Legend of the Cultivation God:


Clouds make mountains, ridges and fog make valleys, Xia is robes and stars are hairpins;

At four o’clock, Fangfei and one yuan are exhausted, and the king will return it in the morning and evening for thousands of generations.

In the fairyland, where a certain lofty mountain is located, a thunder pillar that penetrates the sky and the ground shone violently under the red light of the Chiwu Sun. Vitality poured in frantically, and there were thunder arcs like turbulent waves. In the thunder arc, the golden thunders condensed into fist-sized wanton tumbling. The light of the thunder pillars not only covered thousands of miles left and right, but the sound of thunder also disturbed the secluded four fields like war drums.

Sunset, thunder breath, the thunder column slowly shrinks, and when the dazzling flame of the thunder column disappears, it is seen that the thunder falls in the majestic palace. This palace seems to be hidden among the wild trees, and it seems to be independent in another dimension, and the immortal fog on the left and right is vague and invisible. However, the eaves and bucket arches clearly saw that the palace was in disrepair and many collapsed.

Although the palace is old, it still produces red light and shadow under the afterglow of Chiwu sunset. Within this light and shadow, there may be fist-sized silver runes rolling, or arm-thick golden light overflowing, wisps of majestic aura As if breathing, scattered among the lush trees and rugged rocks around.

The immortal spirits in the immortal world are very strong, and many places gather into clouds and mists, and even some clouds condense into droplets. If any cave in the immortal world is placed in the human world, it may be the existence of a paradise. Under this kind of environment, the trees in the Immortal Realm became more and more sturdy, maybe several tens of feet in thickness and more than a thousand feet tall. With trees like this, how can the peaks be low? It is common to see tens of thousands of feet, let alone mountains and mountains, and it may be less than a million feet.

However, the trees here are slender, but more than a few feet. But on the surface of these trees, some faint runes are vaguely reflected, and they appear and disappear with the overflow of crimson light and shadow, which is strange. Besides, on the strange stone, there are dense beads of condensed objects. These beads are the same copper color as the mountain rocks, but under the red light and shadow, the copper color flows like water beads, and thin strands of gold The light shines on it, revealing the appearance of chains. Not only that, many strange rocks are piled up like a pile, but many times these overlapping places are actually folded, which should fall within the space fault.

At this time, on the side of the strange rock, a fairy beast shaped like a four-legged snake climbed down the tree, and when it got close, a mouth and a blood-red tongue curled up on the bead of the mountain rock like lightning. , Just like picking fruit, the bead-like thing is swallowed by the four-legged snake fairy beast.

The four-legged snake fairy just stretched out its tongue again and suddenly retracted it. It turned its head sharply, looking in the direction of the palace. At this moment, on the sky in the direction of the palace, the dark green Qiu Haoyue just nodded her head. The four-legged snake fairy beast is obviously not arty. It doesn’t look at the picturesque autumn hair. Just as it turned its head, “Boom…” The sound of thunder came from the palace, and the whole palace began to violently. The swaying, the nearby peaks and trees also swayed, it was like the earth was shaking.

Then the crimson light and shadow rushed out like a flood, covering the surrounding trees and rocks at once, and the greedy four-legged snake was also involved. Where the light and shadow passed, the trees and rocks instantly produced runes with flashing red light and shadow. Unfortunately, the runes were fleeting, and the trees and rocks were also destroyed as if they were destroyed. If the rocks were like this, how could the four-legged snake be any better? It struggled with all its might, a little bit of light flickered crazily under its scales, and circles of strange textures rushed out like waves. Unfortunately, this struggle was so weak that it could not resist the impact of light and shadow at all, and it was strangled into meat sauce in a moment.

“Ah!” With another scream in the palace, the light and shadow that rushed out retreated like a tide, and when it converged into the palace, the red color became dim, just like the crimson sun in the sky. It means that the sun is dying.

After the screams, the palace returned to calm, only the bleak night wind began to blow.

Since the light and shadow destroyed the trees covering the palace, it revealed the whole of the palace. This palace has a radius of about 1,000 acres and a height of more than 1,000 feet. Except for the core part, which is still intact, most of the other parts are collapsed and abandoned. However, even so, you can still see the three characters written on the high plaque at the gate of the palace. “Reception Hall”!

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