Mutated Tao Chapter 297: Go home


While the two were talking, there was new movement at the table.

With a “pop” sound, Li Huowang immediately raised his head and looked in the direction of the sound.

Immediately I saw Gouwa, who was tiptoeing outside with his food box in his arms.

“Senior Brother Li, didn’t you bring it back for us to eat?” Gouwa asked with a cautious voice.

Li Huowang lay down again with a wry smile on his face. “Yeah, it’s just you.”

To say that the only people in this world who can be trusted are probably the brothers around us, even if they are really useless.

Li Huowang put his hands on the bed clothes and sat up, the decadence on his face wiped away.

“Gou, put down the food box and call Gao Zhijian over. Let’s eat together. When we’re done, we’ll leave.”

“Where to go?”

“Go home!”

A few days later, Li Huowang, Gou Wa, Gao Zhijian, and Bai Lingmiao were sitting on the carriage, swaying from side to side with the bumps of the wheels.

Bai Lingmiao opened the curtain and said enthusiastically to the groom driving the horse: “Ah Da, thank you for letting us give you a ride. If we walk on two legs, we will have to walk for several days.”

The old groom opened his mouth with few teeth left, and replied with a smile: “It doesn’t matter, I happened to be on my way, but girl, your family is quite remote. If you hadn’t told me, I really wouldn’t have I know there is a village at the foot of the mountain.”

Hearing this, Gouwa immediately became unhappy, “Why? We paid for silver before! What’s the matter? Do you want to temporarily increase the price?”

Chun Xiaoman glared at Gouwa across from him, “Shut up! Why do you talk so much nonsense? If you don’t speak, no one will treat you as a mute!”

On the side, Gao Zhijian shrank his limbs and stammered to stop the fight.

Li Huowang, who was sitting in the back, looked at the bustling car silently. The atmosphere was obviously much more relaxed now than before.

Since he traveled through time, Li Huo has been rarely seen.

A pair of soft arms held Li Huowang’s hand. Bai Lingmiao, who couldn’t help but smile on his face, asked Li Huowang: “Senior Brother Li, what are you thinking about now?”

As he was about to arrive home, Bai Lingmiao’s whole body exuded joy from inside to outside.

“I was thinking…what kind of place is Niuxin Mountain? I don’t know if we will stay here next time. You also know that I am a very difficult person to get along with.”

Li Huowang rolled up the bamboo curtains with his hands and looked at everything green and lush outside. The woods here are very dense.

“You must be used to it! There are all good people in our village! Let’s talk about my grandpa. He grows roasted melons. If people passing by are thirsty, they can eat them for free. You are so kind, so you must get along with him. .”

“And my parents, if other people in the village encounter any trouble, they will help with money and help, and they have lived with the people in the village for such a long time, and they have never blushed once!”

“By the way, there are also my younger brother’s generation. Don’t worry, they don’t dare to be presumptuous. If they make things difficult for you, just tell me that I want them to look good!”

Bai Lingmiao was eager to try and danced her fair-skinned boxers in the air.

Seeing her cute expression, Li Huowang smiled knowingly. It seemed that she had two completely different faces in front of him and in front of her family.

Li Huowang put his arm around her shoulders and shook his head slightly, “I’m not worried. If they can teach you, it won’t be any worse. By the way, Miaomiao, I still remember that you were wearing a gold bracelet before. , your family must be very rich, right?”

Bai Lingmiao smiled cautiously, “I can’t say that I’m rich, I’m just a little better off than ordinary people.”

Li Huowang chuckled, the woman’s family was rich, and after he was done with, he would still live in the woman’s family, and he would really become a son-in-law.

“Just get a son-in-law. No matter what the place is like, after wandering for so long, I can finally put down roots.” Li Huowang thought to himself.

Suddenly, Bai Lingmiao became excited and pointed out the car window with a finger as white as green onions. “Look there! That’s Niuxin Mountain!”

Li Huowang narrowed his eyes slightly and focused on the green-covered mountain peak in the distance. “It’s really big, but in what way does it look like a cow’s heart?”

Li Huowang was afraid that he would forget about this boring question, and he began to worry about the people in Lu’s class.

“They left early, so they should have arrived at Niuxin Mountain by now, but don’t let anything happen.”

With this worry, Li Huowang slowly approached the foot of Niuxin Mountain.

However, the worry did not last long, and it disappeared immediately when he saw Yang child, barefoot and with a round-faced woman, standing in the paddy field touching loaches.

“Senior Brother Li is back!! Senior Brother Li is back!”

As Yang child shouted excitedly, other people emerged from the tile-stacked village.

After coming and going, it was almost half a month since we last met. When we met again, Lu Zhuangyuan was very excited and held his hands.

“Little Dao Master, you are back. This has made me very anxious.”

“Thank you for your hard work, Leader Lu. Nothing went wrong along the way, right?”

“No, no, there are as many people as there were before now! One person is enough!”

Then he exchanged greetings with Li Huowang’s one eye, and they became very close to each other.

“Let’s go, don’t stand here, go ahead and say anything you want.” Li Huowang was about to walk inside, but was stopped by Lu Zhuangyuan.

He first glanced at Bai Lingmiao secretly, with a look of embarrassment on his face.

“Well, little Daoist, don’t rush in now. I have something to do. I want to talk to you alone.”

Li Huowang obviously didn’t understand what the other party meant. “You can just talk about anything, why do you have to talk about it alone?”

He really couldn’t guess what things might happen between him and Lu Zhuangyuan that would require him to avoid others.

“Hey…Master Dao, look at it…there must be something going on. It’s better to talk about it alone.”

Lu Zhuangyuan approached Li Huowang and secretly winked in Bai Lingmiao’s direction.

Seeing his expression, Li Huowang’s heart skipped a beat and glanced at Bai Lingmiao beside him.

“Captain Lu insists on talking to me alone. Is it because there is a big problem in Miaomiao’s hometown?”

Li Huowang figured out what Leader Lu wanted to express, but unfortunately Bai Lingmiao also understood it.

“Leader Lu, what’s wrong with my family?”

When he saw Lu Zhuangyuan avoiding his gaze with a guilty conscience, a few tears rolled down Bai Lingmiao’s eyelashes.

“Dad! Mom!” Bai Lingmiao, who was crying, pushed the others away and rushed towards the village along the narrow path. Li Huowang, who was worried, quickly raised his heels.

“Dad! Mom! Grandpa!! My daughter is back! Where are you!” Bai Lingmiao’s crying voice echoed above the village.

Bai Lingmiao opened every door in the village looking for her family, but behind every door there was only disappointment.


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