Mutated Tao Chapter 329: Going to a banquet (debt from the day before yesterday)


When he felt that the sky outside the window was getting darker, Li Huowang, who was thirsty, slowly stopped.

He touched his belly with his hand and remembered that Hei Taisui really helped him when he dealt with the mandrill before.

Thinking about everything that happened recently, he thought about how to get along with Hei Taisui next.

Although Black Tai Sui is constantly occupying his body, it does not seem to be malicious to him. Since it is not malicious, there is no need to treat it like Danyangzi.

After all, I tried my best to get rid of Danyangzi, but for Hei Taisui, not only could I not get rid of it, but I couldn’t live without it at all.

It is in your own body. A good relationship between the two of you will only bring benefits and no disadvantages. Maybe after they get to know each other better, you can persuade this thing to stop corroding your body.


Li Huowang calmed down and touched his stomach again with his hand, “Listen, you will be called Li Sui from now on. Before we find a solution to the problem, let’s try to live in peace.”

“We are all grasshoppers on the same rope. As long as you help me, I will not ignore you. Try to let us all get the best of both worlds.”


Li Huowang was a little surprised when he heard the other party’s response. The other party would have said it well. It seemed that he had not read the enlightenment books in vain these days and he could already understand what he could say.

“Cuckoo~” The familiar voice made Li Huowang subconsciously look up at the beam, where a pigeon was squatting and looking at him.

“Okay, when it’s time to eat later, please be calm.” Li Huowang stood up, put his two swords on his back, and walked out of the inn.

Still the same place, still arriving before anyone arrives. “Hahaha~ Oops, brother Erjiu, I haven’t seen you for a long time, I miss you so much.”

Tuoba Danqing walked in with his kind round face, followed by a row of maids carrying delicious food and wine.

After so many contacts, Li Huowang already knew the other party’s tricks, so he sat down and started eating and drinking with him.

I don’t know if it’s this person’s problem, or it’s the same thing with other Supervisors. He seems to be unable to speak unless he eats something and drinks something.

After three rounds of wine and five dishes, feeling that the atmosphere was almost complete, Tuoba Danqing reached out and took out a waist card, placed it on the dining table and pushed it over.

“Come on, brother Er, look at what this is? You did a good job this time. I’m afraid I didn’t do as well as you did in the past.”

Li Huowang raised his waistband and took a look. The figure above made him feel extremely hot. He was one step closer to success.

“Come on, come on, what’s so good about a broken brand? Eat vegetables, eat vegetables. Brother Erjiu, what’s going on this time? Tell me about it, brother?”

There is nothing to hide about this kind of thing. Li Huowang stuffed the badge into his arms and said slowly to Tuoba Danqing.

After telling what happened, Li Huowang immediately asked the confusion in his heart, “Brother Tuoba, what is going on with that mandrill? Why is it so weird?”

“Hey, what’s weird about this? If that person lives for a long time, if he doesn’t become an immortal, he will naturally become an evil spirit. After all, birth, old age, illness and death are the main ways of heaven and earth. How can he want to change his life and go against heaven? Simple.”

“My brother has seen this kind of thing many times. They are all stubborn monks who forcibly took the Yangshou Pill to extend their lives, and eventually turned into mandrills.”

“I just didn’t expect the commotion to be so loud. I am a mandrill, and this is the first time I have seen a mandrill raising a mandrill.”

“If you forcefully take the Yangshou Pill to extend your life, you will eventually turn into a mandrill?” Li Huowang was immediately surprised. Wouldn’t the Yangshou Pill be completely useless?

“No, under normal circumstances, one hundred and two is a hurdle. The closer it is to one hundred and two, the weaker the effect of Yang Shou Dan will be. After one hundred and two, you have to find a way to dispel the obsession in your heart. Otherwise, if you forcefully use Yangshou Dan, you will only become a mandrill.”

“Each sect has its own methods, some good and some bad, but don’t expect others to tell you in vain, they hide these things very well.”

“However, there are some methods that everyone knows, but everyone knows that they are not easy to accomplish. For example, it is the simplest and best to use the confusion of the mind to disperse the obsession. ”

Hearing this, Li Huowang’s fingers hooked slightly without anyone noticing.

“But think about it, how dangerous it is to have a living mentality. After all, you still have to be prepared to prevent others from being robbed. This method is the same as if it is not mentioned, don’t you think so?”

Speaking of this, Tuoba Danqing continued to complain, just like a chat between old friends.

While drinking, Tuoba Danqing thought of something and slapped his forehead with his hand, “Oh, look at my brain, Brother Er,”

Since you are already married, go to Beijing and order updates. ”

“In the future, when you go to the Ministry of Etiquette, you can also exchange Yangshou Pills for things within the department. Not only do they have many kinds, but there are also some items that cannot be found in the ghost market outside. But remember, they must be earned within the department. The Yangshou Pills from outside are not very useful.”

“Going to Beijing?” When he mentioned Jian Tiansi’s base camp, Li Huowang suddenly became nervous, “It doesn’t matter. I don’t make much, so I’ll change it when I get more.”

“Hehehe, Brother Erxian is different. When others find out, they rush to Beijing non-stop, but you always hide. Hehehe.”

Tuoba Danqing picked up the wine glass and tipped his head back. He moved his stool towards Li Huowang with blurred eyes, “Brother, since I am so familiar with you, is it not too much for me to ask you something?”

“Brother Tuoba, it’s okay to say it.”

He smiled and pointed at the copper coin mask on Li Huowang’s face. “Why do you always carry this thing with you? Is there something hidden behind it?”

At this time, Hongzhong suddenly came to Li Huowang, “This old guy has been testing you since he came here, be careful.”

As soon as these words came out, the atmosphere suddenly became tense. Li Huowang understood that no matter how nice his words were, as soon as his identity was exposed, everything would be over.

Seeing that Li Huowang didn’t speak, Tuoba Danqing immediately patted his cheek with his hand, “Oh my, my brother, I talked too much. I made a mistake after drinking. Don’t blame me, brother, don’t blame me. I will punish myself with three drinks.”

Li Huowang knew that the other party was retreating in order to advance. If he didn’t solve it today, he would be in more trouble later.

Various thoughts flashed through his mind, and Li Huowang pressed his stomach and began to retching, “It doesn’t matter, Brother Tuoba wants to see it, I’m telling you, because I have some things that come out easily, so I have to seal them with something. .”

After a while, two black sticky tentacles slowly stretched out from both sides of the mask. What was even more special was that there were two twin children’s eyeballs wrapped around the two tentacles.

This scene made Tuoba Danqing’s eyes twitch, “Okay, okay, put it away quickly.”

After taking a bite of the food, Tuoba Danqing looked at Li Huowang with a somewhat uneasy expression. “Brother Er, I don’t care what kind of cultivation you are doing, but are you really not going to go crazy with your cultivation in such a complicated way?”

Li Huowang stuffed the tentacle into his mouth with his fingers, and then choked back his nausea. “It’s okay.”


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