Invincible Powers Chapter 2378: See you eventually (complete book)


The spirituality of origin comes from the spiritual consciousness of all source spirits in the place of origin from the first era to the ninth era.

Other origin spirits return to their place of origin and lose their spiritual consciousness in order to achieve the absolute unity of thought and self!

?Beyond the blood and soul, it controls the consciousness of all source spirits in all eras.

But at this moment, the source soul that was sublimated through the destruction of Yu Yuan in the ninth era suddenly penetrated downwards with his soul energy in a fully awake state!

I obeyed Yu Yuan’s instructions, firmly believed in my old partner, and was fully cooperating with Yu Yuan in his battle!

? He was the first to instigate rebellion. Within those eight crystal blocks, the source spirits were in an unknown state.

“Why did I suddenly wake up?”

In the crystal block that contains the true meaning of light, the source of light of the ninth era wakes up first.

Looking ahead in astonishment, I found that there were eight such light sources inside the crystal block that were shining brightly!

In the previous eight epochs, the source spirits of light that were born are all in this world of light!

One after another, the green soul light suddenly dropped from the sky of this world of light and entered the eight light sources that were the same as?

The eight source spirits of light in the previous era, whose spirituality should have been in eternal confusion, gradually ushered in recovery.


In a dark brown crystal block, Mother Earth slowly woke up, and at a glance she saw eight strange pieces of land floating in this world like fragments.

Eight rays of green soul light suddenly fell from the sky, and suddenly landed on the eight land fragments with the same aura.

Subsequently, the earth spirits born in the previous eight eras also woke up like this, and instantly got rid of the eternal state of confusion.

A similar situation occurred in the other six ingots.

Gold, wood, water, fire, ice, thunder, all the source spirits that lost their spirituality inside, one after another came to their senses after being infused with the sublimated soul energy of the source soul.


“Origin deprives us of the right to exist!”

“Origin has usurped everything that belongs to us!”

Among the eight crystal blocks, many source spirits emerged from the nine eras. The sea of ​​consciousness received the message from the source soul and immediately knew what happened.

The eight larger crystal blocks piled under the place of origin, as the cornerstone of this foreign land avenue, suddenly shined with their divine brilliance!

They are also rising up to resist.

Chi! Chichi! Chichi! Chichi!

Lin Daoke was holding two swords. In his gorgeous and mysterious body, there were eight strands of the most familiar and calling source power that suddenly left him.

Even his Yuan Shen Sword and the Yang God Sword lost the blessings of metal, wood, water, fire, earth, ice, thunder and light.

Yu Yuan’s giant hand holding up the sky turned into a giant stone hammer that could smash the heaven and earth, and hit Lin Daoke’s Yangshen Sword.

In Yu Yuan’s giant hand that clenched his fist into a hammer, there were many majestic blood energy explosions that echoed the acupuncture points in his body. With blessing, a terrifying wave of shattering nothingness explodes!

Boom! Click!

When the hammer fell, Lin Daoke’s Yangshen sword suddenly shattered.

The indestructible Prismatic Divine Sword is originally blessed by metal, wood, water, fire, earth, ice, light, and thunder.

In particular, the divine power of gold, ice, earth, and light are imprinted in the divine sword, making this divine sword not only extremely sharp, but also extremely strong.

Yu Yuan had tried his best before, but he could not shake the Yangshen Sword or make even a single crack appear in it.

But now he punched it down, and the Yangshen Sword, which was supposed to be extremely strong, suddenly shattered.

Lin Daoke’s dull eyes suddenly revealed a look of astonishment.

When he lost the power of the eight source spirits, he also felt that within the eight crystal blocks, there were many source spirits from different eras resisting him.

Yu Yuan smashed the giant hand of the Yangshen Sword, turned his hammer-like fist into a palm blade, wrapped in the blood and magical power of all living beings, and struck at Lin Daoke’s arm that previously held the sword.


One of Lin Daoke’s arms was chopped off by Yu Yuan’s palm blade.

The mysterious truth inside this mighty arm was completely crushed by Yu Yuan’s life power, and turned into nothingness as soon as it left Lin Daoke’s gorgeous body. Tsk!

The sword of the soul held by Lin Daoke’s other hand, the long rivers of sword light erupted, and the power that pierced the different acupoints in Yu Yuan’s chest suddenly became less terrifying, and the sword light suddenly became less terrifying. It’s not as sharp anymore.

Lin Daoke’s invincible aura that could cover the true meaning of thousands of spiritual avenues with just one strike of his sword is clearly no longer there!

What he is missing now is metal, wood, water, fire, earth, ice, thunder, and the true meaning of light.

The secrets of these eight origin spirits should have made every sword swing by Lin Daoke without a single flaw or omission. They should have made Yu Yuan miserable, even miserable.

Now there are still thousands of sword lights, still piercing different acupoints in Yu Yuan’s chest, but the power of each sword light river is greatly reduced!

Yu Yuan grinned eerily.

Boom! boom! Boom boom!

In the numerous acupoints in his chest, pieces of blood-colored heaven and earth inside turned into “abyss caves” that he was familiar with and also mastered. Suddenly, they were swallowed up by long rivers of sword light.

“Your era has come to an end.”

When all the long rivers of sword light were swallowed up by Yu Yuan through the aperture of his chest, and then strangled and ground into pieces in the “Abyss Cave”, Yu Yuan knew that the origin was no longer impeccable. It’s not without its flaws.

“It’s time to end.”

He sighed softly with emotion.

Phew! Whoops!

The “abyss holes” that crushed Lin Daoke’s sword light flew out of his chest one after another and merged on Lin Daoke’s head.

The gods, demons, supreme beings, and ferocious beasts of the nine great eras all over the world seemed to be crouching and hidden in the darkness of this extremely huge “abyss hole”.

The “Wheel of Life” above Yu Yuan’s head also suddenly fell into the huge “Abyss Cave”, making the power of the Cave even greater!

At this time, the Origin Spirit, who transformed into Lin Daoke, suddenly turned his head and glanced behind him, and immediately discovered that the many Origin Spirit Dao phenomena in the Ten Thousand Spirits Forbidden City no longer obeyed his orders.

Lin Daoke suddenly raised his head with something in his heart, and immediately saw the terrifying whirlpool that merged the “Abyss Cave” and the “Wheel of Life”, falling from the sky.

He was immediately trapped in it, feeling overwhelmed by the boundless blood energy, and saw the images of the people who perished because of his destruction in the nine great eras.

His dull eyes finally showed bitterness and helplessness, and he slowly shook his head.

The vortex immediately began to swirl slowly.

Lin Daoke’s gorgeous and huge body, and the streaks of rays of light in his body, all represent the true secret of a source of spirit. Now it is pulled out by the power of the whirlpool, and then crushed into nothingness.

One after another, the rays of light left the body, and Lin Daoke was knocked back to his original form, and he also lost his right to rule over the source spirits.

The sword of the soul that he sacrificed, the spiritual imprint belonging to him in it, and the sword itself also turned into nothingness under the swirl of the whirlpool.

Finally, he arrived at the place of origin and was enveloped by the divine radiance. All the divine radiance immersed in his body was pulled away and crushed.

All that was left of him was a body of flesh and blood.

He was the Yin God during Lin Daoke’s period, and he had long been integrated into the Yuan Shen Sword. Now he has lost the Yuan Shen Sword and the Yang Shen Sword.

He only has a little bit of spirituality left, and this human body born in Hao Yan is… a body of flesh and blood.

He soon discovered that the flesh and blood body born from Hao Yan was suddenly filled with Yu Yuan’s aura and the life energy after Yu Yuan’s sublimation!

This life energy binds the little remaining spirituality he has.


His bones shattered, his organs instantly turned into blood, and he eventually turned into a mysterious blood film.

The blood film wraps a little spirituality of ?, forming a complete isolation.

He can’t feel the All Souls Forbidden City, can’t sense the place of origin, and has no contact with all the origin spirits.

At this time, the Qingying soul from the source soul that had previously penetrated beneath the place of origin could be suddenly withdrawn.

The source spirits of light, mother earth, thunder, vegetation, ice, and flames, those source spirits that are reviving within the crystal block and possessing their own spirituality, have fallen silent one by one, and have once again entered a state of losing self-awareness.

“It’s over.”

Yu Yuan squinted and looked at the **** ball of light that was only the size of a fist in the giant “abyss hole”.

Inside the **** ball of light was a tiny bit of the spiritual consciousness of Origin, and it was completely imprisoned by him. Without his release, the origin would never be able to connect with the consciousness of those origin spirits in the place of origin.


Holding this **** ball of light the size of a fist, Yu Yuan, who had a huge and boundless colorful body, suddenly shrank, and then instantly penetrated the Ten Thousand Spirits Forbidden City.

He landed on the highest blood crystal face and looked at the bodies that had the same appearance as him in the previous eight eras.

In the previous eight eras, the eight he was born, each time they crossed the Forbidden City of All Souls and landed on this blood crystal plane, they were seriously injured by the origin and lost their self-awareness.

Like that, he is just a puppet body without a soul, filled with monstrous blood energy. When he falls on the blood crystal surface, the life blood energy in his body will return to the blood crystal surface.

The last step in the destruction of the world is for him to return in this flesh and blood body, which is when he reaches the pinnacle of the place of origin.

Millions of years have passed, and in the ninth era, he once again returned to the pinnacle of his origin, but this time he retained the immortality of his spirituality!

His shrunken body sat down next to Yu Yuan from the eighth era. The vast life energy that had been sublimated in his colorful body flowed from his body to the crystal surface of blood below.

“Go ahead.”

Finally, he threw the **** ball of light in his hand towards the blood crystal surface beneath him.

Then in the endless **** deep sea, there was a suspended **** ball of light, and a trace of spiritual consciousness from the origin was sealed in the **** ball of light.

In the long time that follows, there is still time to find the secret method of dispersing many source spirit seeds when opening a new era through this remaining consciousness of the origin.

You also know that the spirit of origin, like the soul of origin, has an immortal spirit.

As long as the new era is reopened, and through the secret method of origin control, the seeds of the origin spirit will be spread in the heavens and the world.

The spiritual consciousness of the origin can be revived and awakened bit by bit through those source spirits who grew up in the new era.

The origin will grow again, wake up again, and we will meet again.

But that was already the tenth era.

At that time, after the new “World-destroying Dao Fruit” matures, Origin will find it here to challenge Yuan Hun.


A spirit body made from the source soul suddenly flew out from the master’s soul crystal surface and approached Yu Yuan’s body, which gradually became sparse and ordinary due to the return of life blood energy.

Yu Yuan was sitting, with Yuanhun floating like a ?

“We won.”

Yuanhun smiled at?

? He also smiled back and said, “Are all the soul marks of those people with you?”

Yuanhun nodded lightly: “Not to mention them from the ninth era, the partners who accompanied us in the previous eight eras, whoever you need alive, we can all survive in the tenth era, with your life and mine. The power of the soul makes them reappear in heaven and earth.”

In the previous eight eras, there were also peerless figures like Zhong Chichen, Long Jie, Taishi, and Yuan Lianyao, who followed them and fought together.

Also at the end of the era, when the two of them lost their spiritual consciousness, they were killed by the origin when they destroyed the world.

“See you eventually.”

Yu Yuan said with a smile.

“Yes, we will meet them again eventually.” Yuanhun also responded with a smile.


“The Complete Book”

ps: Unparalleled is finished. This is Lao Ni’s first book with more than 6 million words, which is really not easy.

I won’t go into details about the follow-up. It is nothing more than the story of Yu Yuan opening up the tenth era, resurrecting and awakening close friends and lovers such as Chen Qinghuang, Yuan Lianyao, Long Jie and Zhong Chichen. They are invincible and lonely.

Finally, let me make a summary.

Gaishi has many shortcomings. The portrayal of the main characters should not be out of body and full. Because it focuses too much on plot advancement, Yu Yuan was in a repressed stage for most of the period.

In short, the plot of Unparalleled World is indeed not exciting and refreshing enough. Lao Ni also saw everyone’s dissatisfaction in the book review section and humbly admitted that this was indeed Lao Ni’s shortcoming.

However, it is a pretty good story, and Lao Ni has finally explained it to everyone.

I sincerely thank you all for watching Gaishi so far and for being able to follow this passage. I bowed and thanked you.

As for the new book, it will be at least three to five months later.

Lao Ni is going to have a good rest and play for a few months. Please don’t worry.



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