Marvel With Zanpakuto Chapter 988: Out of the cage!



What kind of terrifying experiment is that?

Can a living human be turned into the half-human, half-ghost look it is today?

But unfortunately…no one can answer Ah Jin and their doubts.

For a researcher, the fear of the unknown trumps everything. This rotten monster, roaring like a corpse, has completely subverted their three views and cognition.

If they can, they even want to grab Nie Yuli by the collar and ask him loudly: What the **** did you do?

Of course, this is just a thought.

If you really want to do this, with Nie Yuri’s character, I’m afraid that they will be used as experimental materials in minutes.

“Ah…Ah Jinsan, what should we do now?”

A researcher turned pale, looked at the trembling barrier, and said in a mournful voice: “The barrier… seems to be about to stop!”

“Have you notified the patrol team?” Ah Jin’s face was also very pale. Although he was also very uncertain, he still managed to remain calm and urged: “Let these guys hurry up and announce the wartime by the way. Alert…Ten!”

“Ten…Ten sounds?!” The man’s expression changed slightly, he hesitated for a while, and said, “But Ah Jin has three seats, ten ring-level wartime security, only the captain and deputy captain have it. Qualification release, we… will we overstep our authority?”

“Yeah, just an enemy…”

Others followed suit, shrinking their necks and saying, “It is not a small crime to issue a wartime warning without authorization. If the situation is not so serious, we will be arrested by the criminal army.”

The punishment army of the second division is not only responsible for assassinations, but also for internal clearing duties.

Especially some Shinigami who violated the regulations and violated serious laws are basically arrested by the criminal army first, and then handed over to the other corresponding squads according to the size of the crime.

“What time is it now?!” Ah Jin was annoyed, glared at them, and said coldly: “Now that the captain and vice-captain are not around, I am the supreme commander in wartime, and I will bear all the consequences, hurry up. Go!”

As for Vice-Captain Niyuli’s research, he actually vaguely knew that it was about instruments in parallel universes.

Perhaps the previous explosion was related to the parallel universe instrument, but he still couldn’t determine whether the monster that appeared in front of him was related to that instrument, and whether it was Niyuli’s research.

Even so, intuition tells Ah Jin that the danger is never as simple as what he sees in front of him.


Another violent noise interrupted Ah Jin’s thoughts.

The enchantment trembled and shook, and the monster became more and more crazy, and the attack frequency increased several times.

Cracks have appeared on the surface of the enchantment covering the ruins. It is densely intertwined, like porcelain on the verge of being broken, and it is very frightening to look at.

But suddenly, the monster stopped attacking and glanced at them across the barrier with a creepy look.

That look, they are very familiar, or deja vu.

It’s looking at ‘food’, like a tender, juicy steak with a charming aroma.

The next moment, in the rubble shrouded in thick smoke, a few more figures appeared.

As before, he stumbled as if he had a hump on his back, hunched over.

Everyone’s faces changed in shock, and they seemed to realize something, but before their guesses came to their minds, those figures rushed out, like steel chariots driving at full speed, crashing into the ground with a loud bang. Above the enchantment.

Bang! ! !

The enchantment trembled violently, and the cracks became more and more dense, and it seemed that it could not support it.

Until this moment, they could see the figures clearly. They were five rotting corpses. Just like the first one, their flesh was festering and peeling. The children were scarlet and violent like beasts. Live screaming.

A single barrier can’t be stopped, but there are five? !

At this moment, Ah Jin was finally able to confirm his guess. These monsters are definitely not Ni Yuli’s research, they should be related to the parallel universe instrument, otherwise they would never appear so many at one time!


A Jintong’s hole shrank suddenly, the back ridge couldn’t stop chilling, and a roar came out of his throat.

“Yes, there are three seats!”

The rest of them were instantly awakened from their fears, and no longer dared to hesitate, they turned and rushed towards the headquarters of the Technology Development Bureau.


With a loud bang, the barrier shattered.

The researcher who hadn’t run far, as well as the nearest Ah Jin, suddenly turned pale, and thought in his heart that he was done.

The space barrier with a defensive power comparable to the No. 80 Ghost Road is their last resort, but now it’s so easy, broken by this group of monsters, and a few of them were torn apart in minutes what!


The rotting corpse headed by stretched out its tongue and licked its teeth, leaving only one eyeball, turning back and forth on several of them, showing greedy eyes: “A total of…six people …everyone…evenly divided!”

The remaining five decomposed corpses, without thinking: “No problem…”

They can actually talk? !

The crowd was horrified, their facial muscles twitching wildly.

But what’s even more frightening is that this group of people is actually discussing how to share their food?

A Jin’s heart was filled with turbulent waves. Although there were some speculations before, it was just speculation after all.

I didn’t expect this group of corpse-like monsters to be intelligent, able to communicate normally, and even use humans as food!

“Who are you… who are you?!” Ah Jin swallowed frantically and forcibly suppressed his fear. He wanted to delay the time before the patrol came, so he asked loudly, “Why? To attack us? Why eat…cannibals?”

“Chi Chi…”

Faced with Ah Jin’s questioning, the five inhuman monsters just smiled.

The next moment, the five of them rushed towards them.

Ajin’s face changed drastically, and he secretly thought that it was not good.

These monsters are not only terrifying, but also have the ability to think. They can see through his thoughts at a glance, and do not give any chance to delay time!

“Fresh flesh, I can finally taste it again!”

“Jie Jie Jie…I want the fat one, he has the most meat!”

“This time I’m going to enjoy it slowly, even chewing the bones clean!”

Every sentence was like a demon’s roar, stimulating the hearts of several researchers.

The foul smelling breath poured in, mixed with disgusting blood, and for a while, several people were so frightened that they couldn’t move, their legs didn’t obey, and they could only stare at them. Those monsters were getting closer and closer to them. close.

“Sit on the frosty sky, Bing Lun Wan!”

A cold murmur sounded, and the surrounding temperature dropped suddenly.

The next moment, on the road of the zombies, a thick ice wall suddenly appeared, blocking their way.

“That guy Nie Yuli… really caused a big disaster!”

The young man with silver-white shattered short hair, with a stern face, walked step by step on the ice flower. In the depths of the tourmaline-like eyes, an extremely cold feeling was brewing, as if even his soul could be frozen.


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