Mutated Tao Chapter 328: Taisui


The suffocated Bai Lingmiao felt herself floating up and onto the beams of the ancestral hall. When she lowered her head and looked down, she saw herself rolling her eyes and the great god’s red hijab.

“Is this what it feels like to die?” Bai Lingmiao lowered his head to look at his body, but there was nothing there.

Suddenly something came to mind, and Bai Lingmiao felt happy, “My parents must not have gone far yet, I can still catch up with them!”

However, just when she raised her head and prepared to look for her family, she found masses of unspeakable things sealing the entire starry sky.

Looking at the things that were constantly changing in appearance, Bai Lingmiao was sure that they were immortals, and they were all sad because the emotions they had just been infected with had not yet retreated.

“I’m already dead, what else do you want from me?”

As he spoke, Bai Lingmiao was about to pass through them, but was instantly bounced off, and was hanging upside down, face to face with himself on the sling.

She saw that she had completely changed at this moment. The pink eyes that should have been completely replaced by a pair of slender red ferocious eyes.

What’s even more special is that there are also several cracks on his face, and there are also animal eyes staring at him.

Suddenly Bai Lingmiao saw herself in front of her, raised her fingernail-covered hands, grabbed her head violently, opened her mouth and swallowed her whole.

The overturned snake scales pierced Bai Lingmiao’s skin and cut the tight rope easily.

Bai Lingmiao fell heavily to the ground. Before she could recover, a sharp pain rang out from the depths of her mind, causing her to hold her head and scream.

This feeling was so painful, she had never felt such pain before.

Immediately afterwards, the word “二” without any warmth appeared in Bai Lingmiao’s mind.

This is her task for this month. If she fails to complete it, she can figure out the outcome by herself.

And it is foreseeable that this number will gradually increase.

Bai Lingmiao, with a black neck, raised her head in despair, facing the dark beams.

From the moment she became a dancing master, her life no longer belonged to her, not even death.

The previous experience made her actually a little happy that she was able to help Senior Brother Li. However, this time the Immortal Family finally began to show their claws.

Bai Lingmiao remembered what Li Zhilin said before he died, “I will never dance again in my next life. It’s so frustrating.”

At this moment, she finally understood the meaning of what the senior said. As a dancing master, she was a slave of those immortals and had no freedom at all.

“Uuuuuuuuuuuuu” Bai Lingmiao covered her face with her hands, squatted in the dark ancestral hall and cried loudly, her cries echoing in the ancestral hall.

The master who admired the moon seemed to have remembered something when he heard the cry. He sighed with emotion through the three mouths under the red hijab, took out a jade pendant from his arms and looked at it again and again.


“It’s not dad, it’s master.”


Li Huowang has been corrected to the point of losing his temper. He now regrets extremely why he went to that noodle stall to eat noodles before. Even eating noodles can cause trouble.

“Quack quack~!” The ducks in the duck cage nearby made Li Huowang upset. I don’t know what happened today. Why are there so many people going to Yinling City to sell goods, blocking the spacious road.


“Okay, shut up.” Li Huowang took out two more pieces of cotton wool and stuffed them more tightly into his ears.

After waiting in a carriage for a long time, we finally arrived at Li Huowang. After showing his Jian Tiansi waist badge, he was immediately let through.

Returning to the prosperous Yinling City, Li Huowang breathed a sigh of relief and started to drive towards the inn in his carriage. He finally arrived after such a long time.

When he saw the makeshift earthen kiln at the intersection, Li Huowang was a little confused, “What is this?”

“Taoist, it’s the Mid-Autumn Festival today. Don’t you know that you have to build an earthen kiln to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival?” The monk helped Li Huowang clear up his confusion.

Li Huowang shook the reins and shook his head, “We don’t have this custom.”

“Then what are your customs?”

“We don’t have any customs, we just eat moon cakes.”

When Li Huowang settled down in the inn, it gradually became dark outside. The curfew in Yinling City, which should have been under curfew, was rarely lifted.

The brightly lit streets and children carrying grapefruit lanterns turned the entire Yinling City into a city that never sleeps.

Li Huowang was waiting at the inn, waiting for Tuoba Danqing to come to his door. But as he waited and waited, he only waited for the carrier pigeon to deliver the message.

“Today is the eve of the lunar month. I am going home to reunite with my wife and children. If I have anything to do, we will discuss it in detail tomorrow night.”

Seeing this note made Li Huowang feel discouraged. Does Supervisor Tiansi still want to celebrate the festival?

Li Huowang has a new understanding of this huge organization.

He sat in the room with his eyes a little confused for a while. What should he do next?

“What else can I do? Let’s celebrate the holidays. Besides the New Year, I like the Mid-Autumn Festival the most.” The monk ran to the side and reminded.

“Celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival? With whom?”

“Come with us.” Hongzhong jumped out at this time.

Li Huowang glanced at the four hallucinations in front of him, walked out the window and whistled at Mantou who was caboose in the stable.

The steamed bun barked suddenly, wagging his tongue and rushing forward excitedly.

Call the waiter and ask him to book a table for the kitchen and bring it to the house.

The money was enough, and all kinds of chicken, duck and fish were available. Looking at the steamed buns being devoured under the table, Li Huowang picked up Kuaizi and put a piece of three-yellow chicken into his mouth to chew.

The chicken tasted good, but Li Huowang always felt it was tasteless. He picked up the ceramic wine bottle and took a big gulp to his mouth. He was so drunk that he suddenly became drunk.

The drunk Li Huowang raised his glass and toasted to the full moon in the sky unsteadily. “It’s still the same as when I was with them in the wilderness, fishing for noodles from the iron pot.”


“Hey! Son!” Li Huowang raised his foot and kicked the bun. “We three brothers celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival!”

Li Huowang didn’t know when he fell asleep. When he woke up again, he saw Mantou crawling on his body, grinning at the black tentacles emerging from his body, and kept making low threats.

Li Huowang bent his fingers and flicked the tentacle, and the tentacle instantly retracted to his navel. “Will Hei Taisui come out on his own now?”

This may be bad news, but Li Huowang really doesn’t care about it now.

“Go down and keep an eye on the carriage.” As Li Huowang pointed at the door, the steamed bun walked away with his tail between his legs.

Li Huowang sat up, picked up Kuaizi again, and started eating the already cold banquet on the table again.

After eating and drinking, Li Huowang sat by the window and took out a book. This time it was no longer a three-character classic, but a higher-level thousand-character classic.

“The sword is called a giant palace, the pearl is called luminous, the fruit is precious, the plum is rich, the vegetables are heavy with mustard and ginger, the sea is salty and the river is turbulent, the scales are hidden and the feathers are flying”

As he chanted, Li Huowang felt an unclear accent in his ears. It was confusing at first, but gradually it became clearer.

?”Singing music is extremely noble, while etiquette is disrespectful, respecting others is inferior. There is harmony between superiors and subordinates. The husband sings and the wife follows.”


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