Mutated Tao Chapter 308: Go home



Li Huowang’s slight cough made other brothers and sisters look over. Full of confidence, he looked at the faces and said loudly: “Fellow brothers! From now on we will not leave. From now on we will We settled here in Niuxin Village, and this has been our new home from now on!”

“Senior Brother Li, there is still one left, and Child Yang hasn’t been delivered yet.” Gou Wa slapped the head of the Taoist boy next to him with his hand.

Child Yang suddenly panicked. He didn’t expect that this going around would actually involve him.

“I” Just when he was hesitating about what he wanted to say, Li Huowang said with disgust: “His address was made up. He has no home at all. This guy is just a beggar.”

At this time, Li Huowang felt his arms soften, and when he turned his head, he saw Bai Lingmiao holding his arm.

Looking at her admiring and expectant eyes, Li Huowang felt warm in his heart, turned around and continued: “Now that I have said it here, I will say everything I want to say, everyone, you guys I’ve seen it along the way, the world is in chaos.”

“If you just want to occupy a field for farming, then it is no different from a cow in the field!”

“So if we want to protect ourselves, we can only rely on ourselves! As long as I know how to do it, I will teach you everything I can.”

“I will also think of ways in the future to find some so-called magical powers for you all to learn.”

After hearing this, everyone suddenly became excited and talked about everything.

Looking at the faces below, Li Huowang’s eyes became firm.

Other sects cannot be relied on, and neither can the Supervisor Tiansi. The only ones he can rely on are himself and the group of people in front of him.

If you want this weird place to survive, you must have your own power! Only in this way can the pain you experience be far away from you.

“Everyone! Let me tell you first, the first thing everyone needs to do next is to read!”


“Read the words!”

Li Huowang touched his abdomen with his hand, “Yes, you must learn to read.”

“After we finish our studies, we will start a sect! Only in this way can we fully establish ourselves in this world!”

“Others always think that we are monsters and trash! But we just want to open their eyes and let them see! People like us can also make a difference in the world!”

“We are not monsters! No one can betray us, dislike us, or bully us anymore!! As long as everyone works together, our days will definitely get better day by day!”




The crowd’s cheers almost overturned the roof of Niuxin Village. Looking at the united fellow disciples in front of him, Li Huowang smiled, and smiled very happily.

But at this moment, little drops of rain fell from the sky, washing away Li Huowang’s smiling face and diluting everyone’s cheers.

As the rain fell, Li Huowang held a paper umbrella in his hand and stood silently at the head of Niuxin Village, looking at the white smoke rising from the chimney.

There is no one else here at all. Li Huowang is the only one on the deserted muddy loess road. What just happened is just a fantasy in his mind.

Li Huowang has been standing here since yesterday morning. He has been standing here all day and night.

Due to the humid weather, the paper-made skin on Li Huowang’s body became damp and moldy, but he had no time to pay attention to it.

When he saw Yang child wearing a bamboo hat and leading an old cow out of the village, he lifted up his almost frozen joints and walked towards Niuxin Village.

Seeing that Li Huowang finally moved, with half of his body stuck in the red trunk of the tree trunk, with a gleeful smile on his face, he nudged the monk beside him with his elbow. “Monk, hehehe, there is something good to watch now.”

When Li Huowang walked into the village, he was spotted by Child Yang. He immediately greeted him excitedly, but he was soon startled by Li Huowang’s appearance.

“Ah! Senior Brother Li! Why is the skin on your face gone again? And why are you wearing a paper dress?”

“Where is Miaomiao?” Li Huowang’s voice was hoarse and smelled of blood.

“Senior Sister Bai should be in her room at this time. Senior Brother Li, what’s wrong with you? Is there any news about the missing Bai family?”

The silent Li Huowang raised his heavy steps and walked towards the Bai family step by step.

Soon Li Huowang’s return caused a sensation, and everyone walked out to greet him.

But soon, the joy on their faces was affected by Li Huowang’s emotions, and they gradually calmed down.

Gouwa approached carefully. “What’s wrong, Senior Brother Li? Look like this, you didn’t find it? Then if you didn’t find it, then you didn’t find it. I can’t blame you.”

Li Huowang gritted his teeth and pushed him away. His pace quickened and became faster and faster behind him.

When Li Huowang threw down his umbrella and came to the entrance of the Bai family compound, he happened to bump into the panicked Bai Lingmiao.

When she saw Li Huowang coming back alone, Bai Lingmiao’s heart suddenly skipped a beat.

But when she saw the miserable appearance of Li Huowang’s skin melting under the rain, she suddenly felt a pain in her heart. Without caring about anything else, she took Li Huowang’s arm with both hands and walked towards her boudoir.

Bai Lingmiao held the soft towel with both hands and pressed it on Li Huowang’s body, sucking away the water droplets on the charred skin.

She didn’t dare to use a wipe because she was afraid that with a little force, the crispy flesh on Li Huowang’s body would be wiped away.

Bai Lingmiao had seen this kind of injury before, and he understood that Senior Brother Li must have encountered some extremely dangerous hallucinations before he used such a fatal move that would hurt both sides.

Bai Lingmiao held a towel and started washing it in the copper basin, “Senior Brother Li, I’m fine, I’m really fine, don’t worry about me.”

“After so many days, I have actually gotten used to the fact that they are gone.”

“Since they are gone, then Senior Brother Li, let’s wait here. They will come back one day.”

Li Huowang clenched his teeth and his fisted hands trembled slightly.

Just when he was about to say the words, his face suddenly turned red with excitement. Faceless and eyeless, he danced and gestured in front of Li Huowang’s eyes.

“Come on, hurry up! Lie to her and say that you haven’t found anything! The Bai family may have really told Captain Lu to flee!”

Li Huowang opened his eyes suddenly and stared at Hongzhong in front of him with his cannibalistic eyes.

“Why are you staring at me? I am helping you! Think about it, the Bai family is dead. If you tell her now, besides making her heartbroken, what other purpose can you use? ”

“Oh~! By the way, it’s true. You will make her hate you and wish to kill you, the murderer of my father.”

“On the contrary, if you do as I say, not only will she not be sad, but she will still have hope in her heart.”


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