Mutated Tao Chapter 154: Natural nature (an extra update for the alliance leader An Miao!)


“Kill!” Li Huowang swiped his sword against the ground, and the sword in his hand seemed to light up with a dark red sword.

The next moment, the black shadow puppet in front of him that split into two instantly let out a scream and turned into black smoke.

With a rush of energy, Li Huowang gritted his teeth and accelerated forward. The distance between the two sides was rapidly approaching.

Li Huowang thought that there was only one shadow puppet monster left, and he could easily deal with it. Unexpectedly, the copper-faced man moved his armpits a few times, and actually stretched out four arms again.

Everyone is holding a different shadow puppet in their hands.

As his slender fingers flicked, under the moonlight, Li Huowang was instantly surrounded by a group of shadow monsters as thin as cicada wings.

“Senior Brother Li, we are here to help you!”

“Don’t come here! Stay away! Miaomiao, don’t beat the drum! I can deal with these!”

Li Huowang quickly swept through thousands of troops with one move, forcing them back slightly.

“Crash!” The red bamboo slips were quickly opened. Li Huowang, whose face was flushed, bit his gums and pointed at his hand while raising the knife.

???Xuan?Xuanda?????? ??br/>

Two **** fingers were cut off and fell towards the “Da Qian Lu”.

The severe pain almost made Li Huowang faint.

But this effort paid off. Before the **** even touched the ground, they quickly expanded and tore apart.

The bones in the fingers grew crazily, and the curved piercing flesh rotated, flying towards the bronze-faced man like two long darts.

The copper-faced man turned sideways to hide, but he never thought that his fingers would move simultaneously with him.

With two “puff” sounds, as the fingers sank into his neck, the shadow puppets around Li Huowang froze in an instant and returned to the ground.

“You…” After the copper-faced man said only this word, he staggered and fell to the ground.

Li Huowang walked over quickly and looked at the strange dead six-armed man in front of him.

“That’s it? So simple?” Li Huowang was very surprised. Compared with what he had encountered before, it seemed like a joke.

Li Huowang came slightly closer and used his sword to gently pry up the copper coin mask.

He wanted to see what this person looked like.

As soon as the mask was lifted, Li Huowang was shocked. There was a wooden mouth underneath. This thing was just a puppet!

“Be careful! The dwarf is still in the belly, and he is ready to attack you!”

As soon as the voice from nowhere came out, the copper-faced man’s abdomen was stabbed, and a cold light pierced Li Huowang’s heart.

Thanks to the early warning, Li Huowang quickly used his sword to block the opponent’s sneak attack.

The next moment, Li Huowang quickly exerted force upwards, then raised the long sword with evil aura and stabbed it directly into the abdomen of the bronze-faced man.

With a scream from the drake’s throat, blood flowed out of the copper-faced man’s abdomen.

A bald, deformed dwarf with a big right eye and a small left eye and loose skin, vomiting blood and trying to crawl out of it with a painful expression.

But it was all in vain. After struggling for a few times, his big head slowly dropped.

Just after he killed one person, Li Huowang felt the sword in his hand roar, and he couldn’t hold it.

Quickly pulling it out, directly bleeding out of the sheath, the long sword finally stopped moving.

However, Li Huowang didn’t care about the sword at this moment, and turned directly to look at the voice that just reminded him.

I saw a monk wearing patched and shabby clothes standing there, smiling at himself.

“It’s you again? Who are you!”

The monk lifted up his open-toed monk shoes and walked forward. Passing by the dead dwarf, he did not forget to take off the copper coin mask on his face and stuff it into his pocket.

“Hurry up and talk as you go, don’t you see those people are coming?”

Li Huowang turned his head and glanced at the enlarged black spots in all directions, and he quickly followed them.

“Everyone, keep up, run, don’t fall behind!”

Li Huowang came to the monk and asked him again: “Who are you? Why do you do this?”

The monk smiled and looked at Li Huowang, “Don’t be so aggressive, Li Huowang, let me ask you, have I ever harmed you in the past few days we have been together?”

Before Li Huowang could answer, the monk began to ask and answer his own questions.

Not only did I not harm you, I also helped you in everything, helped you see through the conspiracy of Zhengde Temple, and reminded you that those Nuo opera performers were weird. ”

Looking at the pursuers behind him again, Li Huowang took a deep breath, calmed down the anxiety a little and asked again: “Thank you for your help these times, but I don’t want to be hidden from others, who are you? ”

The always cheerful monk suddenly looked at Li Huowang with a solemn expression, “Who I am is not important, who you are is the most important. Are you really Li Huowang?”

“What?!” Li Huowang’s pupils shrank to a minimum in an instant, and for a moment he wanted to stop the other party from continuing.

“What I will say next may be very shocking, but you must believe me because I have saved so many of your lives.”

“I am not a monk, and you are not Li Huowang. These are other people’s identities, but they were temporarily replaced by us. In fact, your name is Peng Zhi, and my name is Peng Jiao. Neither of us are real people. Our real identities are others. “Three corpses!”

“What the **** is this!!” Li Huowang’s mind was as confused as a ball of paste, “I’m not Li Huowang? Is there someone else who is Li Huowang?”

“啕~!” A crossbow arrow was shot over, and the monk quickly pulled it, allowing Li Huowang to dodge.

Feeling that the situation was urgent, the monk began to speak faster.

“I don’t know if you know about the Three Corpses of Taoism? Any cultivator who wants to become an immortal must cut off his three corpses, and we are the three corpses that were cut off!”

“The upper corpse of Peng Hou is Danyangzi, the middle corpse Peng Zhi is you, and the lower corpse Peng Jiao is me!”

“Danyangzi has been beheaded, and the two of us are next! So we must join forces to have a chance of survival!”

“This…how is this possible…” Li Huowang still didn’t want to believe it. In just a few quarters of an hour, his world had undergone earth-shaking changes.

“Taoist! Taoist, look at me, look at me!”

When Li Huowang looked over, he saw the monk’s extremely sincere eyes.

“The corpse insect is called Penghou. It is inside the human head and makes people stupid and devoid of wisdom.”

“The corpse insect is called Peng Zhi. When it lives in a person’s chest, it makes people worry and have delusions, making them unable to be at peace.”

“The name of the corpse insect is Peng Jiao. In the human belly, it makes people want to be extravagant, evil and obscene.”

“Each of us has a nature that we cannot get rid of, but you see, I have completely gotten rid of my nature. Nature wants me to do evil, but I want to do good things!”

“My nature wants me to be extravagant and obscene, but I want to be a monk who is completely impoverished! My destiny is up to me!”

“I know that Peng Zhi’s nature is to be suspicious and delusional, but Taoist priest, this is your nature, and you must get rid of your nature like me! Only in this way can we fight against that The man who wants to become an immortal is free!”


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