Mutated Tao Chapter 312: Yinling City (Additional update for the leader, my brother, guide me)


Yinling City is still so prosperous. Li Huowang, who was leading a carriage and wearing a bamboo hat, was very inconspicuous as he walked among the crowd.

The lively crowd around made Mantou very scared. With his tail between his legs, he hid under the carriage and followed the carriage slowly forward.

After arriving at an inn, Li Huowang took out the broken silver prepared on the carriage and paid for the room.

Everything is ready on the carriage, not only money for change of clothes, but also several kinds of dry food.

“Wow~” The car curtain was opened, and the tied-up Hei Tai Sui appeared in front of him. Li Huowang stuffed the meat breast in his hand into the crevices of its body covered with mucus.

Then Li Huowang took out his knife, cut off a large piece and stuffed it into his mouth to chew. Hei Tai Sui’s meat was unpalatable and disgusting, but he had long been used to it.

After being eaten so much by Li Huowang, Hei Taisui didn’t seem to have lost much.

After checking the beef tendons binding it with his hands, Li Huowang looked at Hei Taisui in front of him and said, “Can you hear me? Can you repeat what I’m saying now?”

Facing Li Huowang’s inquiry, Hei Taisui didn’t say anything. He still wriggled his disgusting body and spit out dirty and sticky liquid through the gaps in his body.

Not to mention speaking out, there was not even a single reaction.

Li Huowang touched his belly thoughtfully, “Can it be that Hei Tai Sui can only read when he is in my belly? Or is it because my hearing is too sharp and only I can hear it?”

He also didn’t know what it was like for others to eat black Tai Sui, and whether his situation was normal or special.

After closing the car curtain again, Li Huowang said to Mantou squatting aside: “Keep an eye on him. If Hei Taisui moves around, or if someone else tries to get close, just shout loudly. I’ll be in the room next to you.” .”

“Woof woof!!” Steamed Bun jumped while wagging his tail.

After Li Huowang patted the steamed bun’s head with his hand, he turned and walked towards the guest room.

Opening the window and looking at the bustling market below, Li Huowang took out a book from his arms, “The Three Character Classic”.

Li Huowang didn’t know if he could learn this teaching from the black Tai Sui in his belly, but he had to at least give it a try. It wouldn’t be a bad thing to try more.

As long as he is taught well, Hei Taisui may be able to help him a lot in his future affairs.

Even if it doesn’t help, as long as it doesn’t cause trouble, it can be considered as achieving its goal.

“In the beginning, human nature is inherently good. Their natures are similar, but their habits are far apart. If you don’t teach, your nature will change. The most important thing to teach is to be specialized…”

A wriggling black tentacle came out of Li Huowang’s navel, shook it and then went back in again.

“Lychee, this is lychee.” Li Huowang opened the shell with his hand and “eat” it.

Then he stuffed the translucent pulp into his mouth. “No, it’s not killing, it’s eating.”

When he saw oil lamps lighting up the rooms outside the window, Li Huowang felt that it was almost time, stood up and walked out.

It was still the same place where he and Tuoba Danqing had a drink before. As soon as Li Huowang walked in, he was immediately invited in by the waiter as soon as he explained his purpose.

Obviously he had already said hello before. As soon as he entered, all kinds of wine and food were brought in.

After Li Huowang waited in the antique elegant room for a while, Tuoba Danqing’s unique laughter sounded outside the room, arriving before anyone arrived.

“Haha~ Brother Erxian, I haven’t seen you for a long time, I miss you so much.” With a creak, the door opened, and Tuoba Danqing, dressed in brocade silk, walked in. “Don’t stand, sit down quickly, sit down quickly, we are all brothers, why are you so polite.”

Seeing Tuoba Danqing close the door with his backhand, Li Huowang took off the black gauze hat on his head.

Seeing the black and pink skin on Li Huowang’s copper coin mask, Tuoba Danqing’s eyes showed an unusual color.

But he said nothing, laughed again, picked up the wine bottle on the table and poured himself a glass. “Come, come, drink, drink.”

Knowing the opponent’s approach, Li Huowang was not in a hurry.

Li Huowang tipped his head and drank. Fortunately, he drank a lot of water before drinking, so he could get drunk more slowly.

After three rounds of wine and five flavors of food, Tuoba Danqing coughed lightly and began to speak.

“Brother Er Xian, the Bagua mirror you asked me to ask about before has its clues. It was tricked by Zuowangdao from a blind Niubi.”

“Oh? Is that blind man’s surname Chen?”

“Hey, brother Er Xian, I haven’t said anything yet, how do you know?”

Li Huowang, who was holding the wine glass, looked sarcastically at Hongzhong in the distance. As expected, the identity of Blind Man Chen used by this guy before was also stolen.

“Brother Er Xian, Niubi said that he can’t give you the technique to drive the mirror. If you are willing to return the mirror to him, he can exchange it for a set of talismans.”

“What kind of talisman?”

“Listen to him, this talisman book records various talismans and spells. As long as you learn this set of talismans, you will be proficient in medicine, medicine, divination, fortune-telling, and fortune-telling. Ah.”

After saying this, Tuoba Danqing paused, with a sly smile on his face.

“But, in my opinion, this old boy is probably bragging. That set of talismans is probably useful, but it may not be as powerful as he said.”

Li Huowang took out the mirror and thought about gains and losses, but he had no experience in this area and had no idea how to think about it.

After thinking for a while, Li Huowang turned to look at Tuoba Danqing.

“Brother Tuoba, can you give me some advice on this matter?”

Anyway, Tuoba Danqing can be considered a veteran. You can take his advice on this.

Tuoba Danqing picked up a piece of crystal clear fish skin with his chopsticks and stuffed it into his mouth.

“Well… In my opinion, you should agree to this kind of thing. Although Niubi doesn’t say it, it seems that he takes the mirror very seriously. If you don’t give it to him, I’m afraid he will look for it. Come here.”

“Furthermore, although this magic weapon is good, it is useless to you, the Nestorians. As long as you, the Nestorians, are willing to be cruel to yourself, there is no need for this broken mirror.”

“On the contrary, some special talismans recorded in this talisman book can make up for the shortcomings of your Nestorian religion.”

“Besides, these days, one more friend means more paths. What if blind man Chen can help you in the future?”

After Li Huowang thought about it carefully, he found that what Tuoba Danqing said did make sense. “Thank you, Brother Tuoba, for your advice.”

“We are all brothers in the department, why are you so polite? You really have to thank me. Just remember my brother if anything good happens in the future.”

Tuoba Danqing said and picked up the wine glass again.

The two of them got closer while drinking.

When he was almost finished eating, the drunk Tuoba Danqing’s face straightened.

“Brother Er Xian, we’ve finished chatting about other things, it’s time to talk about business. If you want to walk up, you have to be diligent, right? By coincidence, there is something to the south that you need to deal with.”

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