Mutated Tao Chapter 296: 心素


“Hahaha!!” Hongzhong’s laughter kept echoing around Li Huowang, “Xinsu!! Li Huowang, hahaha!!”

Li Huowang held the cup in his hand and sat there in astonishment, looking at the half corpse in Tuoba Danqing’s hand next to him, and at the dead man’s head in front of him and the internal organs connected below.

After a long pause, Li Huowang’s eyes gradually widened, and a shocked expression gradually appeared on his face. “So this is…Xinsu…”

At this moment, his fists under the table were clenched tightly, but nothing showed on his face.

Drunk Tuoba Danqing was very satisfied when he saw Li Huowang’s surprised expression, and said with a hint of pride: “How is it? You haven’t seen it before, right? To tell you the truth, this is the first time for me, brother, to see Xinsu alive. ”

Li Huowang stretched out his hand tremblingly and gently touched Xin Su’s face with his fingertips.

This is a middle-aged man with a Chinese character face, about forty years old in appearance, and a beard.

If you just look at it, it looks like an ordinary person’s face. However, the facial features on this face are extremely distorted, and the grief, anger and despair in the eyes are frozen together with death.

Li Huowang himself is very familiar with physical and mental pain. He knows that only those who die in extremely painful circumstances will have such expressions. This person with the same identity as him died miserably.

“Hey, oh, ok, just touch it. Logically speaking, you are not qualified to see this kind of treasure. I will make an exception for you to take a look. This is a heavenly and earthly treasure that will be put into the national treasury. ”

Tuoba Danqing protected Xinsu and stuffed it back into his rag bag.

Li Huowang raised his arms mechanically like a puppet. After pouring the wine from the glass into his mouth, his expression and limbs gradually relaxed. “Brother Tuoba, why is this Xinsu…only a head and internal organs left?”

These words seemed to reach Tuoba Danqing’s heart, and he suddenly slapped the table in annoyance.

“Hey! I originally wanted to stay alive. The spirit of living is much more useful than dying, but guess what? When Master Xiang and I were approaching the border, we were intercepted! We tried our best It’s a pity that we tried our best to get this much in the end.”

Li Huowang nodded, his heavy drunkenness gradually covering up the shocked expression on his face, “Hey, brother Tuoba, it’s really a pity. If only this heart was alive, I heard that the heart It’s very useful to be confused in your head.”

Tuoba Danqing continued to show off: “Not only that! That Xinsu’s body is also a treasure! Brother Er, that Xinsu’s flesh and bones, as well as that heart and liver, are all rare materials!”

“Let me tell you, Mr. Ji Xiang has a powerful magic weapon that is refined with the intention of attracting wealth. It can make other people’s consciousness fall into confusion when they are not prepared. I heard that some people don’t sell it even if they have a life span of two hundred years. ! ”


“To attract wealth is the tongue, and the tongue is to attract wealth. I don’t understand these elegant words. Brother Er, you still have to learn.”

“I have only heard of and never seen Xinsu in the past, but I didn’t expect that there are so many ways to do it. Brother Tuoba really gave me a lot of experience.” Li Huowang raised his glass and toasted to Tuoba Danqing.

“Have you learned a lot? Hehe, as long as you go out with me more in the future, there are many places to learn something. Come on, drink and drink!” After that, he stuffed Xinsu into the cloth bag and continued drinking. stand up.

This drink lasted from the second watch to dawn, until Tuoba Danqing fell asleep, and then the banquet was dismissed.

Li Huowang helped Tuoba Danqing, who was muttering to himself, to the guest room and helped him onto the bed. Then he picked up the yellow cloth bag containing the heart and shook it, placing it on the left side of his ceramic pillow.

With the creaking sound, after Li Huowang closed the door, Tuoba Danqing, who was snoring with his head up and his mouth open, suddenly opened his eyes, and there was no trace of sleepiness in his eyes.

After raising his head, he first glanced at the direction of the room, and then touched the yellow cloth bag next to the pillow with his hand. There was an expression of appreciation on his face. “That’s right, that’s right. When this guy sees his heart, he doesn’t even have any greed in his eyes. The person Hong Da brought in this time is much more reliable than last time.”

Li Huowang, smelling of alcohol, was walking staggeringly on the street. In addition to the two swords on his back, he also carried a large bag of things in his hand.

Under the morning sun, Li Huowang’s face showed neither sadness nor joy, and he just walked silently.

Other people on the road smelled the pungent smell of alcohol on his body and saw his weird dress, so they couldn’t help but cover their noses and stay away.

“Where does this Jiu Mengzi come from? Come drink early in the morning.”

“That’s right, today’s young people are really getting more and more outrageous.”

Accompanied by these voices, Li Huowang arrived at the inn where he was staying. When he opened the door, Bai Lingmiao, who was anxious in the room, immediately came to greet him.

“Senior Brother Li, why did you leave without saying a word? You made me so anxious! Have you been drinking?”

As soon as Li Huowang opened the thing in his hand, there were bamboo food boxes inside. “I went out to eat with others tonight. Let them all try it. I packed it. These things are very valuable. Try them.”

After saying that, he lay straight on the bed and sighed deeply.

Seeing that Li Huowang was not in high spirits, Bai Lingmiao didn’t care about eating. She sat on the edge of the bed and looked at Li Huowang’s back. “Senior Brother Li, what’s wrong with you?”

Li Huowang sighed deeply again, “It’s nothing, it’s just that some things are different from what I thought. Miaomiao, I suddenly realized that nothing can be relied on in this ghost place. Everything depends on water and water. You can only rely on yourself.”

Speaking of this, Li Huowang recalled the twisted face again. Apart from the son of the master, this was the third time Li Huowang had seen Xinsu. A heart that was torn in half by others just to fight for it.

After seeing his face, Li Huowang instantly understood that the powerful Jian Tiansi in this organization was not his backer and would never be his backers. On the contrary, they could become his enemies at any time.

Wanting to completely surrender to Jian Tiansi and finally gain a foothold in this dangerous world is a complete fantasy.

These dangerous people can only be used from a distance instead of approaching with good intentions.

As long as he lifts his mask, the friend who was drinking one second may tie himself up and sell it the next second.

I am a xinsu, which is the original sin. As long as this identity follows me for a day, I will be the Tang Monk meat that everyone wants to take a bite of.

Bai Lingmiao seemed to be able to feel Li Huowang’s dull emotions. She knelt down, stretched out her hand, and stroked his back over and over again, trying to make him feel more comfortable.

“Senior Brother Li, don’t worry, no matter what, we are still there.”


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