first. Since you joined the Supervisor Tiansi, you should live a good life. Sometimes ignorance is also a kind of happiness.”

As he spoke, the scholar bent down and took out a black spindle from his arms and placed it on the ground. “Xiaosheng, please leave something for you. This thing is more useful than the mask on your face.”

After playing, the scholar did nothing else. He nodded approvingly to Li Huowang, turned around and walked towards the outside of the Buddha Bone Temple.

“See you later, Erjiu, Xiaosheng Zhuge Yuan. If you encounter trouble that cannot be solved, remember to come to Xingdao in the West Sea to find Xiaosheng. Although your ability is limited, I will try my best to help Xiaosheng.”

The scholar left, and Li Huowang stood still. The scholar felt strange to him. After he thought about it carefully for a long time, he finally realized that it was an extremely rare kindness in this world.

This was the first time for him to express kindness directly. He had only experienced it in hallucinations.

Even Master Jingxin has never had such a problem, because Master always has good intentions in her heart.

After a brief moment of confusion, Li Huowang shook his head vigorously and his eyes became firm.

“No! There must be something wrong with that scholar! We can’t let him get in. I’ve suffered enough losses, and I definitely can’t fall into the same pit again.”

Li Huowang glanced at the spindle wrapped with black thread on the ground, turned around and walked towards the side hall next to it.

Today’s errand, what happened, and the people he met made Li Huowang feel very awkward.

But I couldn’t tell what was awkward about it. It was like looking at flowers in a fog, and I couldn’t see clearly through a layer.

When Li Huowang entered the side hall again, he was stunned.

The four people just now turned into six people, and there was another monk beside them, and there was Hongda.

Seeing them standing there arguing fiercely, Li Huowang smiled, “It’s interesting.”

Li Huowang dusted himself off, straightened his Taoist robe, inserted his sword into the scabbard, stepped across the threshold of the side hall, and joined them.

Seeing Li Huowang walk in, Li Huowang inside opened his eyes wide and slapped his forehead, “Okay, here comes another one!”

“This person is the real Erjiu,”

“This person is a fake, he is sitting and forgetting the way.”

The two crazy monks also used their mind powers to give two completely different answers.

Li Huowang looked at the two crazy monks, and for a moment he couldn’t tell which one was pretending to be Zuo Wangdao, and which one was the real monk who framed him.

For a while, there was a quarrel in the palace. When one more idiot appeared, the function of identifying authenticity was ineffective, and no one could tell who was real and who was fake.

It was time to go to war several times, but with the persuasion of others, I finally didn’t go to the point of taking action.

Li Huowang is the most indifferent one among them at this moment. He doesn’t need to distinguish between true and false, he just comes to watch the show.

When will it be time to wait for them to win a victory or defeat before taking action on their own?

Looking at all the chaos in front of him, the corners of Li Huowang’s mouth raised slightly, and he could somewhat understand Zuo Wangdao’s thoughts.

This scene is really interesting when things have nothing to do with you.

“That’s enough!” An angry voice from a drake made everyone stop talking and turn their heads to look at the entrance of the palace.

That was a photo. He walked in with a shrunken head that was only half the size in his hand.

His sparse eyebrows twitched in anger, and his expression was extremely ugly.

He walked in front of the crowd and looked at the two identical Li Huowang, the two identical Hong Da, and the two identical crazy monks in front of him.

Looking at them holding up the heads in their hands, they slowly opened their mouths and said, “What are you kidding about! This is the head of Fortune! Fortune has long since died!”

This sentence instantly made everyone present feel like they were falling into an ice cave. Fa Cai, one of three Yuan Fa Cai died like this, so how powerful was the person who killed him?


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