Mutated Tao Chapter 295: Chaptery


After two sticks of incense, Li Huowang, who was sitting on the stool, touched the golden sandalwood table in front of him with his hands, and stepped on the soft animal skin on the ground. After looking around at the gorgeous interior of the room, he knew that the price of a meal here would definitely not be low.

He had seen this restaurant before, right next to the Linglong Tower. Judging from its location, it was considered to be one of the best in the entire Yinling City.

With a creak, the door opened, and a beautiful woman in colorful clothes brought various delicacies and placed them on the round table with a fragrant breeze.

Not to mention that Li Huowang has eaten the dishes on the table, he can’t even tell what ingredients these dishes are made from.

“Hehehe~ Come on, come on. Brother Erxian, let’s knock together.” Tuoba Danqing picked up the silver pot and was about to pour it towards the wine cup in front of Li Huowang.

Li Huowang’s heart suddenly tightened, “Brother Tuoba, I’m not good at drinking, please forgive me.”

After speaking, he picked up the teapot next to him and poured it for himself. “I’ll take tea instead of wine and give Brother Tuoba a cup. I wish Brother Tuoba all the best!”

With a smile, Tuoba Danqing picked up the wine glass and bumped it against Li Huowang’s tea cup. “Okay~ Then I wish my brother Er an early arrival in Jiangfu!!”

Li Huowang put the cup of tea under his mask and took a sip.

Tuoba Danqing lifted up his long sleeves, raised his chopsticks and poked at the dish with white mist in front of him.

“Come, come, eat vegetables, eat vegetables! Try this colorful dish. This dish is a specialty of Yinling City and cannot be eaten anywhere else.”

The two of them raised their chopsticks and dropped their glasses, and the atmosphere in the room relaxed a lot. The atmosphere was different when talking at the dinner table than in other places.

Tuoba Danqing, with blush on his fat face, clicked his lips a few times, leaned on the round table with his elbows, and said slowly: “Brother Er, we are all our brothers from now on, and we have to deal with each other from now on. If you don’t understand anything in the department, just ask me.”

“Also, remember that you are now a member of the Supervisor Tiansi. If anything happens to the officials in the future, you can report the name of the Supervisor Tiansi. As long as it is not a big deal, usually the yamen will give it to you. A few thin noodles.”

“Thank you, Brother Tuoba. If that’s the case, I’m not polite. I just happened to encounter some problems.” Li Huowang stretched out his hand and took out the Bagua Mirror that he had prepared.

“This is the magical weapon of Zuowangdao. It is incredibly powerful, but I can’t find the method to drive it. Please ask Brother Tuoba to have a look at it.”

“Zi Wangdao’s stuff? Haha, they don’t have anything of their own. You can tell it’s fake at a glance. Let me take a look.”

Tuoba Danqing reached out and took it, thinking about it carefully, not stopping with his hands and mouth.

“Brother Er, how was that day? Tell me, how did you solve the problem of sitting and forgetting?”

Of course there was nothing to hide, but after concealing some details about Hei Taisui, Li Huowang told Tuoba Danqing most of what happened that night.

“Oh, these people are saying that others are theirs. This kind of scam is the work of the old emperor.” Tuoba Danqing kept showing a trace of disdain on his face.

“But, for such a simple scam, there are always a few fools who get in their way.”

“Actually, as long as you see through their tricks, I will kill as many as these Zuowangdao guys come, big three yuan, small four happiness, dice and flower cards, they are all useless snacks!”

It could be heard that the other party was starting to brag, so Li Huowang naturally would not point it out and just agreed.

It’s okay to drink some wine and brag, but this made Li Huowang feel that the other person was a living person of flesh and blood.

“This looks like a Taoist magic weapon, but have you seen it? There is something wrong with the Bagua position. Kun is above and Qian is below. As far as I know, there are only three Taoists in Daliang.”

Tuoba Danqing sent the mirror to Li Huowang, “Okay, take it first. I will check it back and give you an answer. If there are matching exercises, I will send you a message.”

“No matter what, this thing should be worth a lot of money. I estimate it is worth at least thirty or fifty years of life. Brother Er, you are very lucky.”

In addition to the superficial meaning of these words, it also revealed that the things used for transactions in Jiantiansi were not gold and silver but Yangshou.

“Thank you again, Brother Tuoba.”

“What you said is that we are all our own people. How can we thank you for such a small thing? You are out of sight, let’s drink and drink!”

Tuoba Danqing picked up the wine glass and pushed it down his throat. After bowing his head, he picked up the chopsticks and started eating.

Suddenly Tuoba Danqing thought of something, put his chopsticks on the edge of the dish, and put his hand into the sack under the table.

After fishing for a while, he took out more than a dozen black ammunition. “Hey, I almost forgot. This is your reward this time. It’s thirteen years of longevity. It’s collected. It’s a pill seal. It’s different from your method.”

Li Huowang picked up the gourd from his waist and pulled it out. The small gourd mouth squirmed a few times, and then the front half of the entire gourd split into a ferocious sharp mouth, and he swallowed the Yangshou Pills one by one. Go down.

When Tuoba Danqing saw Li Huowang’s gourd, a look of pride appeared on his drunken face.

“Brother Er, you are not very good at this. My rag bag is not as strong as my brother’s. Although my bag is torn, it can hold a lot more.”

“In the future, you can find time to go to Beijing and buy some useful magical tools.”

“Oh? Supervisor Tiansi actually has a special trading place?” Li Huowang was shocked. This would be of great help to his future intelligence collection and strength improvement.

“How strange, wouldn’t it be strange if it didn’t exist?”

Li Huowang agreed, quickly poured himself a little wine, and toasted Tuoba Danqing.

Li Huowang’s keen perception makes him very easy to get drunk, but in some cases, he really needs to get drunk.

That night, the two of them drank more and more, and their relationship became better and better. In the end, they had to burn yellow paper and kill the chicken to win the deal.

Tuoba Danqing’s voice reminded Li Huowang of his classmates in his dormitory. He seemed to have returned to the time when he stayed in high school, the good time before he became ill.

I am not crazy and have not traveled through time. Yang Na is also true. Her future is full of light. “Hey…it would be great to be able to go back to that time again…”

“But I have already joined the Supervisor Tiansi. The precarious days are over, and things will definitely get better day by day. One day I will live better than before!”

In a daze, Tuoba Danqing put his arms around Li Huowang’s shoulders, leaned against the window edge and looked at the silent Yinling City outside the window. He said with a hint of emotion in his voice: “Xiandi~! Look at this Yinling City How beautiful? The rabbit in Yinling City is also beautiful! To be honest, I haven’t been to this place many times.”

“Brother Tuoba, then I’ll apologize! I’ll punish myself with three drinks! I actually made Brother Tuoba run around!” Li Huowang drank until his tongue was tied, and sometimes he didn’t even know what he was talking about.

“What are you compensating for? What nonsense are you talking about? I was just passing by by chance, not specifically for you. Boy, guess what did I do before?”

“How can you guess this? Brother Tuoba… Hiccup, look, is it almost dawn? Why don’t we just drink here today?”

Tuoba Danqing was very dissatisfied when he heard that Li Huowang didn’t pick up on him, “Come here, I’ll show you a good baby! Let you open your eyes!”

He pulled Li Huowang back to the table, plopped it on the ground, and grabbed his yellow rag bag.

Soon, a man’s head with a **** internal organ was pulled out of the bag.

“Huh?” Li Huowang looked at him in astonishment. “Brother Tuoba, what is this?”

“Hey, don’t you know? This is the secret that Master Ji and I went to the hinterland of Qingqiu to get!”

As soon as these words came out, Hong Zhong Huanhuan suddenly laughed. He laughed very happily, bending over and out of breath while laughing.


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