Medical Martial God Chapter 1729: New Era of the Universe (Finale)

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“Is this the style of the peak powerhouse of the Dragon Emperor’s era?”

Seeing this, Ye Xuan looked shocked and murmured words came from his mouth.

Whether it was Qin Yang, Chu Nan, or the card emperor Ou Yueyun, Wu Qianjue, Sniper God Slayer, they all showed power at this moment that exceeded Ye Xuan’s knowledge of them.

“Seize the opportunity and integrate 1

Ye Xuan took a deep breath and thought. The eight clones headed by Ling Chi all walked towards his body at this moment and merged with his body, causing his momentum to rise steadily at this moment. for the surge.

At this moment, Ye Xuan’s strength increased by at least ten times.

At the moment when Ye Xuan merged with the clone, Qin Yang, Sniper God Slayer, Wu Qianjue and their attacks all bombarded the body of the Heavenly Lord at this moment.

“Boom 1

The next moment, an earth-shaking explosion suddenly sounded.

Horrifying energy spread out from the center of the explosion, and a mushroom cloud covering thousands of miles bloomed in the sky.

The bodies of Qin Yang, Sniper God Killing Sky, and Wu Qianjue flew out from the center of the explosion.

Violet and Eagle-Eye Sword Emperor, who were standing in the void, dived towards the center of the explosion at super fast speeds.

A golden scepter appeared in Violet’s hand. With the scepter in hand, the huge goddess colossus emerged behind her, carrying thousands of star powers and slamming down towards the center of the explosion.

The Queen’s ruling!

The wooden sword in the hands of Hawkeye Sword Emperor Mihawk has been replaced by the scale-reverse sword that Ye Sifeng gave him before leaving.

With Ni Lin in hand, his momentum suddenly changed, and the majestic star power poured into the Ni Lin sword, causing it to let out a joyful sword cry and burst out with a bright sword light.

Behind the Eagle-Eyed Sword Emperor Mihawk, a huge statue of a **** emerged. A bright scarlet light erupted from his left eye, which was extremely sharp, making him look like a peerless sword god, and his aura reached its peak.

I have a sword that can cut off the river!

I have a sword that can cut mountains!

I have a sword that can span the universe!

“Boom 1

Ni Lin unsheathed, and a sword energy that was a hundred thousand miles long roared out and cut through the center of the explosion!

“Boom 1


Shrill screams and huge explosions resounded across the sky.

The attacks of Hawkeye Sword Emperor Mihawk and Star Empress Violet collided, and a more powerful and destructive force erupted in the center of the explosion, swallowing everything and turning a thousand miles around into nothingness.

The attacks planned by Emperor Wangqing and Emperor Liantian were quietly completed at this moment.

The huge emperor’s true body carried a huge energy ball that was comparable to a planet and smashed it out.

The ferocious true form of Emperor Liantian rushed toward the center of the explosion with the power of destroying the world, and then detonated the true form of the great emperor!

Both of them also exerted their full strength!


A huge explosion resounded across the sky, and an even bigger mushroom cloud bloomed in the sky.

Everyone looked pale and looked at this scene solemnly.

“Has the Holy Lord of Heaven been killed?”

“He’s still alive.”

However, what they responded to were the Dragon Emperor’s solemn and indifferent words.

The moment the Dragon Emperor finished speaking, the Jun Yan Sword in his hand turned into a mysterious and ancient military thorn, and its name was Dragon Thorn.

As the dragon thorn appeared in his hand, his momentum rose crazily at this moment.

The clear sky suddenly became violent, and the clear sky instantly turned into blood. Endless **** thunder poured down from the sky and poured into the hands of the Dragon Emperor.

He looked solemn, and all the energy in his body was poured into the dragon thorn at this moment, causing the dragon thorn to bloom with dazzling blood.

The Dragon Emperor’s power rose crazily at this moment, and all the golden dragon energy in his body turned into blood and poured into the dragon thorn.

The palm of his hand holding the dragon thorn was covered with blood-colored dragon scales, and a breath of destruction spread out from his body.

Then, under Ye Xuan’s horrified gaze, he held the dragon thorn and stabbed his chest fiercely, and cold words came from his mouth.

“Dragon Thorn Complete Solution: Dragon’s Wrath 1


The moment he finished speaking, a shocking dragon roar came from his body.

The void behind him suddenly shattered, and endless **** angry dragons rushed out from it like wild beasts that rushed out from the ancient times. They looked ferocious, bared their teeth and claws, and rushed out towards the center of the explosion with endless anger, destroying everything. .

Looking down from the sky, it is a particularly shocking scene that appears in people’s sight.

The entire sky was replaced by blood, and endless **** angry dragons rushed out of the void behind the Dragon Emperor and headed straight for the Holy Lord of Heaven at the center of the explosion.

Every angry **** dragon possesses the power to severely damage the titled emperor. Tens of thousands of angry **** dragons are so powerful that it is not an exaggeration to describe them as destroying the world.

“Boom 1

The sound that shook the sky echoed in the sky, and a mushroom cloud covering a million miles in radius bloomed in the sky, forming a huge **** dragon head, shocking everyone in the universe.

“Full solution to Dragon Thorn?”

“This is the complete solution to Dragon Thorn. Have Lord Dragon Emperor and the others been forced to this point?”

“Did the Holy Lord Dao die that day?”

The retreating army looked at this scene, and shocking words came out from their mouths.

After the little dragon generals Zihuang, Soul Yuying, Leng Qingcheng and others in the crowd settled down, they revealed the body of the Sea-Splitting Black Dragon Whale, tore through the void, and rushed back.

Ye Xuan needs its power!

Only when all the nine clones are merged and the soul is reunited can the full power of body seizing be exerted.

“Boom 1

Xiaolong returned and rushed into Ye Xuan’s body, causing his momentum to rise steadily and skyrocketed crazily.

He stretched out his hands, and the endless star power in his body surged. His momentum rose again, and the huge emperor’s true form emerged behind him. All the power condensed in his hands, converging into a huge energy ball that skyrocketed crazily, exuding destruction. breath.

And, as Ye Xuan gained momentum, the energy ball continued to surge.

This will be Ye Xuan’s strongest blow ever.

“I’m going to kill you”

Suddenly, shrill screams came from the center of the explosion. Under the ugly eyes of the Dragon Emperor and the others, an embarrassed figure covered in blood rushed out from inside.

He is the Holy King of Heaven!

However, after suffering a powerful blow from everyone, the Holy Lord of Heaven no longer had the majesty and domineering power he had before, and turned into a twilight old man covered in blood and as thin as a bone.

This is the most serious injury it has suffered since its birth.

If it weren’t for the fact that he had swallowed too many people’s energy and star power before, I’m afraid it would have died under such an attack!

“Ye Xuan, now 1

Seeing this, the Dragon Emperor said sternly.

“Boom 1

Ye Xuan’s face was cold, and his eyes flashed with cold light. He rushed out with the huge emperor’s true body, and smashed the huge energy ball in his hand, which was as big as a star, towards the Holy Lord of Heaven. And down.

Reincarnation in all directions will kill you!

The next moment, under people’s nervous and expectant gazes, a huge energy ball hit the Heavenly Lord, and the entire world was replaced by dazzling white light at this moment.


A shrill and desperate scream came from the mouth of the Holy Lord of Heaven.

His body shattered into nothingness at this moment, turning into a shadow and flying towards the distance driven by the energy ball.

“Boom 1

After the huge energy ball smashed into several planets, it hit the star field in the distance unabated, tearing the star field into nothingness.

All planets and the Holy Lord of Heaven in the entire star field disappeared without a trace.

“Did it succeed?”

Everyone stared nervously at Xingyu in the distance, murmuring words coming from their mouths.

Time passed minute by minute, but there was no movement around the star field.

“Let’s go and have a look1

Long Emperor and Ye Xuan looked at each other and rushed towards the distance.

At this moment, a huge vortex suddenly appeared in the sky, and a beam of star power suddenly shot down.

In the center of the star power beam, the broken molecules reorganized, and a vague figure slowly emerged.

His face was pale, his expression ferocious, and there was a vertical eye between his eyebrows, and he suddenly resembled the previous Holy Lord of Heaven.

However, he looked extremely weak, as if he would die at any time.

He stared at the Dragon Emperor, Ye Xuan and others with cold and resentful eyes, and cold words came out from his mouth.

“Ahem, I didn’t expect that I would lose to you two-dimensional ants in the universe, but when the catastrophe of the universe comes in five years, you will all die.”

As his words fell, under the ugly eyes of Ye Xuan, Dragon Emperor and others, he turned into a stream of light and rushed towards the whirlpool in the sky.

Ye Xuan, Dragon Emperor and the others looked along the center of the whirlpool, and suddenly they could see mysterious planets and magnificent buildings

In that world, there are countless creatures living.

That’s a brand new universe!

The vortex closed, the vision gradually disappeared, and everything became calm.

But the scene just now made Ye Xuan, Long Emperor and the others unable to tell whether it was illusion or reality.

Is Tiandao dead?

Or is it said to have escaped into another universe?

“Ahem, let’s go. The war is over. It’s time for us to go back and prepare for the coming catastrophe of the universe.”

Time flies by like a fleeting horse.

In the blink of an eye, five years slipped away quietly.

With the disappearance of the Way of Heaven and the destruction of the Great Alliance of the Universe, the entire universe has returned to peace.

However, this tragic battle has become everyone’s nightmare and memory.

Because, too many people died in this battle, and countless planets were destroyed.

Dragon Emperor, Ye Xuan and the others have returned to the earth and are preparing for the arrival of the catastrophe of the universe.

The people from Wangxian Tower and the Alchemist Guild also moved to the earth, and other powerful people from the universe also came to the earth one after another, opening a new era for the earth.

Of course, there are still many monks in the universe who are unwilling to leave their planet and choose to stay, quietly waiting for the arrival of the catastrophe of the universe.

Similarly, there are many cosmic monks rushing towards the earth, but at their speed they cannot reach the earth before the cosmic catastrophe

There are also many cosmic monks wandering around the major planets in the universe, looking for places to escape the catastrophe of the universe

During these five years, Ye Xuan lived with Leng Qingcheng, Zihuang, Ao Bingxue, and Hun Yuying, and lived a peaceful and happy life.

Zi Huang’s cultivation base has also been fully restored.

The Dragon Emperor also reunited with her Taoist companions, relatives and friends, and lived an ordinary and worry-free life.

At the same time, Ye Xuan and Dragon Emperor founded two major guilds on Earth to cultivate a new generation of strong men.

The two major guilds are called the Heavenly Emperor Alliance and the Dragon Emperor Pavilion respectively!

As for the Eagle-Eyed Sword Emperor Mihawk, he did not return to Earth, but wandered the universe alone, looking for a passage to the three-dimensional universe.

He firmly believed that a way to resurrect his wife could be found there.

On this day, the clear sky was suddenly covered with dark clouds and strong winds!

The sky and the earth are gloomy, the sun and the moon have no light!

The universe undergoes a sudden change, and countless planets fall out of orbit and meet together.

Chaos reorganization,

The catastrophe of the universe,


Looking down from a high altitude, countless planets collided together at this moment, erupting with earth-shaking sounds.

With the earth as the center, a mysterious continent is slowly condensing and taking shape. Countless creatures are disappearing at a speed visible to the naked eye, and are being born at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Over the earth, the Heavenly Emperor Ye Xuan and the Dragon Emperor Lan Feng stood suspended in the air.

Looking at the continent being reorganized, murmuring words came from their mouths.

“An era has ended, and a new era is coming.”

“Hope, in the next era, you and I will be together 1

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