Mutated Tao Chapter 327: One family under one roof


“Dad, this is a mooncake with jujube paste filling. I remember you love jujube paste filling the most.” Bai Lingmiao specially held a piece of mooncake with red marks on it and stood on tiptoe to place it in front of a spiritual tablet.

“Brother, you like to eat bean paste. I can’t find bean paste in the village. You can try this sesame one. It tastes pretty good.”

After dividing the mooncakes, Bai Lingmiao took out three sticks of incense and lit them, knelt on the ground, bowed to them, and inserted them into the remaining mooncakes.

A few green smoke slowly floated among the spiritual tablets, and the Bai family ancestral hall once again had incense.

Bai Lingmiao looked up at the black wall in front of her, seeming to be thinking about something. After a long time, a smile appeared on his face and he said: “Today is the eve of the moon, let me spend it with you all.”

She picked up a moon cake from the plate, took two steps forward, and sat down on the steps of the ancestral hall. Looking at the bright moon in the sky, I ate mooncakes in small bites.

While eating, a figure appeared beside her. Bai Lingmiao stretched out her right hand and put the mooncake in her hand into Er Shen’s red hijab. Then she gently leaned her head to the left, leaning against the red silk satin clothes of the great god.

Just like this, on the steps outside the Bai family ancestral hall, two women with identical heads cuddled together silently, eating the same moon cake and admiring the same full moon in the sky.

Suddenly there was a firelight in the distance. Bai Lingmiao stood up and looked around, and saw an earthen kiln built with tiles and stones in the distance.

The earthen kiln is very high, higher than other houses in Niuxin Village. The flames that reach into the sky wrap the kiln like a huge bonfire.

The dog boy stood on the roof nearby, screaming strangely while holding various old clothes and throwing them inside.

The clay kiln will be fired on the eve of the moon. Bai Lingmiao remembers that this happens every year, but this kind of thing has always been liked by the brothers in the village, and girls don’t like it very much.

Looking at the distant flames, Bai Lingmiao thought of his brother who had always been troubled.

The eldest sister is like mother. Her parents are busy every day, so this younger brother was basically raised by her alone.

She watched with her own eyes as the child in the cradle slowly turned into a boy who could jump and run, but everything came to an abrupt end.

The longing for her family almost reached its peak. Finally, her trembling hands touched the drum at her waist and started to beat it.

“Dongdongdong~Dongdongdong~” rhythmic drumming sounded in the deserted village.

After Bai Lingmiao hesitated for a few times, he opened his mouth tremblingly and sang. The tears he had endured all night finally shed.

She used the melody of Beijia’s Weeping Smoke Soul, and her voice seemed to contain extreme misery, and everything around her trembled.

“Qingfeng ah smoke soul~wuwuwu”

At this moment, she resonated with the lyrics. If everything before was just a copy of the gourd under the pressure of the Xian family, she suddenly had a higher understanding and feeling of those tactics of moving troops.

Only when enough family members have died can one understand what it feels like to sing the tune of crying smoke and soul.

She found that the emotions in her heart were infected by the Xian family. This feeling was very special.

It can even be said that the current Bai Lingmiao is much better than the original Li Zhi at least in terms of Beijia. However, Bai Lingmiao does not want this kind of price.

The drums continued to sound, and the extremely sad tune was still sung.

“Smoke soul~ The three worlds in the Yang world are like humans, and the three cities in the Yin world are the soul of smoke.”

“It is said that the sky is a treasure, the earth is a pond, and humans are like fish in the muddy water of the three worlds, woo woo woo”

“If you have been confused for a while, you will have two others. If you have been confused for two hours, you will lose a moment.”

This time it was the great god’s turn to watch, watching Bai Lingmiao sing the spirit-calling tune, wisps of dark wind blew through the gate of the Bai family ancestral hall, blew past the red hijab of the great god, and finally blew out the white lantern, and began They slowly circled around Bai Lingmiao.

As if she felt something, Bai Lingmiao could hardly sing anymore, but she finally started to grit her teeth and hit the drum **** her waist.

“When I heard that Yan Hun shed tears of sadness, my heart felt like I had eaten bitter yellow lotus. If you have any grievances, Yan Hun, you have nowhere to complain. With this kind of injustice, you have nowhere to complain.”

The dark wind became stronger, and the spiritual tablets in the entire ancestral hall were blown and swayed, and the tiles in the entire ancestral hall were also blown and swayed, as if the entire Bai family ancestral hall came to life at this moment. .

As he sang, a wisp of cold wind gently passed over the skirt of the great **** and got into the blood-red red hijab.

A burning smell began to emerge from the great god’s body. She raised her hands tremblingly and leaned towards Bai Lingmiao slowly. “囡囡”

The moment he heard this voice, Bai Lingmiao’s heart suddenly trembled, and he immediately ignored it, opened his hands and rushed towards the loud voice. “Mom!!”

The moment she hugged the great god, Bai Lingmiao seemed to have found support again, and she immediately told everything she had accumulated in her heart.

She closed her eyes and spoke for a long time, but she didn’t get any feedback until she stopped.

When she looked at the great god’s red hijab with her red eyes, she got a disappointing result. The moment she stopped her expression, she was already gone.

“Did my mother say anything when she left?” Bai Lingmiao asked softly.

The great **** stared at Bai Lingmiao for a long time through the red hijab, and finally said slowly: “She is not your mother…”

“No, she is my mother! My father and grandfather just came back! They are all complaining about me!” Bai Lingmiao loudly objected, shaking her head.

The great **** didn’t say anything, she opened her hands and hugged him again. She knelt down, hugged Bai Lingmiao whole, and rocked him gently in her arms.

Bai Lingmiao opened her eyes, swaying slightly, silently looking at the beams above the ancestral hall, seeming to be thinking about something.

The earthen kiln outside was extinguished at some point, and the two of them sat silently in the dark ancestral hall.

“If I leave, can you help me stay with Senior Brother Li? He really cannot lack people around him.” Bai Lingmiao suddenly spoke.

The great **** just hugged her without any reaction.

“I’m sorry, but I really can’t hold on anymore. I can’t do anything. I can’t even avenge my family!”

The tearful Bai Lingmiao broke away from the other party’s arms and took out the rope that had been prepared.

She walked to the center of the ancestral hall, threw the rope in her hand towards the beam and began to tie it.

The great **** stood up. She walked behind Bai Lingmiao and hugged her slender calves to help her complete the next steps.

When the master gently lowered his hand and took a step back, the squeaking sound of the rope tightening and the uncontrollable inhalation sound began to sound.

The great **** ignored these voices, silently walked around to the steps of the ancestral hall and sat down again, continuing to admire the full moon in the sky.

Behind her red hijab are Bai Lingmiao’s slightly swaying white shoes, and behind the white shoes are the dark tablets of the deceased that are as densely packed as a black wall.


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