Mutated Tao Chapter 323: Send


In the cave, the battle situation is changing rapidly.

At this time, most of the people were stunned by the shadow, and Li Huowang certainly wouldn’t miss the opportunity.

He also saw that this mandrill was indeed powerful, but there was a prerequisite first, that is, like ordinary Taoist priests, he had to practice it before taking action.

As long as this thing is forced into close combat with him, he won’t be able to spare any time to do it.

“Jump!” Seven or eight black tentacles bent violently and jumped on the ground. This force led Li Huowang to rush towards the Taoist mandrill who was entangled in the flesh.

With a crisp sound of “clang”, the opponent’s mahogany sword cracked. The weapon given by the master at the beginning was extremely sharp, and this mandrill’s weapon was completely incomparable to the military weapon in Li Huowang’s hand.

Seeing that he was outmatched, the mandrill immediately relied on Li Huowang’s powerful strength to retreat backwards.

How could Li Huowang let him go? When others stepped back, he would push forward and pursue them, never giving him time to do something.

Seeing that his master was about to suffer a loss, a white whisk with a black talisman the size of a fingernail in his hair was thrown over.

The mandrill’s slender nails hooked up and rolled into a whisk, and the white threads entangled Li Huowang’s weapon.

Use softness to overcome hardness. Although the white threads on the fly whisk were constantly being cut, they actually became entangled for a while.

The people on both sides were in a stalemate again. Now it seemed that it was Li Huowang who cut off the opponent’s whisk first, or the mandrills behind who arrived earlier.

However, looking at the terrifying monster in front of him, Li Huowang showed a cruel smile on his face.

“Since you let your disciples and grandchildren besiege me before, don’t blame me for being unfair, just do it!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the tentacles under Li Huowang quickly took out various torture instruments from the torture tool bag at his hem, and inserted them directly into the opponent’s abdomen. Soon, the opponent’s mandrill was opened. The abdomen was twisted into a mess.

When the Taoist mandrill fell to the ground clutching his stomach, Li Huowang pulled it out with one hand, pulled out the Zisui sword from the scattered fly whisk, raised it high and slashed furiously, and the Taoist mandrill suddenly fell to the ground.

When Li Huowang, who was covered in blood, turned around and looked at the remaining mandrills behind him, the dominant mandrills stopped moving forward. They were afraid.

“Forward!” Li Huowang, filled with murderous intent, roared and raised his Zisui sword high, charging towards the mandrills that were a hundred times his own.

Without the leader, the remaining mandrills also dispersed. When they turned their backs to Li Huowang, what followed was a massacre. The only difference was that more people were killed and less people were killed.

Two hours have passed, and the entire cave has been almost emptied. Some people have escaped here and there, but the remaining ones have become useless.

The wriggling tentacles were crawling like a spider, dragging Li Huowang towards the lower body that remained in place.

Li Huowang was already very tired, but he still held on to his energy. He grabbed his waist and put on his lower body as if he were wearing pants.

The black tentacles wormed their way into the flesh, connecting the bridges that separated the body.

At first, Li Huowang didn’t feel any sensation in his lower body.

But gradually, he could move his toes, and the pain was felt on the top of his foot where the black triangular cloth flag was stuck.

The round talisman on the ground had long since dispersed. Li Huowang lowered his head and bent over to pull out the black flag.

Li Huowang stood up again and looked around at the chaos around him. The place had completely turned into a muddy pool of blood, and it was difficult to find a clean open space on the ground.

Seeing that the enemy was eradicated, Li Huowang laughed happily. He found that he liked to laugh more now than in the past. In the past, he had not laughed for a long time.

After laughing for a while, Li Huowang stopped. He lowered his head and touched his abdomen with his hand.

“Thank you. It seems that I underestimated you before. You are much more useful than I thought.”

Then Li Huowang heard those intermittent sounds in his ears. Compared with before, after such a long period of teaching, although the words spoken by the other party were still intermittent, they could at least express some simple meanings.

Li Huowang feels that he can put more energy into Hei Taisui in the future, but he doesn’t know why. The Hei Tai Sui who was eaten by him seemed to be much smarter than the Hei Tai Sui outside.

I don’t know if this change was caused by absorbing something from my body.

“Could it be that the flesh and blood of Xinsu also has the function of allowing Hei Taisui to open his mind?”

Li Huowang, who didn’t have a few good pieces of meat on his body, was thinking wildly. He was still in pain, but unknowingly he seemed to have gotten used to it.

“Be careful, Black Tai Sui will not be so kind. It only gets into your belly in order to finally take away your body.”

Hongzhong’s words made the smile on Li Huowang’s face drop, “I’m happy to! Do you want you to talk nonsense here?”

“Who are these people? I can’t even hear the nice things to say.” A somewhat irritated Hongzhong moved slightly and hid underground again.

Li Huowang snorted coldly and began to take out the Fire Jacket Scripture to heal himself.

As if he was learning to walk for the first time, Li Huowang staggered and walked in the dark towards the cave where the baby had been.

The old people in the cave are still there. After all, they can’t go anywhere in this environment.

“Pick up the children and let’s get out of here.” Li Huowang ordered them in a cold voice.

The remaining old people followed the instructions one after another. No one dared to say a word nonsense. After all, the Taoist robe on Li Huowang was still bleeding.

They were looking for Shui Zi before. Even if they were deceived and deceived, their fundamental need was not to die.

Li Huowang nodded. There were thirty-one live babies left. Originally, there were more than these, but the previous chaos affected several cradles.

The staggering Li Huowang held a child in one arm and led a group of trembling old people towards the entrance of the cave.

Just when they were about to go out, the headless body of the mandrill suddenly moved.

Li Huowang instantly threw away the child in his arms, pulled out his copper coin sword with a clang, and pointed the sword at the headless corpse.

Seeing the other person reaching out as if to take something out of his arms, Li Huowang waved his hand and removed his arms in an instant.

The arm fell from mid-air, and the bag in his hand also spilled out.

The Yangshou Pills wrapped in black talismans were scattered into the semi-solidified blood on the ground.

“Yangshou Pill?” Li Huowang poked the pill with the tip of his sword somewhat unexpectedly.

“What do you mean? Is it preparing the Yang Shou Dan to buy its own life?”

At this moment, the mandrill moved. He raised his other hand, gathered up the **** Yangshou Pills on the ground, and pushed them towards Li Huowang.

When all this was done, the mandrill’s body was soft and completely stopped moving.

Li Huowang counted carefully. There are a total of seventy-nine lifespans here. If he eats these, it will probably be enough to support him until he turns into a mandrill.


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