Mutated Tao Chapter 309: Say


“You want me to lie to her!” Looking at Hongzhong in front of him, Li Huowang squeezed his words out from between his teeth.

“Hey! What’s wrong with lying? Why do you look down on lying? Lying can be used to do evil or good! If you do what I say now, it’s a white lie!”

Seeing Hongzhong getting more and more excited as he talked, the sighing monk on the side came over and stretched out his hand to pull him away from Li Huowang.

“Senior Brother Li?” Feeling that something was wrong with Li Huowang’s situation, Bai Lingmiao’s voice became much softer.

She stretched out her soft white palm and gently covered Li Huowang’s blackened fingers that were shaped like a skull.

“Senior Brother Li, don’t think so much. You must be exhausted after traveling for so long. Let’s rest for a while. We’ll talk about anything tomorrow.”

Bai Lingmiao helped Li Huowang to his bedside. She didn’t dislike Li Huowang’s terrifying appearance at all, and let him lie down on her quilt.

Covered with a silky silk quilt and resting on a rustling rice husk pillow, Li Huowang took a gentle breath, filled with the familiar fragrance of Bai Lingmiao.

“Senior Brother Li, you’ve been caught in the rain. Let me make you some **** soup to dispel the cold.” After Bai Lingmiao said this, he stood up and walked to the kitchen.

Li Huowang raised his hand and grabbed Bai Lingmiao’s wrist. “Miaomiao, can I ask something? In your eyes, what kind of people do the Bai family look like?”

“My tribe? Everyone is very nice. They help each other on weekdays. They don’t like to quarrel like other places.” Bai Lingmiao answered matter-of-factly.

“Senior Brother Li, what’s wrong with you? Why do you suddenly ask such a question?”

“Don’t you feel something strange?”

“No, oh, by the way, the Bai family will enter the ancestral hall more than other places. When I was young, in order to know what it was like inside, I often pestered my grandfather to take me in to see. But he always said that I am a woman and cannot enter the ancestral hall.”

When Bai Lingmiao thought of this, her mouth opened slightly in surprise and she subconsciously covered her mouth with her hand.

“Senior Brother Li, have you met them? Where are they now? Are my father and mother okay?”

Li Huowang took a deep breath and exhaled hard, as if he wanted to exhale all the accumulated emotions in his heart, but it was of no use.

He really wanted to do what Hongzhong said, so that nothing would change, but he really couldn’t do it.

“Miaomiao, I’m sorry, they are all dead, I killed them.” Bai Lingmiao’s expression suddenly froze as he sat by the bed, and his body froze in place like a sculpture.

Li Huowang, who was lying on the bed, spoke slowly and recounted what he had experienced before. During this period, Bai Lingmiao did not make any sound, only the hand holding Li Huowang became colder and colder.

After Li Huowang explained clearly the cause and effect, the room became quiet, except for the continuous sound of raindrops outside.

As her long white eyelashes blinked, two lines of clear tears slowly flowed from the corners of Bai Lingmiao’s eyes, and her voice trembled.

“Senior Brother Li, did I do something wrong? Why did you kill everyone in my village?”

Bai Lingmiao, who pawned his gold bracelet to make money, Bai Lingmiao, who was crying because he was injured, and Bai Lingmiao, who followed him to imagine the scene after returning home, various scenes emerged in Li Huowang’s mind.

“I don’t know why it happened like this. I felt too cold there. I just wanted to warm myself up. I. I really just wanted to warm myself up. I really just wanted to warm myself up.” Li Huowang The language was pale in defense.

Fear gradually appeared on Bai Lingmiao’s face. He suddenly pulled his hand out of Li Huowang’s hand and stepped back step by step.

Just when she was retreating faster and faster, and was about to rush out the door, Li Huowang hugged her from behind.

The puppet-like facial features on Bai Lingmiao’s face collapsed instantly. She struggled desperately, clenching her hands into fists and beating Li Huowang’s body like crazy, and let out a piercing scream from her wide-open mouth.

In the end, she even pounced on Li Huowang and bit hard, tearing open the black blood scab.

But when she saw the bleeding wound on Li Huowang’s body, she stopped biting again, covered her face with her hands, slowly squatted on the ground and started to cry.

One person was standing, the other was squatting, and the two of them just stopped in place.

Li Huowang stood there and looked at Bai Lingmiao’s white hair quietly. Only he knew what he was thinking at this moment.

This situation lasted for a long time, and the environment in the house gradually became darker.

After a long time, the choked Bai Lingmiao stood up and walked towards the door without looking at Li Huowang.

Li Huowang stopped her again, “No, you don’t have to leave. This is Niuxin Village, this is your home, and I am the one who wants to leave.”

After saying that, Li Huowang turned around and left without trying to retain anything.

“You’ve actually figured it out a long time ago, right? As soon as you open your mouth, I’m afraid your fate with Bai Lingmiao will be over. Why do you still do this?”

Li Huowang’s expression was as stiff as wood, and he completely ignored the hallucination’s words. “Do you regret now that you didn’t use the kindness I said to deceive you?”

“A lie is a lie! There is no such thing as good or evil! I bear the mistakes I made! I feel at ease!” Li Huowang’s sudden roar startled the other brothers who were near him.

“Senior Brother Li, are you leaving right after you come back? Miaomiao is very worried about you. No matter what you do, you have to consider her feelings, right?” Chun Xiaoman asked.

“Take good care of her for me. You will live a stable life here and don’t run around in this chaotic world.”

As Li Huowang traveled through Niuxin Village, there were more and more senior brothers around Li Huowang.

When Li Huowang came to the village again, everyone else came.

Without any hesitation, he rushed directly into the heavy rain.

“Senior Brother Li, where are you going? Shall we follow you?”

“Stop everyone!! No one is allowed to follow!” Li Huowang scolded, making everyone stand where they were.

In the pouring rain, Li Huowang, who was soaked from head to toe, turned around, looked at all of them, took a few deep breaths and suddenly cursed.

“Go away! Get away! All the ashes have been sent! My last words in Qingfengguan have also been sent out! All my original promises have been fulfilled! What else do you want from me!”

“Look at all the injuries on my body! I have done enough for you!! I am tired!! Do you disabled wastes still want to drag me down for the rest of my life?”

Looking at their sad faces, Li Huowang, whose face was covered with water, suddenly turned around and rushed out of Niuxin Village.

In fact, after this happened, Li Huowang had already made up his mind to leave everyone on the way back.

He really didn’t dare to let others stay by his side anymore. The closer they were, the more afraid he became. He was afraid that one day, he would burn them all to death like he burned the Bai family.

A madman who doesn’t know what he is doing is scary, and a madman with all kinds of mysterious abilities is even scarier.


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