Mutated Tao Chapter 326: Yuexi


With a “wow”, the frightened Li Huowang suddenly stood up and took several steps back.

The sound of a stool falling to the ground immediately caught the attention of the stall owner, who immediately came over carefully with him. “This guest? What’s wrong? Is the noodles not delicious or the soup not tasting right? How about I give you a different bowl?”

Li Huowang, whose face turned extremely ugly, glanced at him, then at his pregnant wife, without saying a word, threw down a piece of silver and hurriedly left with the carriage.

“Sir, you gave me too much. A bowl of noodles can’t be paid for!” The stall owner’s voice only made the carriage go faster.

On the Mercedes-Benz carriage, Li Huowang held his stomach with a strange expression, “What’s going on? Is what Hei Taisui just said just like a cat and a tiger repeated, or does he really think that I am his father?”

In the past, he always thought that this Tai Sui was the same as the Dan Yang Zi in the past. After all, its existence was to seize other people’s bodies.

But what just happened seemed completely different from what he had thought before.

“Dad?” A voice sounded again, and Li Huowang immediately retorted, “Don’t call me dad!”


Hei Taisui’s words stopped Li Huowang for a moment. He thought about it and calmed down, yes, why can’t he scream? It’s not necessarily a good or bad thing for me.

The crow of the rooster made Yang child slowly open his eyes. He rubbed his eyes and looked around. For a while, it was difficult to adapt to living in a room by himself.

In the first few days, I couldn’t sleep well because I didn’t smell Senior Brother Cao Cao’s stinky feet.

After stretching hard, Yang got up and started to put on his clothes.

At his age, he is growing taller every day, and the clothes of a Taoist boy are obviously too short for him.

Facing the cold morning wind, Yang child walked towards Bai Guy’s room with his neck hunched.

Living in Niuxin Village is much better than sleeping outdoors. There is a well in the yard opposite the kitchen. It is very convenient for washing clothes, dishes and toiletries. There is no need to fetch water early in the morning.

The water was boiled, the rice soaked overnight was put away, and Yang child skillfully began to make porridge.

Although rice porridge is simple, it depends on how it is made. If it can be simmered carefully and slowly to get out all the rice oil, it will taste different.

The pickle jar was opened, Yang picked up the chopsticks, put the pickles on the chopping board and started cutting them into strips.

Child Yang, who was fully in the state, was interrupted by the sound of footsteps. When he looked up, he saw the fat-faced woman. “Little fellow, you got up so early today.”

She held a new piece of clothing in her arms, a man’s clothing.

“Take out the leftover tofu from last night and eat it with porridge.” At this point, Yang child couldn’t help but sigh in his heart. Now that life is getting better, he can actually have leftovers.

“Hey.” After being ordered, the woman was not annoyed and obeyed obediently.

When the porridge is ready, the vegetables are cut. Others also came to the lobby to eat one after another.

Li Huowang has been gone for a long time, and everyone has gradually adapted to it.

But everyone felt empty in their hearts, as if they had lost their backbone. No one gave orders, and they didn’t know what to do for a while.

As for the hurtful words he said before, no one will care about them at all.

They all came out of life and death, which made me feel at ease. Not to mention being called useless by Li Huowang, I just stood there and scolded them all day and night, and then I just smiled and passed.

But at least they are not blind, they can all see that Li Huowang is gone, who is the saddest here.

Bai Lingmiao has never smiled since Li Huowang left, and she no longer feels approachable. It seems to have become a piece of ice that repels people and thousands of miles away.

Chun Xiaoman sighed lightly, picked up a piece of pickles with chopsticks, and put it into Bai Lingmiao’s bowl nearby.

I spent this time sleeping with her, just because I was afraid that my good friend would not think about it.

Bai Lingmiao picked up the pickles and put them in his mouth, biting them into small pieces and chewing them.

“That white girl.”

Lv Zhuangyuan’s words made Bai Lingmiao look up, blinking her long white eyelashes, and asked calmly: “Leader Lu, are you okay?”

“Look, after such a long break, I think the Lu family class can go out to catch up. The autumn harvest is over, and the farmers have nothing to do. They are all preparing for the cat winter at home. Watch a movie in your spare time.”

“Okay, but today is the evening of the lunar month. It’s better to wait until the festival is over before leaving. Leader Lu, what do you think?”

Leader Lu nodded awkwardly, “That’s okay, that’s okay.”

He actually wanted to take his whole family out this Mid-Autumn Festival to avoid being uncomfortable in this village, but since the other party said so, he had no choice but to give it up.

After such a long time, he has already found out clearly that this girl has died in the whole family, and this Mid-Autumn Festival will definitely not be so easy.

“I can make mooncakes!” Yang kid volunteered.

“Back then, that maniac asked us to make mooncakes every time we celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival. I was the fastest and best among the Taoists!”

Seeing Chun Xiaoman winking at him, Yang kid was stunned and quickly sat down to eat breakfast.

After breakfast, Yang took out the mooncake mold. Fortunately, the entire Baijia Village wants what it wants, otherwise it would be really difficult.

Gouwa pretended to poke half of his head out of the kitchen door, “Child, do you want my help?”

“No, I can do it alone.”

“Okay, I’ll be waiting to eat that night. I’ll take Gao Zhijian to build a brick house!”

After a busy day, when night falls, the bright moon hangs high.

The pastries and fruits bought from the seller, as well as the pieces of mooncakes, were piled up and brought to the table.

Of course you have to drink wine while admiring the moon, and a jar of wine from the cellar was also brought out.

Bai Lingmiao, who was sitting in the main seat, raised the wine glass in his hand to the others, “The moon is full, people are round, everything is reunited. People go well, everything goes well. I wish you and your family happiness and harmony!”

Others, you looked at me, and I looked at yours. Finally, they raised their glasses in twos and threes, and responded awkwardly and vaguely to some unclear words.

After a glass of wine, Bai Lingmiao’s eyes turned red, “Come on, don’t just drink, eat mooncakes. Junior Brother Yang’s mooncakes are so beautiful, they must be delicious.”

After saying that, she picked up a piece of mooncake and took a small bite.

Seeing how cautious everyone was, Bai Lingmiao sniffed and laughed.

“Look at my brain. On the New Moon Festival, the tributes in the ancestral hall are not replaced. You eat yours. I will come after a while.”

After that, she picked up a stack of mooncakes and walked towards the Bai family ancestral hall.

As soon as Bai Lingmiao left, everyone breathed a sigh of relief. Gouwa, who was very uncomfortable, pulled his collar with his hand, “Hey, it’s the Mid-Autumn Festival.”

“You guys eat first, I’ll go see her.” After Chun Xiaoman said that, he stood up and was about to follow her.

Gao Zhijian took her hand and shook his head slightly. “Let…let her be alone for a while!”

“Everyone is eating mooncakes. The mooncakes made by Junior Brother Yang are good,” Bai Lingmiao held the mooncakes in both hands and placed them in front of the densely packed spiritual tablets in the ancestral hall.

These spiritual tablets are all new, all spiritual tablets from Baijia Village, regardless of men, women, old or young, are neatly placed here.

The spiritual tablets with white characters on a black background were densely connected to form a black wall with a huge oppressive feeling, looking down at the only bloodline of the Bai family in front of them.


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