Mutated Tao Chapter 325: Noodles


“Da da da.” As the sound of horse hoofbeats continued, the carriage driven by Li Huowang gradually left Cangshui County and drifted away.

In addition to Hei Tai Sui, the carriage also had a lot of storable dry goods. Li Huowang took out a dried red date and stuffed it into his mouth and chewed it slowly.

“Is it sweet?” The monk came over and asked with wrinkles on his face.

“Sweet.” Li Huowang said and took out a ball of walnut meat and stuffed it into his mouth and started chewing. “Do you think they are happy now?”

“I’m sure I’ll be happy. If not, can I give you these things?”

“Just be happy. This world is too painful. If you can be happy more, just be happy.”

Li Huowang murmured to himself that he was struggling with the pain and depression, but it didn’t seem to be a bad feeling to help others get out of the same situation as himself.

Hearing some movement around him, Li Huowang turned his head and saw Mantou wagging his tail, pulling the basket with his paws, burying his head in a big bamboo basket and chewing something.

Li Huowang pinched the flesh of its neck with his fingers, lifted him and threw him onto the dirt road nearby. “Go down and run for me. If you eat like this every day, do you want to be slaughtered like an adult pig?”

The bun whined in a low voice, seeming to express some dissatisfaction, but seeing that Li Huowang had no intention of waiting for it, he quickly opened up his four paws and started running after him.

Looking at the endless ups and downs of the dirt road in front of the horse, Li Huowang let go of the reins and let the horse move forward on its own.

A carriage is different from a car. You don’t need to keep an eye on it all the time. Horses are brains and are very smart. They will hide when they are in danger and stop when they encounter a side road.

With his hands freed, Li Huowang took out an enlightenment book from his arms. When he touched his abdomen, the black Tai Sui in his stomach immediately moved, and a black tentacle came out of his belly button. Hooked his finger.

He lowered his head and looked at the tentacle as if he was thinking about something. After experiencing the previous events, he was no longer as repulsive to Hei Tai Sui as before.

The other party can stop you when you commit suicide, and can help you at critical moments. It’s pretty good to have such a thing by your side to help you. Of course, if it doesn’t want to take away your body all the time, then Even better.

Thinking of this, Li Huowang immediately took off the earplug from his right ear, and the bumping sound in the harsh and noisy sound instantly became clear. “Before, eat, if you are hungry, I will help you,”

“I know you helped me, don’t mention it all the time. Now just be quiet.”

As soon as Li Huowang finished speaking, Hei Taisui’s voice began to get softer, “Are you hungry? Eat,”

“Don’t Chinese characters, what you said is too confusing, and you haven’t learned enough.”

Li Huowang took the enlightenment book in his hand and began to read it word for word.

He didn’t know how much of the black Tai Sui in his stomach could be absorbed, but the smoother this thing spoke, the less harmful it would be to him.

While thinking about it, a new tentacle stretched out from Li Huowang’s navel, and there was actually a double-pupil eyeball wrapped around the top of the tentacle.

This eye stalk looked crookedly at everything around it. It looked very slowly, but very focused, and its eyes were full of curiosity.

Li Huowang stopped when he felt two eyes coming out of an eyeball, reached out and grabbed the eyeball into his hand and looked at it carefully. “Hongzhong, this seems to be your eyeball, right? Why hasn’t it been digested by Hei Taisui?”

Hong, who had not appeared for a long time, rose up from under the rapidly rotating wheel, “This thing is a good treasure. I spent a lot of effort to trick it back then.”

“Good baby again? Aren’t these your original eyeballs?”

“Of course not, you might as well guess where I got this thing from?” Hongzhong said with a proud smile on his face.

Li Huowang glanced at it, ignored it, put his eyeballs back into Hei Taisui’s tentacles, and started reading again.

No matter how tempted Hongzhong was, he would not ask any more questions. In constant contact with the other party, Li Huowang seemed to have figured out how to deal with Zuo Wangdao’s routine.

Teaching and teaching, gradually it was noon, and a stall for people to rest appeared on the side of the dirt road. A few passers-by were sitting on a few wooden tables, eating big mouthfuls of noodles.

Li Huowang thought about it, pulled the reins to stop the carriage, and walked towards the stall with the steamed bun sticking out his tongue.

“Sir, what do you want to order?” Smelling the strong smell of blood on Li Huowang’s body, the stall owner with a small beard asked carefully.

“Is there anything to eat? Just grab some.” With ready-made food, Li Huowang certainly doesn’t need to eat dry food.

After all, in order to improve the storage time of dry food, the taste is not much better.

“Hey, sir, please sit down and have a sip of herbal tea! I’ll serve it to you right away!” Mustache came to the stove and started working with his pregnant wife.

Li Huowang picked up the herbal teapot on the table and poured it for the steamed bun beside him with his tongue hanging out.

After seeing that the local dog bit the water line for a long time without any reaction, Li Huowang poured himself a bowl and started drinking.

Although this place was not far from Cangshui County, he was careful not to capsize in the gutter.

“We have the alchemy furnace, now it’s time to look for the elixir ingredients. The drug store in Yinling City should have it. If not, you can ask Tuoba Danqing.” Just as Li Huowang was thinking about whether these are available. , he saw the mustache coming over with a bowl of noodles.

“Sir, here’s your noodles.” A steaming bowl of noodles was delivered to Li Huowang, although there were only some offal from livestock, some wild vegetables and dried radishes.

But when these things are put together, they smell really good.

After eating the steamed buns, Li Huowang began to enjoy it. The other party sold wide noodles, which seemed to be mixed together and tasted very strong.

At this moment, a customer from Li Huowang came. After the stall owner finished serving the noodles and had nothing to do, he helped his wife sit down. What they said from a distance was clearly heard by the keen Li Huowang.

“Madam, please take a break quickly, don’t tire our children.”

“Erlang, don’t patronize me, why don’t you go and have a few bites while no one is around?”

“Haha, I’m not in a hurry. As long as I look at my child, I’m not hungry at all.”

The stall owner knelt down, carefully stroked his wife’s belly with his hand, and whispered softly and pleasantly: “Bao, can you feel it? I am your daddy, be good, call me daddy.”

The pregnant woman pinched the stall owner’s arm strangely and gently, “Why are you crazy? Whose child can talk before he is born? How stupid.”

“Don’t interrupt. I am chatting with our child. The fortune teller said that if I talk to our child more now, he will be more promising in the future!”

After that, he simply knelt down, put his ear against his wife’s swollen belly, and said with love in his voice: “My child, can you hear me? I am your daddy, please call me daddy.” ”

As soon as the stall owner finished speaking, a vague voice sounded in Li Huowang’s ears like thunder. “Daddy”


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