Mutated Tao Chapter 152: Siheyuan


When the three boys who were dancing Nuo opera reached out and took off their masks, three red heads wrapped in red cloth appeared in front of Li Huowang.

It’s not all covered. There were deliberately left openings for the mouth and nose. After taking off the mask, he immediately started to take off the red scarf on his head.

After a while, a young man about his age appeared in front of Li Huowang.

Everything on their faces is normal, there are no more or less organs on their faces, and even the expressions on their faces are very normal.

“Taoist priest, what are you looking at? They don’t sing anymore, so what are you looking at? Let’s go play somewhere else. We can still do good deeds on the road.”

The monk next to him looked impatient and grumbling, and seemed eager to leave.

“Monk, don’t be busy now, stay with me and wait.” The terrifying look of the other party showing off his teeth flashed through Li Huowang’s mind, and he still did not let go of the suspicion in his heart.

He is not afraid that the other party will attack him head-on. Li Huowang is afraid that the other party will attack him.

Not long after Li Huowang said this, he suddenly saw the three people packing their things faster, and their expressions were a little solemn, and they peeked in his direction from time to time.

Li Huowang’s expression condensed, and he thought to himself: “Sure enough, there is something going on, and it’s really hidden deep enough.”

Because of Lu Zhuangyuan’s words, I put aside half of my suspicions and instantly raised my suspicions to the highest level.

The three of them and the other musicians put all their belongings on the backs of camels and hurried towards a path.

“Monk, let’s go! Follow them!” After Li Huowang finished speaking, he quickly raised his heels.

“Oh, what are you doing with them? You still want to pay for them to sing a solo for you?”

The helpless monk said so, but still followed him.

The two men followed them hanging far behind, following them around the town.

It was okay at first, but gradually, Li Huowang saw that the camel holding the box in the distance started to run, and someone was beating it with a whip.

“They found us coming! Chase after us!” Li Huowang, holding the hilt of the sword behind him with one hand, began to quicken his pace.

Although the whole town is not big, they are locals after all. After walking around the alleys and alleys for a few times, Li Huowang unexpectedly found that he had lost track of them.

Looking at the same dusty walls all around, Li Huowang’s face became a little ugly.

“Ha~ha~Taoist, slow down, I can hardly keep up~” the monk behind him, holding on to the wall, said out of breath.

Li Huowang looked back at him. It was natural that the other party was older and his physical strength was not as good as his own.

“If it doesn’t work, you should go back first and don’t follow me.” Li Huowang said and continued to search along the path.

Although the monk’s suspicion is still very small, he has not been cleared of suspicion yet, and he does not want to carry him as a burden when he faces the enemy next time.

“Okay…I’ll go back first, and you can run slowly by yourself.” The helpless monk walked towards another alley with his waist in hand.

“I hope I’m overthinking it.” Li Huowang shook his head and had just walked a few steps alone when a scream suddenly sounded from behind him.

“No! That’s the monk’s voice!”

Li Huowang immediately rushed over upon hearing the sound, walked around a wall, and stopped in front of a large square pit.

This is a pit with wooden doors and windows on the four sides below. It looks like a courtyard like a pit.

There are several large wooden masks hanging on the four walls. The ferocious styles were clearly worn by the three people dancing in the Nuo opera.

It can be seen from the camel grazing in the yard that this is the home of the three brothers.

“Taoist!! Come down and hold my hand. Hey, you are really **** me. How can you build a house in this poor place and still build it under the soil? It’s not like digging a grave.”

Li Huowang followed the sound again and saw the monk lying underneath with a painful expression, humming softly.

Li Huowang, holding the sword in one hand, jumped down, made a slight catch on the window edge, and landed firmly next to the monk.

He did not reach out to help the monk first, but immediately grasped the hilt of the sword and looked warily at the closed doors and windows around him.

Through his keen perception, he noticed the sight coming from behind the door and window. There were people inside, and there were quite a few of them.

With the enemy’s strength unknown, Li Huowang did not want to take action first.

The strange thing is that the other party didn’t know what he was thinking, and he didn’t take action either. The atmosphere was somewhat stagnant for a while.

“Do these people have the same idea as me?” Li Huowang thought to himself.

“Taoist, what are you doing there?” The sad monk got up from the ground.

“Wait a minute! I don’t have time to talk to you now.” As soon as Li Huowang said these words, he felt a few more eyes on him.

It was not coming from inside the house, but coming from the eyes of the masks on the wall. Those masks seemed to be alive at this moment.

No matter whether what is going on here is related to the copper coin mask last night, Li Huowang does not intend to continue the stalemate like this.

After thinking about it, Li Huowang said: “My descendant Xuanyang has met all of you, and I happened to pass by the treasure land. I have no intention of offending, but I hope you can forgive me.”

Li Huowang’s words did not receive any response. After thinking about it, Li Huowang changed his approach to test.

“Is the Spring Ceremony open?” However, there was still no response.

“What happened last night, I’ll just pretend it never happened. How about everyone respecting peace?”

After explaining, Li Huowang led the monk towards the ladder beside him, regardless of whether they understood him or not.

The long ladder was set up, and Li Huowang asked the monk to climb out first.

After seeing him return to the ground, Li Huowang immediately stepped on the ladder with his right foot and followed him.

After Li Huowang and the others left, some people with tattoos on their ears came out of the house.

There are men, women, and even children of several years old among them.

At this moment, everyone’s face is full of grief, anger and fear.

One of the three brothers who performed the Nuo opera clenched his fists with trembling hands and said to an old man with white hair: “Grandpa! What that man said is true! We can’t wait any longer! Let’s strike first to gain advantage. ! ”

The old man was obviously very angry. He held the crutch in his right hand and slammed it on the ground.

“Go and take all the young people in your family and beat the Taoist in red to death! Don’t think that our family is easy to mess with!”

When Li Huowang and the monk left the underground courtyard and returned to the lively street, the monk still didn’t seem to react.

“What’s going on? What’s going on?” He said with a confused look on his face.

“You really don’t know what’s going on?” Li Huowang looked at the monk in front of him carefully again.

It was because of the monk that he broke through the conspiracy of Zhengde Temple last time, and this time it was because of her that he found the home of those who danced Nuo opera.

Forget it once, if it happened a second time, it would be too much of a coincidence. To provide you with the fastest update of Dao Wei Xian, Chapter 152 Siheyuan is free to read.


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