Legendary Armament Canon Chapter 512: One after another, people are not afraid of death



Mi Ziwen slid back with his feet on the ground, and hit the wall of Tongguan City with a bang.

A light curtain supported Yonago Wen’s body.

If so, Tongguan City also shook violently for a while.

Yonago Wen opened his mouth and spat out a mouthful of blood.

On the opposite side, Sheng Sheng had a playful smile on his face like a cat catching a mouse.

“You are able to block me without dying, you kid, you are proud enough.”

A holy man said with a smile, “I just don’t know, how many can you block?”

While speaking, he actually stepped back.

He retreated, of course not because they wanted to retreat, but because he gave up his position to another saint.

At this time, you can see what he meant by what he said.

They actually played a game of cat and mouse.

One of the saints made a move in turn and greeted Mi Ziwen.

Yoniko Wen wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, and slowly stood up straight.

He wobbled a bit, but finally stood upright.

“Come on!”

Yoniko Wen raised his arm and pointed his long sword forward.

The holy man who stood at the front was full of mockery, “I only use 70% of my strength, if you can still stand, then I can make the decision and spare you.”

The other saints around let out a burst of laughter.

Obviously, they were all watching.

Yoniko Wen’s eyes were cold and his expression was stubborn.

Actually, among the masters of the human race in the ancestral land, Mi Ziwen has never been good at fighting alone.

What he is best at is leading troops in battle.

In previous battles, although he always charged at the front line, like now, he has never encountered a situation where he faces the opponent’s army alone.

But there is no way now.

The human race in the ancestral land, although there is still a large army.

But those large armies, in the face of the holy, have no power to fight at all.

Letting them fight at this moment will not have any effect other than sending them to death.

And the sacred combat power of the human race in the ancestral land——

Qi Tian, ​​Zhang Guoqing, Nan Tianxiang, Han Jin…

They are all already fighting.

It’s just that they are all restrained by each other’s holiness, and they can’t do it if they want to help Mi Ziwen.

Others have no holy combat power, so they can’t intervene in the battle between the holy.

Miziwen’s eyes were full of firmness. He looked at the saints on the opposite side and said coldly, “I will stand still, but I, Miziwen, don’t need you to spare me.

My Mi Ziwen’s life is in my own hands, and it’s not your turn to decide for me!

You are not worthy! “

Yonago Wen mentioned the only remaining power in his body, and his fighting spirit was soaring.

He can die, but he must not fall, and he must not let these sacred, look at the joke!


Sun Gonggong was in a hurry and wanted to jump down to help.

Meng Bai grabbed him.

“Don’t influence him.”

Meng Bai said with a serious expression, “If you go down now, it will not have any effect except to drag him down.

Don’t worry, there will be your chance to play soon. “

Meng Bai raced against time to restore the strength in his body.

After Mi Ziwen, he is the second person to break through the sacred.

After the breakthrough, he didn’t even have time to familiarize himself with his own power, so he appeared here directly.


Then he was seriously injured.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that he is the saddest saint ever.

Of course, his students in the city are not much better.

The two of them, teachers and students, may become the only two in history who have just broken through to the sacred realm and died.

However, Mengbai didn’t hesitate in his heart.

They desperately broke through the sacred realm, in order to protect the ancestral human race.

It is a joy to die now.

“How wonderful it would be if we were all divine!”

Yang Hong stomped his feet fiercely and said through gritted teeth.

If he could have the divine realm, he would be able to fight side by side with Mi Ziwen now, instead of standing here, watching helplessly, but powerless!

“I have a way!”

At this time, a voice suddenly sounded, and then there was a figure striding up to the top of the wall.

“Shi Songtao?”

Yang Hong and Sun Ping turned their heads to look at the same time, and saw that the person who spoke was Shi Songtao.

“What can you do?”

Yang Hong and Sun Gongping asked in unison.

“Abandon the physical body, use the soul to unite with the Yuanshi Shenbing!”

Shi Songtao said in a deep voice.

“What did you say?”

Meng Bai suddenly sat up straight, the childish hole was full of light.

“Yuanshi Shenbing, among the Shenbing, is equal to the sacred.

If you abandon your physical body and unite your soul with Yuanshi Shenbing, you will have divine power! “

Shi Songtao said quickly, “General Mi won’t last long, you have to make a decision quickly.”

“Shi Songtao!”

Meng Bai shouted, “This is a sorcery, the prince will not agree to it!

Where did you learn this sorcery! “

“General, it’s too late to explain.

Now when the human race in our ancestral land lives and dies, we have no choice, even if we are lost forever, we will not hesitate! “

Shi Songtao said in a deep voice.


With a loud noise, Mi Ziwen flew out again and hit the protective light of Tongguan City.

Then hit the ground with a bang.

He struggled hard to get up, but failed twice after struggling.

Even so, he struggled to sit up and raised the long sword in his hand again.

“Come on!”

Mi Ziwen’s voice was already weak, but his eyes were still full of fighting spirit.

As long as he doesn’t die, he will keep fighting!

Yang Hong and Sun Gongping looked at each other and at the same time they looked at Shi Songtao.

“OK, tell us how to do it!”

They both spoke at the same time.

“I’m here to help you!”

Shi Songtao said seriously.

Meng Bai frowned, and he opened his mouth, wanting to say something.

But out of the corner of his eye, he saw those Sheng Sheng who were laughing wildly outside the city, and he swallowed back the words that came to his lips.

In the face of these gods, they have no future, so why should they care about magic or not?

After this battle, everyone may not survive.

In this case, how about becoming a magic soldier?

“I will buy you some more time.”

Meng Bai said in a deep voice.

He stood up slowly with his long sword on the ground.

Yang Hong and Sun Gong knew what it meant for him to stand up, and they wanted to stop him, but they couldn’t say anything.

The throat seemed to be blocked, and the eye sockets were a little red.

“Shi Songtao! Come!”

The two said almost roaring.

Shi Songtao nodded solemnly.

A moment later, above the top of Tongguan City, flames shot into the sky, and two painful roars echoed in the air.


“Now, let me send you on your way.”

A holy grinning forward, his eyes fell on Mi Ziwen.

The faces of the other saints showed regret.

Is it over?

They haven’t played enough yet.

Lucky for this guy, the best shot happened to be his turn.

But it doesn’t matter, there are still many people in the ancestral land, and they can play slowly.

The gods didn’t take the extermination of the human race seriously at all, because the human race in the ancestral land was too weak.

Even Qi Tian, ​​the strongest, would be entangled by just a few of them.

“It is an honor for you to die in the hands of this seat.

Before you die, let you open your eyes and experience my Skylight Cloud Shadow Sword! “

The holy man laughed loudly, stretched out his hand to grab it, and a three-foot long sword appeared in his hand.

The light of the sword was like water, and in an instant, the sky lit up.

As if there were clouds floating across the sky, Jian Guang had already fallen towards Mi Ziwen’s neck.

As for Mi Ziwen, he seemed to be in a trance, and he didn’t know how to dodge or block.

When the holy sword was drawn, the artistic conception of the sword had already affected Mi Ziwen.

“Until I die, no one can hurt my students.”

With a loud shout, the thunder resounded in the air.


The sword light like sky light and cloud shadow instantly shattered the city wall transformed by supernatural powers.

Then penetrated Mengbai’s body.

Meng Bai stood in front of Mi Ziwen, with blood flowing down the corner of his mouth.

Exhausting all his strength, he turned his head to look at Mi Ziwen, with a smile on the corner of his mouth.

“This is the last time I will protect you as a teacher. In the future, you really have to rely on yourself.”

The white body, as if blurred, gradually turned into streaks of light and shadow from the soles of the feet.


Yoniko Wen roared heart-piercingly.

He tried hard to catch Mengbai, but Mengbai’s body has been completely blurred.

He only left a smile, and then almost disappeared into the air.

Since the Great Xia, the great general Mengbai, who has been fighting with Zhou Shu, died in battle!

Tears flowed down his cheeks, Yonago Wen raised his head to the sky and roared like a beast.

“I, Mi Ziwen, swear to God, if I don’t die, I will definitely tear each of you into pieces!

I must let you never be reborn forever! “

Yoniko Wen roared.

He grabbed the magic sword left by Meng Bai. The sword body was already covered with cracks, and it might collapse at any time.

It seems to know that its master has fallen, and a strong sadness pervades the sound of the sword.

Everyone can feel the will to die on the sword.

The master is dead, and the magic soldier will not survive alone.

It will send out its final blow, and then chase its owner away.

Mi Ziwen felt the emotions of Shenbing, and the expression on his face gradually became firmer.

“Die to me!”

The strength of his whole body was poured into the sword without reservation.


With a crisp sound, the long sword turned into a stream of light and flew towards the holy one.

“It’s just dying, and you want to hurt me?”

The sage laughed, and waved the Skylight Cloud Shadow Sword in his hand.

“Ding Dang Dang——”

The magic sword left by Meng Bai was instantly smashed into pieces.


Just as the holy man laughed triumphantly, suddenly a fragment of the divine weapon passed through the light of the Sky Light Cloud Shadow Sword somehow, and hit the holy face with a bang.

The holy smile stopped abruptly, and his face became very ugly in an instant.

A fragment of a magic weapon hit him in the face with the force of a crossbow, without even scratching the oily skin.

Although it doesn’t hurt, it’s insulting, too strong!

I was actually slapped in the face by a boy who was about to die with a broken magic weapon?


The gods behind him roared with laughter, which annoyed him even more.

“You are courting death!”

He raised the Tianguang Yunying sword, and he was about to kill Mi Ziwen with one sword.

“Bai Daolong, you made a foul.”

A holy man suddenly said, “One person, one move as agreed, you have already made a move, next, it’s up to me to play.”

As the sage said, he stepped forward and pushed the sage named Bai Daolong aside.

That Bai Daolong’s face turns green and white, and that Mizi is warm, he is sure to cut the opponent into hundreds of pieces with one sword.

But now, he can’t steal other people’s fun.

With a cold snort, he flicked his sleeves and walked back.

“Tian Xuandao, don’t you can’t beat him to death with one move, you will laugh so hard at that time!”

When Bai Daolong passed by that holy man, he sneered.

“Don’t worry, I’m not as useless as you. I even used the magic weapon and let him survive.”

Na Tian Xuandao said arrogantly, “I promise, let him go on the road in boundless pain!”

“I’ll kill you!”

At this moment, a black shadow suddenly rushed up.

Subconsciously, Tian Xuandao kicked it out.


The black shadow was kicked out tens of feet and fell to the ground with a bang.

At this time, he realized that the black shadow was none other than Mi Ziwen.

Mi Ziwen’s kick broke an unknown number of ribs, but he still has one breath left.

Even though he was unable to stand up, he still crawled towards the holy ones.

Tian Xuandao was stunned for a moment.

He wasn’t shocked by Mi Ziwen’s tenacity, but he kicked subconsciously just now, without using all his strength at all.

One move, didn’t kill Yonago Wen?


Bai Daolong laughed loudly, “Tian Xuandao, is this why you killed him with one move?

I have learned a lot! “

Tian Xuandao’s face darkened.

At this time, another holy man stepped forward and said with a big smile, “Don’t argue.

It’s time for me to let a move come to an end.

The finale should be someone as strong as me. “

Go forward with divine pride.

Before he finished speaking, his expression suddenly changed.


There was a thunderous sound.

Bright lights emerged from the bodies of all the saints at the same time.


Countless fragments hit their body protection divine light.

When looking forward again, Yone Ziwen has no bones left.

Not far from the saints, he chose to blew himself up, and at the same time he blew up an unknown number of divine weapons.

The power of the explosion made all the saints take a step back abruptly.

But, holy is holy after all.

It is too difficult to kill them.


“General Mi!”

Two mournful roars sounded in the air.

Then I saw two rays of light shooting down from Tongguan City.

“Die to me!”

Amidst the roar, a knife and a sword appeared in the air.

The blades and swords were all turned into hundreds of feet in size, and the swords and swords combined, with the might of destroying the world, they fell towards those holy ones.


Amidst the loud noise, all the saints retreated again.

This time, they retreated a full seven steps before stabilizing their figures.

The two divine weapons actually pushed dozens of them back seven steps.

The expressions of all the saints became a little ugly, and they looked up.

On the two magical weapons, two illusory figures emerged, which were Yang Hong and Sun Gonggong.


They both shouted.

The sword light and the knife light mixed together, raindrops fell forward.

“Huh, wither tricks!”

Bai Daolong and Tian Xuandao’s saints snorted at the same time.

One by one, a powerful aura rose from their bodies, some sacrificed magic weapons, and some punched directly.

Dozens of magical rays of light completely enveloped that knife and sword.


The sword rushed left and right, and both the blade and the blade made an overwhelmed creaking sound.

Even though Yang Hong and Sun Ping have joined forces and possessed divine power, they are still only two.

Two people fought dozens of times, and the strength of the other party was still higher than them. The result is naturally conceivable.

“Don’t be afraid, I’m here to help you!”

Just when he was about to be unable to hold on with a knife and a sword, there was another loud shout.

In Tongguan City, another figure rushed out.

War King, Xiao Jianghe!

Once Zhou Shu’s personal bodyguard, he finally broke through the sacred realm!

The moment Xiao Jianghe appeared, several figures appeared again in Tongguan City.

Yin Wuyou, Lu Wenshuang, Bai Qianqian, Wang Xin…

Several people who retreated to attack the sacred realm unexpectedly exited at the same time.

Some of them have indeed broken through to the sacred realm, but there are also some who have not yet broken through.

But no matter whether they broke through or not, at this moment, they all stood on top of the city.

Together with them, there are other warriors from the ancestral human race!

Pseudo-God Realm, Celestial Venerable Realm, and even Dao Realm…

No matter how high or low the cultivation level is, the human race in the ancestral land will fight to the death!

With tears in his eyes, Shi Songtao gritted his teeth and desperately helped one person after another to reconcile with Yuanshi Shenbing.

Everyone knows that to do so at this time is to die, but no one hesitates.

In exchange for the power to fight the enemy with your life, no one in the ancestral land will hesitate!

“Everyone, play off.”

Bai Daolong looked at the people who kept coming out of Tongguan City, frowned and said, “Be serious, kill them all, and fulfill the orders of the World Honored One.”

“Kill it, stop playing.”

Tian Xuandao also nodded and said.


Suddenly, streams of sacred aura rose into the sky in Tongguan City.

Bai Daolong, Tian Xuandao and others all frowned.

The ancestral human race, are there other sacred ones?

It shouldn’t be, if there are other gods, why didn’t they take action before?

It doesn’t matter, anyway, regardless of whether it is holy or not, as long as it is a human race in the ancestral land, it will die today!

“Brothers, kill them! Avenge the Great General and General Mi!”

In Tongguan City, everyone roared, regardless of whether they have that strength or not, they all rushed forward.

Shi Songtao has already collapsed on the ground, he tried his best.

But he only helped a few people. There are still Yuanshi Shenbing, but he has no strength to continue.

“Everyone ~IndoMTL.com~ Receive Yuanshi Shenbing!”

Songtao roared, exhausting his last strength, and threw out all the Yuanshi soldiers he brought.

One by one, the warriors of the human race in the ancestral land held the Yuanshi Divine Soldier in their hands.

“Haha, Deputy Pavilion Master, I will definitely use this Yuanshi Divine Weapon to make the enemy bleed more!”

Those warriors, as if they didn’t know that they were going to die, roared with great pride.

Shi Songtao burst into tears, “You take a step first, and I will come later!

In another world, I, Shi Songtao, will forge magical weapons for you again! “

Shi Songtao gritted his teeth in his heart.

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