Judge of the Song Dynasty Chapter 744: I advise you to be kind


It was spring at this time, but there was a sense of solemnity in the imperial court.

Originally it was 70%?

Thank you so much!

Many powerful people stared at Zhang Fei fiercely.

Boy, I advise you to be kind.

There are some timid officials who are sitting on pins and needles and remain silent.

We are just collecting some food, so you are going to accuse us of rebelling.

You want us to die!

Han Qi chuckled: “There is a reason why this brat can live to this day!”

The eldest son Han Zhongyan asked: “Why did my father say that?”

Han Qi smiled and said: “There have always been people in the DPRK and in the government who have suggested suppressing annexations, but none of them have been successful. Even Wang Jiefu is trying to suppress them in other ways and dare not say it openly.

This guy is obviously more calculating than Wang Jiefu. Judging from what he said, he is encouraging land annexation to let the landowners make the money they deserve, but to reduce their influence on the country. This does not mean that mergers and acquisitions should be suppressed. ”

Han Zhongyan suddenly realized.


If his bill is followed, land annexation will be completely liberalized, but…

“Then is this good or bad?” Han Zhongyan was a little confused.

Han Qi stroked his beard and said: “It’s hard to say. On the one hand, he is letting go of land annexation, and on the other hand, he is reducing or exempting grain commercial taxes. He should be hoping that the people who have lost their land can join industry and commerce. If the city There is sufficient food supply in the community, and food can be purchased anytime and anywhere. This is indeed conducive to the development of industry and commerce.

But whether those people can be accommodated still needs to be observed to know. ”

“Prime Minister, can you say this?”

Xue Xiang wiped his sweat and said.

This is undoubtedly the most sensitive topic at the moment.

Wang Anshi chuckled: “I’ve told you a long time ago that if you get involved with this kid, he will definitely scare you half to death. Just get used to it! But.”

At this point, he narrowed his eyes slightly, “But he should have come here with the intention of winning.”

Xue Xiang nodded slightly, which he could see.

It has reached this point. If you cannot effectively refute his views and at the same time do not pass this bill, then you must first consider how to deal with the emperor.

Suddenly, a judicial official next to him said angrily: “It’s just that there is some extra grain in the warehouse, so it can’t be said to be a rebellion, right?”

After all, this is a hearing of the Legislative Council, and the Legislative Council is a temporary meeting. The relationship between superiors and subordinates is not so obvious. Judicial officials can directly express their opinions.

Zhang Fei replied: “I didn’t say that by hoarding food, I was planning to rebel. I just think that this kind of behavior is a potential threat to the monarch and the country, and is not good for the country and the monarch.

The legal system must first defend the interests of the country and the monarch, but also defend the legitimate rights and interests of individuals. Therefore, in this bill, it does not mean that they can only have 500 shi of food. They can have many, many food. , as long as they sell the grain, they can avoid this punitive tax. ”

“What if it can’t be sold?” the judicial official asked immediately.

Zhang Fei smiled and said: “Then sell it at a lower price.”

“Okay, okay!”

“Well said, sell at a reduced price.”

The people in the circle outside were very excited.

But the dignitaries sitting in the courtyard all had gloomy faces.

I can’t wait to shout loudly at those people: Get out of here.



Fu Bi slapped the scarecrow.

The court police immediately became busy. Today, more than 500 royal police officers were mobilized to maintain order here.

After it was quiet, the judicial official said: “Don’t you know that low prices hurt farmers? Landowners also need to pay for growing food. If you force them to sell at a lower price, who will grow food in the future?”

Zhang Fei replied: “First of all, the impact on ordinary farmers is minimal, because you must have more than five hundred shi of grain before the beginning of autumn. I think many people are eager to pay this punitive Tax.”

“You’re right, I want to pay!”

“I also want to pay.”

The people made a fuss, causing hundreds of court police officers to jump up and down before the court became quiet.

Zhang Fei immediately said: “Those people who shouted just now, if they really have more than 500 shi of food, he probably won’t be willing to pay.”


Another burst of laughter.

Fu Bi glared at Zhang Fei.

Enough is enough, brat.

Zhang Fei coughed and said seriously: “The ones who are really affected are the big landowners and big grain merchants. Of course, we will also consider their rights and interests.

First of all, after the grain commercial tax is exempted, the price of this grain is very conducive to trade. In fact, it is unlikely that the price of grain will hurt farmers.

Secondly, there is Changpingcang. No, it should be the WFP now. They will control food prices. ”

The super business department is actually a combination of the equalization method and the constant warehouse.

Sima Guang immediately said: “This is not fair. This party has to sell the grain, so the WFP can use this to lower the price. What do you want the landlords to do?”

Many dignitaries present nodded their heads. Are you colluding with Wang Anshi?

The main purpose of establishing this super agency is to control food. Now that the WFP has just been established over there, you have such a bill here.

There is no doubt that WFP will be the biggest beneficiary.

Zhang Fei said: “First of all, the purpose of the WFP is to prevent low prices from hurting farmers, mobilize everyone’s enthusiasm for growing food, and maintain the stability of the country. Of course I believe that the WFP will make reasonable distribution. If the WFP wants to buy this at a low price , even if it violates the regulations, of course our procuratorate will also intervene in the investigation.

I have also talked with Wang Xianggong and others about this issue, and they will issue very detailed regulations.

Secondly, there is a liquor tax bill behind this, which can promote grain trade by adjusting the liquor tax. ”

Sima Guang frowned and was about to speak, but Zhang Fei didn’t give him this chance at all, and then said: “There is no perfect bill in this world. If Bachelor Sima wants to ask what to do in extreme circumstances, If you do, the advice I can give is that either you continue to sell at a lower price, or you pay punitive taxes, because that’s how the rules are.

This is a bill. It is not a charity plan. It does not ensure that any party will be able to make more money from it. It is only a relative term. Its purpose is to ensure the interests of the monarch, the country, and the people.

Yes, the low price of grain hurts farmers. It may sometimes save people from buying a foot of cloth, but at the same time it can ensure that people will not sell their wives and children because of excessively high food prices.

Maybe the big landowners will be asked to hand over 50% of the grain in the warehouse, but their lives will still be very prosperous. If the big landowners are still dissatisfied and feel that they are not making money, they can sell the land. It’s that simple. ”

Sima Guang was dumbfounded by these words.


This is so hard!


Wang Anshi couldn’t help but groan, “It’s such a pleasure! It seems that I was a little too kind to that old man Sima before!”

In Wang Anshi’s view, these words were really heart-warming.

He felt deeply about this, because in his personal opinion, Sima Guang always liked to find the most extreme situations to refute him, but he did not have the courage to say so, because I just want to make money.

Of course, this is just his personal feeling.

Zhang Fei dared to say this because he first gave great freedom to land annexation, commercial tax exemptions, and supporting measures such as liquor tax and food administration. He had the confidence to say so.

Wang Anshi often imposes great restrictions first and then asks for them.

Seeing that Sima Guang was confused for a moment, Zhao Pian immediately took over the topic and asked: “Prosecutor Zhang just said that this bill is aimed at the harm caused by land annexation. Secondly, it refers to the monopoly of grain by landlords, which is harmful to the country and the country.” Threat to the common people.

But there is another issue, which Prosecutor Zhang did not give a clear answer just now, which is that land annexation causes people to lose their land, which affects the stability of the country.

The president of this court is a little confused about this. Most people have lost their livelihoods. How can he afford to buy food? Even if the big landowners are willing to sell grain at low prices, it may not be affordable for the common people. ”

This question made the powerful and powerful landowners present either nod or not.

In the end, they were the ones who forced the people to leave their land.

What to do?

They did not expect that this hearing would turn out to be a nightmare.

As soon as Zhao Peng spoke, Xu Zhiqian was already reading the copy. After Zhao Pian finished speaking, Xu Zhiqian also placed a copy of the copy in front of Zhang Fei.

This made the officials present very frustrated. You have already guessed that we would ask this question.

Zhang Fei lowered his head and glanced at the copy, and said: “Perhaps everyone has misunderstood this punitive tax. This tax does not mean confiscating the other party’s wealth, but a fine of 10% of the surplus in their warehouse. 00% or 50%, they just make less money, and their lives will not be affected at all.

Based on this, let me answer the first question raised by the Chief Justice. In other words, if land annexation is not suppressed, people will lose their land. Will this punitive tax help?

What I want to answer is that it will definitely help, because maintaining stability is the responsibility of the court and the government, and the court and the government are also direct victims.

So, no matter it is normal or there is turmoil, the imperial court will definitely protect it. But maintaining stability requires money. Based on all of this, this punitive tax is very fair and just. After all, this money is also used for some of the chaos caused by the land transactions of this small group of people. ”

Zhao Xu in the inner hall nodded repeatedly and said: “Well said! That’s how it should be.”

You are the one who caused the trouble. It is natural for the court to wipe its **** and charge you some punitive taxes.

Zhang Fei continued: “As for the second question, that is to say, when people lose their livelihood, what can they use to buy food? Can the trade of food be promoted?

First of all, the court can only provide temporary relief, and the people have to find work on their own, and they will definitely look for a livelihood. Of course, I hope that the court can introduce more good work-for-relief policies to help the people restore their livelihoods. .

But it is very difficult for people to find a livelihood in cities and towns. At the beginning, the money they earn may not be very much. However, due to the punitive tariffs, this will force the landlords to lower the price of food and match the purchases of ordinary people. If capabilities are matched, this will offset some of the instability caused by land annexation to the country.

It won’t happen that piles of grain are placed in grain stores and cannot be sold, while hard-working people starve to death on the roadside. Moreover, once there is abundant food on the market and the price is moderate, it can also help industry and commerce recruit more people. When the people earn more, food prices will slowly rise. ”

Zhao Peng nodded slightly after hearing this, seeming quite satisfied with this answer.

When both parties are under pressure, self-matching will naturally occur.

The current situation is that the landlords have no pressure at all, they just hoard the goods and force the people to pay with their lives.

Fu Bi flipped through the copy, raised his head and asked: “In your bill, it is written that temple workshops such as Xiangguo Temple and Liangpu will be granted certain exemptions based on special circumstances.”

Zhang Fei nodded and said: “Yes, take Xiangguo Temple as an example. Because Xiangguo Temple has to support a lot of people, five hundred shi of food is obviously not enough. Therefore, I will increase the amount of tax collection based on their situation. , but it is still under evaluation. Since this is a special case, we plan to pass the bill first and then make adjustments.

As for grain stores, the situation is quite special. We will also provide corresponding exemptions based on their specific circumstances. For example, a grain store has been steadily selling grain to the people without any manipulation of grain prices. If we don’t help people evade punitive taxes, we will exempt their grain reserves.

However, according to our investigation, this situation is very rare. If we do not maliciously increase food prices, food can generally still be sold, and there will be no unsalable situation.

For example, if they encounter some special circumstances, they may buy food from other places and arrive in early autumn. This is of course exempted.

However, these exemptions must undergo strict investigation. ”

Sima Guang, who came back to his senses, heard these words and said again: “Your design is too complicated, can it be executed well?”

Fu Bi also nodded, doubting this.

This complex design of increasing the amount of tax increases and granting exemptions will create too many loopholes. Later, it may turn into competing for profits with the people, or shifting the burden to the people.

Zhang Fei said: “I have asked the tax representative about this issue, and the answer he gave me is that if the fine is increased a little, the rest will not be a problem.”

Sima Guang asked: “Really?”

Zhang Fei nodded, “That’s what the tax envoy said. I have no reason not to believe them.”

After Sima Guang heard this, he said to Fu Bi: “Fu Gong, this must be sent to the tax envoy to ask for clarification.”

Fu Bi nodded and said, “Send the tax envoy.”

After a while, I saw Mr. Xing coming to the court. Like all the tax officials, he had a paralyzed face without emotion. He was serious and a little arrogant, which made people feel sad. Hate.

Sima Guang asked: “Tax envoy, has Prosecutor Zhang asked you for advice on the warehouse tax?”

Gong Xing nodded and said, “Yes.”

Sima Guang asked again: “Then how did you reply to him?”

Xing Gongdao: “I ask that the fine be increased a little.”

Sima Guang asked: “Why?”

Xing Gongdao: “Because according to what Prosecutor Zhang said, this is an increased penalty tax, not a regular tax. This will increase the burden on our tax department and require additional personnel to be assigned to investigate, and our tax department mainly relies on penalties. to maintain.

In addition, tax evasion of this nature must be intentional, and the fines should be increased. ”

Very straightforward.

If you ask me to work overtime and you don’t increase my salary, who will be willing to do it?

If other officials had said this, they would have been scolded for being too snobbish, but everyone is used to it when it comes to the tax department.

The key is that the Taxation Department creates too much revenue for the court without increasing the burden on the court.

Sima Guang was too lazy to argue with Mr. Xing on this issue. Who is to blame for allowing you to evade taxes and get caught? It’s not bad to fine you a little money. He asked: “So the tax envoy doesn’t think that , is it very difficult to investigate this warehouse tax?”

Gong Xing nodded and said: “We at the Taxation Department don’t think this is difficult.”

After thinking about it, Sima Guang asked: “Suppose a wealthy household owns one thousand shi of grain and puts 500 shi of grain in someone else’s grain shop or at a relative’s house. How will your tax department investigate? ”

Xing Gongdao: “Originally, the methods of our Taxation Department are relatively confidential, but the situation mentioned by Sima Shangshu is the most common, so I don’t mind telling it here.”

The most common? Sima Guang asked with a smile: “I would like to hear the details.”

Xing Gongdao: “The most important point is that our tax department will have a three-year prosecution period. If we suspect that there is a problem with this amount of grain, even if there is no evidence for the time being, it doesn’t matter. We have time. Let’s investigate tomorrow.”

Many dignitaries present felt a sudden pain in their balls.

Three-year prosecution period, this. This is really outrageous!

Gong Xing still said expressionlessly: “According to the experience of our tax department, no matter whether they are divided into two or three, the money or grain will eventually flow into his warehouse. As long as the money and grain flow, There are bound to be flaws.

If we know that the other party is using the grain for free, for example, he tells us that the grain has been sold to a neighbor, but as long as he takes a scoop of it to cook and is discovered by us, he must Give us a valid reason. ”

Sima Guang said: “So you will always send people to keep an eye on him?”

Gong Xing did not answer directly, but said: “There is a saying circulating in Hezhong Prefecture today. If you want to successfully evade taxes, the prerequisite is not to be suspected by the tax department.”


So arrogant!

What this means is that as long as you are targeted, you cannot run away.

But the powerful people were very disdainful of this sentence.

You are so awesome, I still don’t believe it.

Gong Xing added: “And our Taxation Department also has a saying that if no concrete evidence can be found, let the other party surrender themselves.”

Sima Guang frowned and asked curiously: “What does this mean?”

The others also looked at Xing Gong in surprise, do you know magic?

Xing Gongdao: “Two years ago, there was a case in Jingzhao Prefecture. There was a very smart rich man in the local area. He used an ingenious method to escape a thousand pounds of tax under the eyes of the tax department.

Our tax department knew about it, but we never found any concrete evidence. However, six months later, the wealthy family took the initiative to surrender to the tax department and pay back taxes and fines. ”

Sima Guang couldn’t help but asked curiously: “Why is this?”

“Because I feel guilty as a thief.”

Xing Gongdao: “According to what the rich man’s wife said, during those six months, he always thought that someone was secretly watching him. He couldn’t believe his concubine, his boss, and even his son. They don’t believe it, and they are in a state of suspicion every day. His wife and children all think that if he continues like this, he will go crazy within three years.

After he surrendered, he told his wife and children that this was the happiest day of his life. ”

The corner of Sima Guang’s mouth twitched a few times, “Really?”

Xu Zhiqian also whispered to Zhang Fei: “Is this all true?”

Zhang Fei nodded and said: “The tax police in Hezhong Prefecture are almost at a loss to uncover the truth. Recently they have been clamoring to go to Southeast Sixth Road to find new ways to make money.”

Xu Zhiqian was immediately speechless.

Seeing that Xing Gong said seriously: “These are all facts, and this situation will soon appear in Gyeonggi, and then all of you will be able to witness it with your own eyes. I would also like to advise everyone here, don’t think After the tax collection period, everything will be fine. Our tax department has a three-year pursuit period. During this period, we will keep an eye on you until the tax is recovered. Even if you go crazy, I will not let you go. No tax has been paid.”


You must know that all the people sitting here are high-ranking officials and powerful people.

How arrogant this is.

When the officials sitting here heard this, their hair stood on end, their spines went cold, and their whole bodies trembled.

For example, Jiang Zhiqi and other censors are even more embarrassed.

This is dad.

In comparison, our censor is as gentle as a sheep.

Fu Bi couldn’t stand listening anymore and immediately asked: “You are just collecting taxes, are you driving people crazy?”

Xing Gongdao: “It’s not us who drive them crazy, but they drive themselves crazy. The magnanimous gentlemen will not be affected at all even if they know that we are watching from a distance, because they have a clear conscience. Only people with a guilty conscience will be in fear and uneasiness all day long, and we will also take measures to make them even more fearful and uneasy.”

I will kill you while you are sick.

Everyone in Fubi was dumbfounded.

Gong Xing made it very clear, if you don’t pay taxes, we are really going to drive you crazy.


I sympathize with your sister!

Liu Zhao, who was in the inner hall, secretly glanced at Zhao Xu next to him. Why was the tax department so arrogant? It was because the only person who could control the tax department was the emperor.

But at this time the emperor was full of pride and did not feel ashamed at all.

So domineering, I love it, I love it.

Xu Zhiqian whispered: “The tax envoys all seem to be very arrogant, speaking harshly and harshly, and are inhumane.”

Zhang Fei covered his mouth and whispered: “I asked the officials to select this kind of people.”

Xu Zhiqian asked: “Why?”

Zhang Fei said: “Because the nature of the tax department is to make people annoying and make enemies on all sides. In this case, it is better to be more ruthless and arrogant to give everyone some deterrence. This requires money, and you can get it by speaking softly. Money?”

Xu Zhiqian is right when she thinks about it. Everyone hates the tax department. The tax department doesn’t need to take care of any human relations at all. We just want money and nothing else.

Sima Guang asked: “Isn’t it illegal for you to do this?”

Xing Gongdao: “Our tax department must collect taxes in accordance with the law, because if we break the law, we will be caught and lose our bonuses. Therefore, our tax police are more law-abiding than anyone else. If the other party is dissatisfied, they can sue at any time. Us.”

Both Fu Bi and Sima Fa felt there was no need to ask further.

They have no doubt about the authenticity of Xing Gong’s words, because they can understand the pain just by imagining it.

This is really terrible.

The Skynet is vast and sparse.

Taking a step back, even if you think about this all the time and take every precaution, if you don’t go crazy after three years, your mental quality will be extremely strong.

Then you deserve to succeed!

But it is estimated that many people will not be able to sleep tonight.


If Mr. Xing didn’t say anything today, they really forgot that the tax department’s prosecution period is three years, which does not mean that it will be over after the tax collection is completed.

Of course, there is no need to worry about whether the tax department will receive the tax.

In the final analysis, the Public Security Bureau and the Taxation Department gave Zhang Fei the confidence to design this relatively complex tax law.

After Xing Gong went down, Zhang Fei added: “Didn’t I mention before that the punitive tax was originally designed to be 70%? After talking with the tax department, I plan to put the 20% on the penalty. .

At the same time, corresponding criminal penalties will be increased based on the amount of intentional tax evasion, because this kind of behavior must be intentional. If a person deliberately hides tens of thousands of stones or hundreds of thousands of stones of food, this will be very important to the monarch and the country. The potential threat is simply too great.

Therefore, criminal penalties must be imposed as a deterrent. Maybe you have no rebellious intentions, but your behavior may cover up those who are trying to do so. ”

Those powerful men almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

Boy, I advise you to be kind!


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