Mutated Tao Chapter 153: Gobi


Li Huowang looked relaxed, but in fact he was secretly watching the monk in front of him with vigilance.

Even if the monk did not do anything harmful to himself, Li Huowang did not dare to gamble or leave his fate in the hands of others.

“Monk, can you tell me who you are?” Li Huowang looked at him and asked half-jokingly.

Others who have premeditated plans for themselves?

The monk has become a spy of Zhengde Temple?

Or is he the Zuowangdao Master Tai said?

These are all possible, no matter which one, it will be a big trouble for you.

“Me? I’m a monk, why do you ask this suddenly?” The old monk expressed it very calmly.

Li Huowang carefully observed the changes on the other party’s face, but found nothing wrong.

However, even without evidence, Li Huowang could no longer believe him easily.

When you are unable to judge whether it is harmful to you, the most conservative measure is to stay away, which is exactly what Li Huowang wants to do.

“Well, now that the play is over, how about we go our separate ways? I’ll go my way for the good deeds you did. See you later.”

“Why are you in such a hurry? We haven’t seen each other for a long time, so we can catch up on old times.” The monk smiled and stretched out his hand to pull Li Huowang’s cuffs, but what greeted him was the scabbard of his sword.

When the monk’s finger was still an inch away from the scabbard, he retracted it awkwardly.

“I really don’t know what you are talking about. Aren’t we friends?”

“If you are a friend, confess your identity! Instead of guessing here with me! Who are you!” After Li Huowang finished speaking, he turned and walked directly towards the inn.

The monk seemed to sense the emotion in Li Huowang’s tone and did not follow him again, with a slight grievance on his face.

Return along the original route and return to the inn when there are no emergencies. After looking back again and seeing no trace of the monk, Li Huowang breathed a sigh of relief.

“Senior Brother Li, what’s wrong? Why are you so panicked, as if a ghost is chasing you?” Gouwa, who was chewing melon seeds, walked down the stairs curiously.

“Let me ask you, where are the others?” Nervous Li Huowang asked him.

“As you ordered, we all went out to look for the map of Hou Shu and find out the news about this land.” Gou Wa answered very strangely.

“Stop looking! Call everyone else back. We have to leave this place, the sooner the better!”

“Why…Okay! I’ll go find someone else right now.” Gouwa threw away a handful of melon seeds in his hand and rushed outside.

“Don’t forget to inform the Lu family class!” After shouting this to his back, Li Huowang quickly rushed towards the backyard horse cellar.

Li Huowang’s notice was very hasty, leaving no time for others to prepare. Everyone was in a hurry.

However, in this matter, Li Huowang stuck to his word and did not give others the right to object.

Finally before dark, the carriage’s wheels rolled out of the town.

“Senior Brother Li, what’s wrong?” Xiao Man, holding his sword, asked doubtfully.

“There are some people in the town who are plotting evil against us, but don’t worry, this time is different from the other times. If we really do take action, they won’t be able to please us.”

Li Huowang pressed the sword on his back with his hand.

After just a day’s rest, everyone’s physical strength recovered well. They didn’t stop to rest until the moon was high in the sky.

The distance was estimated to be more than ten kilometers away from the town. Li Huowang ordered the others to rest.

If you want to rush on your way tomorrow, you won’t be able to do it without sleeping at all.

On the first night today, for peace of mind, Li Huowang kept vigil in person.

Gently stroking the furry back of the steamed bun with his hand, Li Huowang reviewed what he had done today, carefully considering what he might not have noticed.

The more he thought about it, the more Li Huowang felt that what he encountered in that town was awkward, but he couldn’t pinpoint what was awkward about it.

At this moment, Li Huowang felt like he was being held by a string. This feeling was very bad.

Now that he has come out, Li Huowang no longer thinks about it. He shook his head and thought about more practical things.

“Those Nuo opera performers are still monks. Don’t worry about their origins. Since they didn’t do it directly in the town, it’s obvious that they are taboo about me.”

Li Huowang touched the “Da Qian Lu” on his waist and the sword on his back with his hands, with a look of thought on his face.

“Everyone I meet knows that I am Xinsu. Judging from the actions of Zhengdeji Temple, Xinsu is worth a lot of money.”

“No matter what the taboo is, since the other party can hold back and not take action, it proves that I have a certain ability to protect myself and can survive this crisis safely.”

At this time, Danyangzi, who was squatting directly opposite him, suddenly spoke.

“Hmph! You are in vain to be my apprentice, Danyangzi! Others have bullied you to the extreme, but you only think about protecting yourself! In this situation, how should you kill him completely! Instead of thinking about escaping!”

Li Huowang looked at him with a sneer and clapped his hands gently, “Okay! The master’s teachings are so good! When he was chased by the monks of Zhengde Temple, he didn’t know who abandoned his disciples to protect the dog. ”

“You evil disciple!” Danyangzi stood up, and the various deformed flesh and blood in his body squirmed faster.

Just when his three mouths were about to say something, they suddenly stopped and followed Li Huowang at the same time to look at the dark Gobi Desert in the distance.

With excellent eyesight, he saw a small black dot there, gradually approaching.

“Catching up!” Li Huowang immediately stood up with a solemn expression.

But just when he stood up and informed others, he found that there was a small black spot not only behind him, but also in front of him.

It was impossible for the other party to send only two people. Li Huowang quickly looked around and found that there were black spots approaching from all directions.

“Li Huowang! You are surrounded! You are dead this time! Hahaha!!”

The ferocious Jiang Yingzi hugged her belly with one arm and laughed crazily.

“Wake up, everyone! Someone is coming!” Li Huowang’s roar interrupted the silence of the Gobi Desert.

The other people who were in a daze were instantly frightened into a cold sweat by the scene in front of them, and they all pulled out the knives under their pillows.

No matter who it is, the other party has already seen everything, and the atmosphere in the Gobi Desert begins to become tense.

“Don’t wait for them to encircle you! Let’s break out immediately!” Li Huowang led everyone towards a black spot ahead.

As the distance gradually approached, Li Huowang saw the appearance of the man.

The copper coin mask on this man’s face is so familiar, he is the man who attacked him yesterday!

Same as last night, he still held a few shadow puppets in his hands.

When enemies meet, it is useless to talk. “Qiang!” Li Huowang drew his sword with one hand and rushed towards him.

The man in the copper coin mask quickly raised the shadow puppet in his hand. With the moonlight in the sky, the shadow puppet quickly took shape on the ground. Then he stood upright and floated toward Li Huowang like a paper man. To provide you with the fastest update of Dao Wei Xian, Chapter 153 Gobi is free to read.


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