Martial God Space Chapter 1: Mysterious Space


Yuanzong, located on Qingfeng Mountain, stretches for a very long time. Now is the midsummer season. In the sky, the sun slowly sets, and the setting sun pulls the shadow for a long time.

On the edge of a small lake, a young man in green clothes, about seventeen or eighteen years old, sat by the lake, grabbed a stone by the lake and threw it out, and immediately created a few waves on the lake.

Ye Xiwen was a little dazed. He didn’t expect that he actually crossed. Originally, Ye Xiwen was just an ordinary college student on the earth in the 21st century. It took a month before he finally accepted the fact of crossing. It was not someone and him. Playing a prank, but, he really crossed.

It has been more than a month since he arrived in this world, and he can slowly accept the fact that this place is no longer on Earth. Although the customs here are very similar to ancient China, he knows that this place is no longer Earth. But a place called Zhenwujie.

This is a world of martial arts, a world in which martial arts have proliferated for countless years. Martial arts have multiplied splendid civilizations in this world. A powerful martial artist can move mountains and overturn the sea, open mountains and crack rocks, and even prolong his life indefinitely.

Ye Xiwen’s current identity is the third son of an elder in the One Yuan sect, and he is also an adopted son. It was brought back by his father Ye Kongming eighteen years ago. This is not a secret in the sect.

Yuanzong is one of the most powerful sects in the country of Dayue, with experts like clouds.

The One Yuan Sect located on Qingfeng Mountain is only one of the branches of the One Yuan Sect of the Dayue Kingdom. There are many other branches of the One Yuan Sect, and they are specially designed to send talents to the main One Yuan Sect.

Ye Xiwen’s cultivation is only at the third level of the day after tomorrow. Given his age, this cultivation is only average.

In the real martial arts world, the martial artist starts from the first level of the acquired day, and goes up until the ninth level of the acquired day. As for the acquired heaven, it is the innate. As for how the innate is divided, Ye Xiwen does not know, after all, the One Yuan School The suzerain is also the innate realm.

The One Yuan Sect has three levels of disciples: the outer sect, the inner sect, and the core. When they reach the core disciple level, they can go to the main sect of the Yuan sect to participate in the assessment, and those who have passed the assessment can truly worship the sect.

The level of the disciples of the One Yuan Sect is not divided according to age, but according to strength. After the ninth realm of the acquired body, after they can cultivate to the third realm, they can rise from the outer door to the inner door. After the fifth level, you can advance to the core, and if you want to participate in the examination of the main sect of the One Yuan sect, the minimum requirement is also the seventh level.

The requirements are not too high. Ye Xiwen’s predecessor was only 18 years old, but he has only just reached the late third stage of cultivation. Although this kind of achievement is not too bad, it can only be regarded as average. .

Ye Xiwen is only a very common one of the inner disciples of the One Yuan Sect. Although the inner disciples are not more noble than the core disciples, they are not as low as the outer disciples. In addition, his father is an elder in the One Yuan Sect. , so he had a pretty good life on weekdays.

However, he is not considered too highly regarded. Ye Xiwen’s predecessor’s qualifications are too ordinary, and he can only be regarded as the middle among the inner disciples in the later stage of the third stage, especially compared with the two older brothers and sisters. , his eldest brother Ye Feng is only 21 years old this year, he is already the peak of the acquired eighth layer, and is a super genius in the sect, and his second sister, Ye Ruxue, is only one year older than him, and is already the existence of the acquired seventh layer. .

Under such circumstances, he certainly doesn’t get much attention!


A rustling sound came from the woods behind Ye Xiwen. A seventeen- or eighteen-year-old fat man in brocade jumped out from behind the trees. Ye Xiwen had a smile on his face. This man’s name was Wang Lie, a friend of his since childhood. , the family is a big family in Qingfeng Town at the foot of Qingfeng Mountain, and has a deep relationship with the One Yuan Sect. Wang Lie was sent to the mountain to learn martial arts since he was a child, and the two have an excellent relationship.

Of course, the two of them are equally talented. Ye Xiwen is in the late stage of the third stage, and Wang Lie is stronger than Ye Xiwen, the peak of the third stage. This is also the reason why the two have been together very well.

“It’s getting late, why are you here if you don’t go back and rest?” Ye Xiwen asked with a smile.

“Isn’t that worrying about you?” Wang Lie said with a smile. “You’ve been weird and babbling lately!”

“Don’t worry, I can do anything!” Ye Xiwen said.

It’s nothing more than a bit uncomfortable coming from the earth!

“Now is the critical time for you to break through to the fourth level, so don’t hurry up and retreat!” Ye Xiwen said, the acquired third level can only be regarded as the ordinary among the inner disciples, but the acquired fourth level is considered to be the elite among the inner disciples Yes, although it is only one level apart, but the status is very different.

“Hey, I came to you just for this. I plan to retreat, it will take a while, but you’ve been talking so much recently, I’m a little worried!” Wang Lie looked at Ye Xiwen with some worry and said, since he was a child Growing up with Ye Xiwen, although the two always fight, they are very concerned about his brother. Of course, he would never have imagined that his brother has been replaced.

“Don’t worry, what else can happen to me?” Ye Xiwen said with a smile, “It’s getting late, you go back first, I’ll be sitting down for a while!”

“Well then, don’t be too late, be careful to encounter monsters!” Wang Lie urged.

Yuanzong is located in Qingfeng Mountain. There are some ferocious monsters on the mountain. These monsters are ferocious beasts with monster power. They are much stronger than ordinary beasts. Only warriors can compete with them. match.

“Well, I see!” Ye Xiwen nodded.

Although it is said that this is the area near the One Yuan Sect, and there are no monsters, it is also a troublesome thing, and if there is a powerful monster that does not play cards according to common sense, he will cry. Nowhere to cry.

There are too many monsters on this mountain, and he can’t help but guard. The reason why Yiyuanzong is located on such a mountain is to deter the many monsters in the mountain, so as to prevent the monsters from going down the mountain and disturbing the people, although it is impossible to block all the monsters. There will always be one or two fish that slip through the net, but there are also martial arts halls in the small town below the mountain.

Because of this relationship, the disciples of the One Yuan Sect are always respected outside, and in this respect, wherever they go within fifty miles, they will be looked at with high regard.

After Wang Lie finished speaking, he turned around and left. Although he was fat, he was a martial arts practitioner. His movements were light, and he quickly disappeared into the bushes.

Ye Xiwen sat for a while, and was about to leave, when he suddenly caught a glimpse of the lake, and the multi-colored light flashed wildly, covering the lake in an instant, and then calmed down again.

Ye Xiwen is very puzzled, how can there be a colorful light, is it because there are some strange treasures in it, thinking of this, Ye Xiwen is a little excited, if there are any strange treasures, then it is really developed.

After making up his mind, Ye Xiwen plunged into the water with a dash and kept diving. Regardless of his past life or this life, Ye Xiwen’s water ability is very good.

Ye Xiwen dived slowly and slowly approached the center of the lake. This was originally a very ordinary lake, and there were no monsters in the water. Otherwise, it would have been so close to the masters of the One Yuan Sect. It was eradicated, so Ye Xiwen was not afraid of encountering any monsters that would be dangerous.

Ye Xiwen opened his eyes while chasing, only to see a small group of multicolored rays of light lying quietly in the middle of the lake. Yes, Ye Xiwen felt that it was lying there.

Ye Xiwen didn’t feel any danger, just felt very peaceful, and immediately dived slowly and leaned over.

Ye Xiwen stretched out his hand and was about to grab the ball of multicolored light. Suddenly, the ball of multicolored light emitted a fierce and dazzling light, and then suddenly jumped into Ye Xiwen’s body.

Ye Xiwen turned pale in shock, and when he looked again, he saw that the multicolored light in the heart of the lake had disappeared.

Ye Xiwen hurriedly surfaced and swam to the shore, gasping for breath, still in shock. After checking his whole body, he found that there was nothing missing, so he was relieved.

He evaporated the water droplets with his infuriating energy, and was about to go back when Ye Xiwen suddenly discovered that a special space appeared in his mind, which was gray.

This is a very strange situation. Obviously only the innate realm can look inward see every inch of blood vessels in his body, but Ye Xiwen can feel that there is a very mysterious space in his mind.

Ye Xiwen found that as long as he concentrated his attention, he could feel the existence of such a space. The more Ye Xiwen thought about it, the more he felt that all this was too strange, and he did not dare to stay in this lake any longer. He hurriedly ran all the way and returned to himself In his small courtyard, he didn’t even have time to say hello to his parents.

Qingfeng Mountain is very vast, and the One Yuan Sect occupies a very large area. There are not many other things, including more land and more houses. In addition, Ye Kongming is also an elder in the One Yuan Sect, with a high position and authority. Ye Xiwen has grown up Later, he was assigned to a small courtyard next to his parents’ house.

Ye Xiwen returned to his house in shock. At this time, it was completely dark.

Ye Xiwen was attentive and focused, and suddenly that special space appeared in Ye Xiwen’s mind again. Ye Xiwen did not relax his mind at the touch of a touch as usual, but continued to concentrate.

Suddenly, Ye Xiwen’s eyes went dark, and he suddenly appeared in chaos. Ye Xiwen was shocked, but he quickly realized that this is not another place, but the space in his mind. , he had seen it too many times during this period of time, so he recognized it very quickly.

It shouldn’t be the whole of it, maybe a part of the primordial spirit has come in, but he doesn’t know what this space is for right now.

But soon, Ye Xiwen discovered a problem. Because he couldn’t get out, there was no exit at all. No matter how he went, he was in chaos, and the surrounding scenery was the same.


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